Obama Shows His Racism by Covering Up Oriental in Photo

The narcissistic personality disorder that rages within Obama has been caught on film again. Not only does this man need attention, but he craves it so much that he will perform acts of racism just to make sure he is the centerpiece of a photograph. Chinese people are evil, but being racist is not acceptable and by Obama covering the yellow header communist shows that his hate for anything non sin colored runs deep within his Kenyan blood. Knowing Obama would try to do something outrageous, the photographer tried to have the quickest snapping finger, but Obama’s quick attention whore wit is lightning.

29 thoughts on “Obama Shows His Racism by Covering Up Oriental in Photo

  1. L.N

    You know, before you can start claiming others are racist due to a candid picture, you might want to look at yourself first. How often do you make slams against black people, or Asians, or Mexicans? Quite a few, so shut the fuck up.

  2. candle

    Wow. not only does he flaunt his sin colored skin but now he stops the lesser sin colored ones from showing up in pictures. Terrible president.

  3. mcr666

    I see another older man near the top (by the two blonde women) that looks to be asian to me. And look at the bottom of the photo. Several other African Americans, and a guy that (to me) looks to be middle eastern or Indian (as in India).

    I dont find this photo to be racist.

      1. Neil

        yes because a website has a picture it mean the picture is real, like becuase this website circulates your bullshit is a reliable source for news? SUCK MY DICK… and plus, why would the president be in the smack middle of the crowd and not in the front row or even all the way in the back? you think people buy your crap that you publish on here? Well maybe the vamp lookin dude that comments on everything else does, but hes the only one.

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          Do you know what Getty Images is? This is not some little free hosting image service. Please shut up before speaking.

          1. Neil

            fine i stand corrected,i dont employ the likes a pseudoscience to get my point across. But could we please meet face to face once so I can shit all over you, literally?

          2. Millennium

            and your Point is ?? by the way I read on gettyimage ” NOT RELEASED therefore was not the OFFICIAL picture and you just proved you are a Racist

        1. Millennium

          You ahte asian you hate emxican you hate black you hate arab you hate everything who is Not caucasian yes you are Racist


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