UPDATED – AUDIO – Listen to Mike Watson and Bryan Blake on Green 960

7pm PST


Call In Number:
(866) 960-5753 – please call in

What Show:
Radio School with Cory and Lex.

About Cory and Lex:
Lex has lived in the Bay Area for a long time, he may even have grown up here, mostly in the East Bay.

Cory has lived in San Francisco for over seven years, and only leaves The City under dire circumstances.

Lex is Canadian – he claims he has US citizenship, though documentation has yet to been seen.

Cory and Lex have done talk radio shows together off and on for five years.

Lex used to work for Cory. Yes, it is hard out there for a pimp.

According to drunk Giants fans, Cory is from a place that sucks…

Lex is a rapper; specializing in Jazz Hip-Hop.

Cory is not a rapper; specializing in drinking at Jazz Hip-Hop shows.

Cory has a domestic partner.

Lex is married.

Both Cory and Lex are aware they are very lucky that their ladies continue to put up with them. Cory’s secret: Great in bed. Lex’s secret: Your guess is as good as anyones.

Cory lives with a cat named Nod. He’s okay, for a cat.

Lex has a dog named Gretzky; probably named after Wayne Gretzky the hockey player.

Both Cory and Lex used to play hockey. Lex still plays hockey. Cory doesn’t “still play” anything.

Cory loves his couch.

Lex has had absolutely no input in this post.

9 thoughts on “UPDATED – AUDIO – Listen to Mike Watson and Bryan Blake on Green 960

  1. MeAwesome (August)

    I know I don’t recognize daylight savings time. It’s just another example of bloated government bureaucracy. But I think the liberals in San Francisco do.

    I went to their web site to see if my internets would get it and it said 7:00. But I don’t usually believe what I see on the webs.

  2. Jack Gould

    Only if Satan managed to balance an egg on his nose at the last equinox.

    The kids had their times mussed with scheduling on the show. When I tuned in, there was some sot ‘Master Brewer’ from Lynchburg talking about Jack Daniels and Tiger Blood orgies in Los Angeles. Radical stuff, so I can only imagine what the interns are in for tonight with this type of show and their probable audience.

    But it will definitely be:

    7pm for West Coast States

    8pm for Mountain States

    9pm for Central States

    and 10pm for East Coast States


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