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Cocinando en Pelotas – Mexicans Now Teaching Children How to Cook Naked

Mexicans are a threat to our great country, they spread plague like sickness, they decrease the value of our homes, take away thousands of jobs, increase our medical bills and also are killing the pure moral fibers of our country. If their imported pop singers like Shakira and Selena Gomez aren’t teaching our little girls how to dress like jalapeno hussies, the field worker’s wife is teaching them how to get pregnant at the age of sixteen and encourage them to pop out as many kids as possible, so they can get bigger monthly checks from the USA government. Not only are they trying to turn our little princesses into drug mules, they are now teaching them a secret Mexican fetish called “Cocinando en Pelotas“.

This fetish or in Mexican, “sustantivo”, teaches young girls to cook pastries, take photos of themselves stark naked while holding their baked yummies and upload them to Mexican social sites like Hi5 and Facebook Mexico. Once uploaded they will be bombarded with sultry comments en EspaƱol from every hairy backed Juan and Jose across the Rio Grande. Now, maybe in Mexico land it is ok to do this kind of Cocinando en Pelotas digital play, but here in America we have morals and standards. Here in America, we don’t think it is ok for our daughters to live off tax payer money and make a living working for Merry Maids.

So I will only say this once Mexico people, take your Cocinando en Pelotas and your low end lifestyle back to Salsa-topia and get the heck out of my Christian America.