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Miley Cyrus Yet Again Exposes Milk Sacs in Public

If she isn’t off smoking magic pot smoke or dancing around like a clam dabbling lesbohomoor even flashing her camel humps to Twitter tweens, she is off exposing her barely legal baby feeders to the world.

Yet again we find Hannah Montana exposing she demonic sin treats to the world. It might not be a full frontal image that you would see in a Michael Bay movie, but these photos are of what elite Chinese haxxorz refer to as a “side-boob” position.

These types of photos are just as dangerous to a child’s mind as porno movies. Any type of sexual visuals that could tempt a little girl into becoming a $2 sex hound or make a young boy demon whack his little trumpet player, is cause for shock and protest.

The president of the United States won’t release the photos of Osama Bin Laden’s body, but yet of youth is bombarded with these types of graphic gifs!