10 thoughts on “Obama Crisis Management System

  1. Roger Delco

    So true, and when he’s not vacationing, our dear teleprompter is busy coming up with ways to indoctrinate our children to the socialist agenda.

    1. Pastor Rod Harding

      Don’t forget about making laws to promote gay sex!!! I’m getting really tired of hearing all these gay men talk about how much they “love” eachother, and want to get married.

      Yeah Right! They never call back, and take blowjobs from practical strangers! Bunch of stupid liars!

  2. Captain Obvious

    While Obama does take a lot of vacations, there’s not much one man can do about the economy. Not even the President. This is because the other two branches (Supreme Court and Congress) must approve or not disapprove of the President’s actions, and vice versa, which means long-ass waits due to bureaucracy! So instead of talking on the phone all day with internet overlord Vladimir Putin, he takes vacations!

  3. L.N

    The conservative’s guide for everything: look at President. Is he a democrat? If yes, blame him. If not, blame liberals.


  4. Millennium

    bush was the worst president of all time he was hated by the entire world while oabama is not hated by the entire world and you dare saying he is the worst president ?

  5. Batman

    Haha, is this serious?
    If you belive this, you must have some real problems.
    Hate to tell you but, you are reatarded. Really.

  6. SMH.

    Disgusting.. Republicans and their narrow minded ideas deriving from a book written by white men to control over everyone else.. not to mention stupid people that workshop its antique notions.
    Thanks to Obama we now can go to bed a night knowing that other countries might not bomb us because of stupid presidents like Bush blaming one ethnic group.. if one looks back in time and takes the time to compare Obama with other presidents you (might) see the differences unless you’re narrow minded like the Pastor above than all you’ll see are “praising and nothing less”
    The world as a republican must be sad if nothing but religion hinders your mind to be open. A world with closed shutters and doors is that of a world of darkness and ignorance.



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