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German’s Invent New Glass to Make Them Happy When Seeing Jews

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research in Germany have invented a new type of window that is conceived to reduce that hatred German’s feel when seeing Jewish people walking by their houses, it also helps regulate sleep, and improves concentration (not the camps). The so-called “Tötet nicht die Juden” glass has a special .1-micrometer-thick inorganic coating that is optimized to transmit wavelengths between 450 and 500 nanometers, where the effects of blue light are most pronounced. Blue light is the part of the spectrum which promotes the balance of biorhythm-moderating hormones. “The coating we’ve developed helps our people to feel they can perform better and makes it less likely they will start a world war again,” Dr. Jörn Probst says.

Spain Wants Mexico to Stop Using Their Language

Mariano_Rajoy_en_Bilbao2-200x300“It’s called Spanish, not Mexican”, these are the words out of Spain’s Prime Minister’s mouth today when he declared that Mexico needs to stop using their language and make up their own. Spain claims it is tired of Mexico’s citizens given the sacred language a bad name and ruining the gift of “Spanish”, given to their country when Spain conquered it. Spaniards agree that Mexico needs to form their own language immediately and apologize for the bastardizing of Spain’s global dialect. “The make up words and call it Spanish” one protester yelled, another one claims that “They don’t even know how to do it right. They also cook crap and make it sound exotic by putting the word Spanish in front of it” while holding a sign of Mexico being kicked by a soccer shoe. Spain is giving Mexico three months before they need to create their own language or Spain threatens to deny them access to more Latin culture.

This is What Communism Looks Like

For all you up twinkle fingered Communists in Oakland and New York City, if you really want this country to go down the drain and turn into some kind of candy land of Heavenly Communism, please take a look at what the future holds. Below are 32 images of dirty, no good Commies and the filth and garbage they live in.

From guitar playing pigeons to lesbian hooker soccer teams, these images are full of warnings of why we must stop these hipster occupiers, or we will live in a land full of street walk cover dog sex and fat lady on the beach aerobics.





Cocinando en Pelotas – Mexicans Now Teaching Children How to Cook Naked

Mexicans are a threat to our great country, they spread plague like sickness, they decrease the value of our homes, take away thousands of jobs, increase our medical bills and also are killing the pure moral fibers of our country. If their imported pop singers like Shakira and Selena Gomez aren’t teaching our little girls how to dress like jalapeno hussies, the field worker’s wife is teaching them how to get pregnant at the age of sixteen and encourage them to pop out as many kids as possible, so they can get bigger monthly checks from the USA government. Not only are they trying to turn our little princesses into drug mules, they are now teaching them a secret Mexican fetish called “Cocinando en Pelotas“.

This fetish or in Mexican, “sustantivo”, teaches young girls to cook pastries, take photos of themselves stark naked while holding their baked yummies and upload them to Mexican social sites like Hi5 and Facebook Mexico. Once uploaded they will be bombarded with sultry comments en Español from every hairy backed Juan and Jose across the Rio Grande. Now, maybe in Mexico land it is ok to do this kind of Cocinando en Pelotas digital play, but here in America we have morals and standards. Here in America, we don’t think it is ok for our daughters to live off tax payer money and make a living working for Merry Maids.

So I will only say this once Mexico people, take your Cocinando en Pelotas and your low end lifestyle back to Salsa-topia and get the heck out of my Christian America.

Images of Communist Hipsters

Homosexual hipsters destroying our metro areas of America is one thing, but there is something I can’t stand even more…..COMMUNIST! If you look below you will now see that the commies in Russia are now trying to adopted the American hipster look, so they can come over here, try to blend in with the homosexual street kids and cause terrorist attacks.

Bruno Mars Arrested for Selling Coke to Justin Bieber at MTV VMA Awards

Peter Gene Hernandez , better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, was arrested Sunday night after the Mtv VMA Awards, for selling an illegal substance to a minor. The substance in question was the common black street known as coked cane or also known as black pixie nose sprinkles. Seems Bruno wants to be a billionaire so freakin’ bad, that he will even slang dope to youngsters if need be.

From the LAPA report, Bruno was caught attempting to sale a rock of coked can to young pop star, Justin Bieber after the 2011 Mtv Video Music Awards. Around 10pm Bruno approached young Bieber and was pressuring him to purchase the drugs and even offered to give him the funny dust for free. Bieber’s security notified the LAPA once they noticed Justin being pushed by Mr. Mars. Bieber’s security tackled and punched Bruno in the right eye and then cuffed him.

Once LAPA arrived, they took Bruno into custody and then wanted to question Bieber to make a full report. It was reported Justin left the scene with his Mexican girlfriend and was last spotted at the Mtv after party.

Later a image of Justin fleeing the scene through a wall of bushes emerged. You can see the fear and terror on his face as his jumps into the bushes to hide from the rape like situation he just experienced.

It is a sad day when we allow non-American music stars attack young children with drugs.

North Korean Communist Band “Secret” Promotes New Gay Trend “Shy Boy”

North Korea is not only a threat to the entire freedom loving world, but more importantly these jaundice colored commies want to invade the minds of American children with terror pop music. The Koreans know that today’s kids love lolli-pop music and know if they can create a fashion forward hipster group, they could brainwash kids with their lyrics and it seems that is exactly what the rice stickies have done.

There is a new techno-electric pop band named “Secret” hitting the American airwaves via commie Korea. This group features four male prostitutes dressed up in female drag. We know the orientals are known for their male sex slaves and we also know they don’t allow their women to go outside, so it is by pure knowledge that we know these four “women” are in fact tran-Asians. That is why the group is called “Secret”, the secret is that these kamikaze fighters are four men spreading commie brainwash and molesting the image of wholesome Tiger Beat pop stars.

Let’s look at their video “Shy Boy” (Shy Boy is a homogay who hides in the dark about his disease or a gay man that likes trans-genics), a song about a gay man afraid to profess his love for a trans-genic mongoloid. At the end, they go against God and their parents and embark on a adventure of gay docking sin. You will also notice they try to look like they are in the American 1950’s. They do this so it makes kids think this music is from America and not from some evil pit of communist gay love triangles.

The catchphrase “You R My Shy Shy Shy Boy, Oh Oh Oh My Boy” is clearly showing their agenda of promoting homosexual relationships. The Koreans know if they can turn America and the rest of the freedom world into gays and lesbians, our population will die and it will make it easier for them to red invade. You can see in the song that they are clearing mocking us by saying “tturuwap dubap dubap”, which means America, Die, Die. Now we have little kids running around saying “tturuwap dubap dubap” and this makes Satan and his little helpers have communist fantasies of an American take over.

Unless you want your children to become “Shy Boys”, we must band together and rid the world of such oriental hate trash.

Graphic Photos Of Bodies From Inside Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

Looks like Obama is allowing some sort of a trailer slideshow of the bodies found in Osama’s compound after the brave SEALS ransacked the mansion. Hopefully the images of Osama are ten times as graphic and the American people can rest their minds a little bit more.

Again these photos are of extreme graphic nature, so please remove your wife and children out of the room before viewing.

Communism and Socialism Kills

George Bush (Capitalist)
Genocide Total: 0

Stalin (Communist)
Genocide Total: 23 million

Hitler (Socialist)
Genocide Total: 6 million

Mao Ze-Dong (Communist)
Genocide Total: 78 million

Pol Pot (Communist)
Genocide Total: 2 million

Hideki Tojo (Fascist)
Genocide Total: 5 million

Ismail Enver (Communist / Socialist)
Genocide Total: 1,200,000 Armenians / 350,000 Greek Pontians / 480,000 Anatolian Greeks / 500,000 Assyrians

Who are the real murders?

Que? Sorry, I Don’t Speak Mexican

America’s immigration problem is out of control and we need to stop sugar coating it. Everyday illegals who are mainly Mexican are living off the hard earned American (born and LEGALLY immigrated) families. Not only do they live here for free, we change our way of life to make them feel more at home. News flash, this isn’t their home.

I hate having to look for the signs in English, because the sign in written huge in Spanish and underneath is English. English is the American language, always has been, but now to make sure the freeloaders feel comfortable. They expect us to take the time out of our 9-5 working schedules to learn some foreign dialect, while they sit on their asses eating tacos. They have plenty of time to open a book and learn some basic American words. Maybe learn the sentence “I need a job” or how about “I’m a freeloader, feed me.”

I’m tired of seeing Mexican flags flying higher then American flags, I’m tired of having to see their holidays merged into ours, If their country is so great, they why did they leave in the first place? Seems to me they have almost a battered wife battered syndrome and Mexico is the abusive husband. But I guess that is normal in Mexican households anyways.

When I traveled to Mexico for 6 months, I made sure I knew the language, the culture and the laws. I did’t expect the locals to conform to my ways of life to make me feel more at home. Why is it so much to ask for people to do the same here, while they live in our country on a open tab? We need to stop babying these people and let them know this is not their country and if they want to live here they need to follow some simple American made laws.

The only thing good to come out of Mexico is those hot little mamacitas on those Mexican soap operas. Why can’t we get them to come over? I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for them to get a successful American to marry then for a green card.

The Dangers Of Dating A Communist Yellow

Foreign invaders are trying to penetrate our beautiful God given land by way of promises of a submissive and obedient house wife. You see, modern American women have been brainwashed into thinking they are equals to males and they think they can leave the house and pursue careers. While doing this they leave the American household empty and cold. No dishes are done, dinner is made in a microwave, children grow up without mother figures and the common wife is now known to be 87% more likely to have cheating affairs.

The communist Chinese have caught onto this disruption of the American home and are now showboating their unwanted female population at American men. They promise if they pay for their green card they in return will be perfect house wifes. They promise they will fulfill any needs the man wants and will keep their mouths shut and kitchens clean.

Here is the danger my friends. Commies and especially their female breed are vile creators. They all plot the destruction of American from within. As Abe Lincoln said, America can only be destroyed from within and the Chinese know this, as they failed to take over America in the 1940′s, when they attacked Pearl Harbor. So instead of sending death gliders over, they want to send death concubines to take over the role of the American housewife. They want them to raise your children learning their high pitched ugly language and teach them to hate anything Red, White and Blue.

So before you are sucked into sites that promise “American love for 5 dorrah”, remember, you could be importing a possible terrorist and by doing so, you yourself are a part of the downfall of America.

Don’t be tempted by blogs or dating sites that show off plump breasted, model typed oriental females, Yes, their skin is smooth and their almond eyes are quite alluring. But, the knife they want to wield into the back of America is not worth it and your soul will burn in hell for all of eternity if you fiddle around with these yellow, American hating prostitutes.

Minecraft – The Game That Teaches Kids How to Make Penis’ with Digital Blocks

This cheap graphics of a game has been all the buzz around the internet and boasting to be a “WOW Killer”, which means that is will sell more copies then they black magic game, World of Warcraft.

But is the game really dangerous? At first, I thought it would be and then I started playing it with some of the inters. After a few hours we couldn’t find anything wrong with this game.

The core gameplay revolves around constructing large items our of digital blocks. Players will make buildings, trees, hearts, spacecrafts, famous NES characters and some will even put in 100 plus hours building full models of real life major cities. While snooping around on this game, I even noticed that players were very polite to each other and it seemed as there were real friendships being developed on each new world I visited.

All this building and community sounds fun huh? Until you come face to face with a 400ft phallic purple, gay powered, sin snake! That’s right! After playing 13 hours, we finally found why kids are so addicted to this game. Brainwash.

You see, the gays are tricky people and they like to come off as normal and nice human beings. But in reality, they are secretly trying to lure your children into gaydom and sin. And just like GLEE, this game seems colorful, doesn’t require much brain level to understand, love end production and doesn’t seem like it would be harmful.

Gays figured if they can subliminally insert penis’ into children’s video games, they hope that one day kids will feel so normal around gay type things, that they will be able to insert something into them.

Just like in reality you can’t have something nice without gays making i dirty. We visited some very well done Minecraft worlds, but all enjoyment was destroyed when we realized that their was a orange tinkie stick, urinating onto the cities downtown.

The gays now don’t even need to secretly post these penis’ in the game, they have now got kids so messed up, that players will spend weeks on end developing block pee pees and have competitions to see who can make the biggest and more realistic one!

No wonder this game is currently free! They want as many kids on it as possible, brainwash them, get them hooked on wieners and urinating wee wee clouds and then start charging them like crazy to feed their newly forced appetite.

Here is a chart showing the increase in gaydom of America, based on the release of homo-promo products.

I say we call the developers and demand this game be turned off!

Below is a gallery, chalk full of these digital nasties! Please have any female or young children types leave the room before viewing.

Deport Christina Aguilera –

We have a new campaign in hopes to deport the Mexican singer, Christina Aguilera. If we can get enough people to click the like button on, we can ask the immigration office to send her back to her home state of Venezuela.

Why should she be kicked out:

She doesn’t even know the words to the Star Spangled Banner
She is a threat to our young home makers
She has a Mexican last name
She shows off her milk nips in every shirt
She has been divorced

And to quote Derek Van Buren

America is oft called the great melting pot, a place where all flavors of people can find a home. The problem is that in today’s world, not all flavors want to assimilate and blend with the national recipe. Such antics leads to a bad taste and gut-wrenched gumbo spewing all over the place, much like what was witnessed at Super Bowl party after Super Bowl party across America after Aguilera’s offensively atrocious performance.

Please help us