Cartoons Are Making Your Children Gay

Before I start, let’s first take a look at this shocking graph that proves that cartoons have increased homosexuality in children.

Wow! What alarming statistics.

Now let’s take a look at what the liberal media is flashing in front of your children’s eyes.

Rainbow Bright

Look at this cheerful lesbian whore, spreading gay glitter and unicorns into your babies mind. All this cartoon is teaching your children, is to go out and live life with no real boundaries and live in a false reality. It promotes the use of hardcore drugs worse than the pot.

Captain Planet

Yea, that’s all we need! Our kids hanging around with some tree hugging hippie homosexual, going out and being destructive towards conservative corporations.

Care Bears

Bears are gay men who are very hairy and prey on pre-teen innocence. This show is teaching your kids that hairy people with rainbow stickers just want to go out and have fun adventures and hug. Well, it isn’t much of an adventure when your children some home after a full days worth on being raped by multiple gay men.


Another fecal frenzy of a cartoon. This cartoon is trying to show that your son can be a fairy price and at the same time be a strong man. Sorry, homosexuals are not strong! Their bodies are full of sexual sin caused disease. This show also is teaching your son, that it is ok to run around town being half naked and to role around with other men.


This show promotes gay communities. Notice how all the smurfs are gay, but they have one fag hag allowed in their community. Also, the smurfs are blue which means democrat.


Because having your son rubbing his sin snake to make it grow, so he can fight off other men is cute. I THINK NOT! This cartoon is purely promoting kids to watch other men on men sin docking activities, touch their Satan flesh sword while they yell out sexual sounds.

16 thoughts on “Cartoons Are Making Your Children Gay

  1. RD

    “Wow! What alarming statistics.”

    That you made up. Can you PROVE where you got those “statistics” from? Even your graph looks like it was just made up from complete bullshit.

  2. Rhea Pollstry

    Oh Tyson, that reminds me. Are we still on for a little cartoon-watching tonight? Be at my place at 8:00.

  3. Adam Nelson

    Something, perhaps, a little more timely?

    I mean, Rainbow Bright, Smurfs, Thundercats et al were all 80s cartoons. How do shows that aired 30 years ago have any relevance to today when children aren’t even exposed to these cartoons? (Noteable exception: I think I’ve seen a Smurfs revival when I’m channel surfing).

    And “increase in cartoon watching” from your graphic. Is that percentage of children, number of hours watched per month, number of bong hits their parents had? Your “stats” are quite vague (at best).

  4. Jake

    Great research. Many news outlets make all kinds of claims. You back your stories with solid research footed in scriptural principles.

  5. Jazze

    why are those staistics so frigthening?
    all it says is that that cartoon watching have increased on some kind of abitary scale never explained. and this increase relation to homosexuality is not presented. it’s like me showing a chart showing the change in christian belivers… and useing it as proof that you sacrefice children in horribel rituals.
    it’s simply not relateable just because you say so.

  6. Raven

    Oh yeah, because in 1945, there where no gay people, not a single one. Yeah, that makes scene. Stop trying to feed use your lies

  7. Kristen

    How are the Care Bears teaching kids that hairy old men with stickers are fun?! I dont even get that. I totally agree that the “Gay Agenda” is getting out of hand, but not ALL gay people rape and torture little kids. Straight men do it too.

  8. Fred

    This graph is completely skewed, and shows no real data. Why are population increases not considered? Does “increase in cartoon watching” refer to hours, or amount of children, or amount of cartoons? Furthermore, the x axis does not follow the same pattern. I can’t help but think this is fake – or nothing but propaganda.

  9. Isaac Rule

    This is a bunch of stupid, thoughtless garbage. The amount I could point out, analyze, and criticize about this entire website would fill a dozen BIBLE-LENGTH volumes. It’s just unbelievable. You people are bad for our race’s future.

  10. Midnight

    Your born gay; nothing can make a straight child gay, like you can’t make a gay child straight. I am sure there was gay children 1945 there has been gays though out history. look it up.

  11. Brandon

    You are way to biased, never let your feeling get in the way of your statistics, thats a mandatory rule, that way you can do more in depth research on both sides, your statistics show that you haven’t done much research on the subject because you keep using words like sinful satin sticks and words like that. There-for you are one sided, no pros or cons.
    How can you expect the mojority to believe you with those biased phrases, plus you haven’t sited your graph, so nobody is gonna belive it. No wonder people think you made it up.


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