San Fransisco Now Putting Butt Plug Removal Machines on Corners

You read the title correct my God fearing friends. It looks like the sodomy seekers of American’s homo hole are using tax payer dollars to place buttplug removal machines on every corner of their beloved holy land of fecal covered orgy fun.

I guess when you live in a city where 98% of the people walk funny, due to the last night’s train of 20 interracial men ramming plastic vein snakes into each other’s waste hole, you might run into a problem with someone forgetting to unpack their poo slide. For a whole 25 cents, this machine can remove Tylor’s red bulbous butt basher out of your rump if you’re on your way to your industrial styled office.

Great to know these signs are in plain view of our children to see. I guess the guys know if you put something in front of a child’s face long enough, they will start to think it’s normal.

I beat the money they are making off this will goto some gay AIDs research or going towards float designs for their next gay pride parade. I love how they rather use tax dollars on rectal blockage remove systems, instead of using it on charity.

56 thoughts on “San Fransisco Now Putting Butt Plug Removal Machines on Corners

  1. Ty Bowers IV

    Holy freaking crap, Dad!

    You just came home, like fifteen minutes ago.

    The cab driver was out in the driveway honking his horn. I came outside and he rolled down the window and said, “My friend, I was called by the bouncer of the Squeaky Cherry bar near the Greyhound station. I had to bring him to this address. He says your are his son and will pay the fare. 72 dollars please!”

    All I had on me was one Ben, and of course, Haji didn’t have any change. So I just spent a hundred bucks to get your drunk ass out of a cab and in the door and you’re already posting on your stupid Jesus website?

        1. RD

          Sorry, did some IP address tracing, and I can attest that Claire is not Tyson IV.

          Which is good, because Ty IV would totally be my awesome male friend. Claire would be an awesome ladyfriend.

      1. Ty Bowers IV

        You need to stop whatever the hell it is that you’re doing downstairs.

        All I keep hearing is “Leave me alone Ricardo! I’m trying to see if Stephenson has texted me back.” And then some glass breaking. Then some grunting. Then some slurping. Then some gulping. And gagging.

        Oh, now you just turned up the stereo, and you’re playing Ke$ha at full blast. Great. Thanks, Dad. You know damn well I’ve got an important interview at Jack in the Box first thing in the morning.

        1. Jacky Maille

          You know what Ty Bowers IV? You say the funniest shit. Sometimes I wonder if you and I are the same person…

          But seriously, that’s just crazy what you’re going through at your house. Your dad being all drunk and deranged all the time. The he gets online and denies you and your mom’s existence. That’s just awful.

        2. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

          Ty, seriously, it’s almost 11 PM on the east coast and I’m afraid I’m going to wake up my parents laughing my fucking ass off.

          But I still love you.

          1. RD

            …Billings, that’s not humour. That’s just you being stupid and wanting to hang with the cool kids again.

            Listen, we’ve told you before, get out of the closet, learn to be a proper journalist, and then maybe, just maybe, you can buy us food at Dairy Queen.

      2. Andrew

        I laughed so much that I almost peed myself!

        this article is RIDICULOUS! and well… by the by, this hole site is a great joke too.

        I will add it to favourites. I’m sure I will have more great laughs thanks to people so blind and judgemental that posts tons of b*ll in this site

  2. Millennium

    the right hook seems having some sort of cotton on it

    but for what is used I don’t know

    but it’s surely a joke or a Gay place you choose

    1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

      If a piece of hard rubber is jammed up there far in one’s colon, the only way to get a hold of it is through piercing it, or maybe with needle nosed pliers. So maybe that’s what the hook is meant to do? Once you get that grip, it can be shimmied out but I think you’d have to delicate and patient about it.

      1. The Comedian

        You would know that, wouldn’t you Stevie? Had to go see a doctor to get your boyfriend’s toy out of your ass, didn’t ya?

        1. RD

          Actually, most of us don’t. Which is why a majority of us lesbians keep our fingernails short, to avoid injuring our partners.

          Butt plugs, in general, are a kink or fetish toy that can be used by ANY couple, regardless of sexuality. Male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual… ANYONE can use them.

          Gods, even I know that.

  3. Sarah

    You guys really spend your time writing about butt plugs?
    You best be scared… I’m a 16 year old girl growing up with moderate religious parents and choosing to be a liberal atheist. Even I know that this is pathetic and I’m a pubescent teenager. The fact that you spend time writing about something as trivial as butt plugs is pathetic.
    Get a life and do something productive for society will you?
    You guys are humiliating.
    Live and let live.
    I’m straight but my best friend is gay and you are really offensive. I’m pretty sure my gay friend is more intelligent that you all. At least he doesn’t make stupid typos in published articles on a website that claims validity.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIIChristianCrusader Post author

      Child, you are still green and naive behind the ears. Please, I know you have the spirit of rebellion in you from your words here and Satan is going to do his best to tickle nurture that spirit within you. He is going to make you more than a ‘liberal atheist’ and it pains my heart to know the lows he can bring you to sweet child.

      1. Millennium

        it’s me or christian crusader looks like a fucking pedophile child rapist ???

        he is Not trusty at all well nobody here is trusty they all Look like pedophile child rapist is it what christianity Looks alike a Bunch of child rapist ?

      2. Scott M

        Seriously, bud, is that a mugshot?
        And what is a “tickle nurture”? Does that have to do with butt plugs?

        Ignorance and blind faith are far more evil than Satan alone could approach. Try actually following Christ for once instead of fixating on St. Paul’s heated and biased condemnations of sin, two laws of the many in Leviticus meant to distinguish Jews from their surrounding tribes, and a mistranslation of Sodom and Gomorrah.

        Do some research on the original oral traditions of Sodom and Gomorrah. Only the Yahwist tradition says anything relating to “homosexuality,” and even it doesn’t depict anything consentual–just gang rape. That’s the one we read in the King James Version and other derivative translations. It’s worth reading, the Bible.

      1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

        “Come on, let me be your friend!!!”

        Is that what you say to the little boys before you shove them into your van and then shove yourself into them?

          1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

            “Come on now! That was uncalled for. I am just trying to be friendly with you little guys.”

            And we don’t WANT you to be “friendly” with us. Why on earth would we want to be your friend? We disagree on everything, and you view me and my gender as inferior to you and yours.

          2. Jazze

            sure billings it was uncalled for.
            my offer stil stnads on this by the way. the day you embrace all the gays who just want to be friends without question i’ll do the same to you. untilthen i will redicule, mock and flame you.

      2. The Comedian

        //You guys all hate me, but you don’t understand that i”m a normal guy! And i can be fun and we can all get laughs together! Come on, let me be your friend!!!//

        You’re anything but normal, nor do you get jokes at all.

  4. Popanator

    I never need a butt plug removal machine. If i get it stuck after taking the butt plug challenege I just take a whole box of Ex-Lax and let it shoot out my poopie hole like rocket! MMMmmm…. I just have to remember where to aim my poopie hole, because it can be a dangerous weapon.

  5. Tyson Bowers IIIChristianCrusader Post author

    San Francisco is a very foul city. I had the misopportunity of having to go there once and I am more than happy to never return. There was actually a place there called “The Gay Store” and back home it would have been burnt to the ground. Just a really disgusting place.

    1. Blanche Beecham

      Like you, I was clutching my pearls that this type of display would be made in an American city. Once I calmed down, with a pinch of chamomile tea betwixt my cheek and gum, I realized the article clearly says this in San Fransisco not San Francisco.

      San Fransisco is the Golden Stream City of Bolivia according to wiki.

  6. David

    This must be a delightfully creative capitalistic enterprise by some members of the business- and commerically-oriented GOP.

    I am a bit confused on one part – how is it that tax dollars are involved in this venture?

    >>>I love how they rather use tax dollars on rectal blockage remove systems, instead of using it on charity.

    1. Millennium

      ever see republican doing “charity” only the moderate one can go for that Most of those republican said charity is communist ( sharing wealth and good is communism remember )

      they don’t care for the Poor class and they never cared about it

  7. Will

    are you serious with this? You must be ignorant if you think this is something the government/taxpayers are responsible fore. It’s clearly a JOKE.

  8. Youkillme

    Yep this is a joke obviously. But Pope Benedict XVI ogling these gymnasts with lust in his eyes is not:

    Seems that the Pope might have other thing on his rope aside from soap.

    This site is truly unbelievable. I hope that your rapture comes soon so that you will all disappear.

    Pull the wool over your own eyes. And goodbye.

  9. ForUnlawfulCarnalKnowledge

    If this is the general IQ level of a creationist, to find this sign, look at it and believe that it was paid for with taxpayer money, I am honestly wondering whether or not your god has its finger hovering over the smite button. It must be feeling utter remorse at the fact that its creations are so unbelievably stupid they can’t tell the difference between fine print and crayon.

    Just in case you’re brain is blind and can’t really see the picture, here are some indicators that this sign may not be legit:

    1. Its written in sharpie.
    2. It’s a piece of particle board nailed to a telephone pole.
    3. It’s written in sharpie with bad hand writing.
    4. There is a freakin’ cat food can stapled to the front of it.
    5. The tools. Seriously? Look at those and explain how someone could get away with doing what the sign suggests in public no matter the time of day.
    6. It’s asking for 25 cents. Nothing asks for 25 cents anymore.
    7. ????
    8. Profit?

  10. Andrew

    This is clearly a joke not a government funded program you idiot. Also 98% of the people in san francisco arent gay, please don’t make up facts out of your ass (Maybe your the one who needs a butt plug)

    This was probably made by someone who is anti-gay to make fun of them!


    Is this website for real!?

  11. Adam

    Christian Crusader’s Picture….enough said. You look like the bi-product of Sling blade and sloth from the goonies if they had sex and produced a kid….with downs syndrome.

    Are you part Lizard? I know you are full retard; but are you reptilian in any way. Can you smell with your tongue?

  12. Jamie Lovechild

    It is so blatantly obvious on a level to which a monkey could read, that this blogger is a sexually frustrated gay man. It’s also obvious that this is a joke and you fucktards with collective IQ of 10 think this is real make this world a scary place. It’s also scary you all have the right to vote.

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  14. Rosealyn

    I have come to the conclusion that this website is either brilliant satire or run by people who really don’t understand the real world. (I’m leaning toward the former because it makes me happier.)

  15. Raven

    Are these people f***ing stupid!? This “But Plug Remover” isn’t being paid with tax payers money. It’s a joke some stupid kid put up, it looks like it cost 5 dollars to make. The government isn’t putting this on every corner of their streets. If it was being funded by their government it would be a little more thought out than just a pair of pliers and a tin can to put your money in. If anyone truly believes that the government is using tax payers money to put these up, then they truly are a waste of human life.

  16. Levi Bowers

    Stupid adoption agency, its all thier fault I’m this retard’s “Kid” As soon as I can buy a largely defensive weapon of a gun, Im gonna kill Tyson Bowers 3 and end those nightly events


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