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Ben and Jerry’s Wants Kids to Eat Semen Flavored Ice Cream

The gay’s in the homo factor known as San Fagsico are up to it again, Now this time defacing one of American’s greatest foods…Ice cream.

The gay cream factory owners of Ben and Jerry’s have created a new flavor called “Hubby Hubby” to celebrate the start of legalized gay marriage in its home state of Vermont.

Now let’s think about this first. We all know gays use candy, puppies and toys to lure young boys into their sugar plum sex fantasy homes and we know children LOVE ice cream, so what better way to shove gayness down white male boy’s throats then to name a ice cream after the act of two men shoving eachother’s twinkie puffs into one another’s sin holes.

This will brand “GAY FRIENDLY” to children. This will make “GAY” look normal because it is on ice cream, YEAH!

From studies and reports we have also found that this ice cream was concocted to taste just like male sperm. Of course it would, of course it would. The reason for this is so that young males will get use to this new “CANDY” flavor and so when these Peter Pan skipping flamers throw our children into dark basements, tied up with duct tape and fish wire, and then force them to drink their sperm, the children will actually think they are getting a treat.

I hope the fires in Southern California move up the coast to this sinful city and burn it and it’s people into large piles of ash.

Ben and Jerrys Hubby Hubby