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Satan Enters Kings of Leon At Live Performance

It is sad to see when a Christian band sells their souls to the devil to become famous. The band Kings of Leon use to be a quite Christian rock band in Oklahoma, until they wrote their first “hit” called “Sex in Fire” which is a song about having sex in hell with a orgy of large milk sac’d devil whores. They knew if they channeled Satan, they would become popular with the kids. Since then, it has been nothing but drinking, having sex out of wed lock and writing more filth music. The blackening of the souls from selling it to the devil is catching up as you can see in this video. What is even sadder, is that the crowd is so brain washed by the bands devil must, they continue to cheer even when the music starts to mess up. The band is fumbling to find the right notes and the sassy lead singer’s voice is cracking like a 14 year old chorus boy. I feel bad for that young man, because he has a very chiseled look and would of been a great preacher.