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Why Are Parents Letting Their Teens Attend the Coachella 2012 Pot Smoking Black Sodomy Orgy?

Children who attend Coachella 2012 will be exposed to forceful anal sex intrusion while sinfully high on hydraulic Pontiac chronic, supplied by chocolate skinned urban dope dealing assassins. This year’s ring leaders are no other than hipped hopped’s deadliest homicide duel and ghetto thug kingpins, Snoopy Dogg and Dr. Drea. These two gangstas are trying to dip their menthol marinated, mocha fingers into the panties of America’s youthful white women via pot smoke and potty mouth music beats and at the same time training your young boys into lowering their goals to become minimum wage working nobodies.

These two king blacks will be brainwashing your porcelain skinned babies with melodies of cannabis musk and welfare pornography. This year’s Coachella is allowing them to bring their thuggary streets to white America’s front porch and your children will be coaxed into becoming future $2 Compton hookers and pimps waiting on their street corners looking to partake in thievery and cracked coke caned slobbery.

Twitter hashtags will not be streaming typical hipster festival party talk, no, Twitter feeds will be tagged with graphic vulgarities like, #4shizzled, #luvmezsumpotz, #justhadbuttsecs, #westcoastSodomyFTW #Ihatebeingwhite and #Looking4sumHos. Pot is known to drive women into wanting to dip their feet into the world of Sodomy and Snoopy Dogg and Dr. Drea will be encouraging your young princesses to post thousands of bandwidths worth of Twitpic photos of themselves tampering with pot smoking anal orgies to their food line friends in hopes of scoring some free amateur demon whacking materials.

The beer gardens will not be filled with America’s favorite beverages, instead it will be flooded with Mad Dawg and Old English 40 ounce bottles. This is the devil nectar that blacks use to quince their thirst from a long days worth of pot smoking and sexual taint tickling.

Two things threaten America, pot smoking hipped hoppers who try to lurk inside your daughter’s baby doors and sodomy. Both are creeping their hands up Lady Liberty’s virgin thighs and we as guardians of our children’s future must stop festivals that promote lazy black drug smoking lifestyles and festivals that teach our children to have sodomy styled sex acts.

Before allowing your sweetheart to go off to Coachella, just remember do you want your daughter’s milky nutrition tanks fondled by thousands of strangers and have their fecal cavern trained by sweaty hipsters and nappy headed Harlem hobbits?

Does Maroon 5 Have Moves Like Satan?

What is a Maroon 5?

Maroon 5 is a sex pop rock band from the heathen capital of the world, Los Angeles. The band started while they were in high school and was led by the now infamous, Adam Levine. Adam recruited some of his boy’s room pot smoking buddies, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Ryan Dusick to form their first attempt of a band and called it Kara’s Flowers, which referred to the first virginity that Adam removed from a young freshman named Kara. After 1997 they re-formed the band and added another one of their drug filled orgy party buddies, James Valentine, and pursued a new form of sex pop punk under the name Maroon 5. Rising to success without any real work, it is believed that Adam Levine sold his soul to the devil and was able to turn their first released album into a mega hit.

So what does their name mean? Does it have something to do with Adam’s blood pact with Satan? Should the name strike fear into the hearts of all God fearing Americans? Yes. Remember, maroon is Satan’s favorite color and is also the color of the monthly secreting ooze that discharges from a woman’s baby door and is the same color of Satan’s favorite medical procedure, the abortion of a full of life fetus. Satan drools with pleasure when a baby is forcefully removed from the female’s incubator and goes into a masturbatory frenzy every time. So, we can gather the word “Maroon” in their name refers to the act of pre-meditated abortion and we know for a fact that the “5” means that the five members of the band support the notion that women should get pregnant, only to partake in a baby homicide to gain popularity from their family and friends via sympathy. At the same time, due to Adam’s contract with Satan, he agreed to force as many woman as possible to commit this atrocious act so Satan could collect more souls to power his fire pit of agony.

Also, let us not forget the fact they have played at every Coachella Fest and Electric Daisy Carnival, where they pollute your children with their sex fueled music, intoxicating them with thoughts of interracial sex and ecstasy use. Every time this band plays are one of the rave parties, they turn it into their own movie entitled “Night if the living Fornicators”.

Who is Adam Lavin?

This siren of Satan, is not the only pop rocker in his family. He is the brother of early 2000’s emo pop star, Avril Lavine. After seeing his sister’s failure at creating a music career, Adam gave his soul to Satan so he could become a famous rock star covered in musky sex sin and gluttonous amounts of money. In return Satan gave Adam the ability to use his voice and sex hip gyrations to swoon females into quick late night penetration games, as well granted Adam enough money to bask in until his soul is collected in 2054. This is also why Adam is the only famous member of the band. No one really knows or cares about the other band members, as they are just props in Adam’s and Satan’s plan to spread back stage sex and fetal abortions across the world. The whole band revolves around Adam, as he is the piper and his band members are the rats who follow his sweet serenade of demonic plague.

Adam’s main goal is to cause a fornication outbreak among America and infiltrator the baby crevice of every woman, by convincing women to flag their souls with an abortion status. Adam’s trick is to use his moves and harpy voice to entice women with urges to be vandalized, get pregnant and than have them void the growing life force within them. He refers to this move as a “F*** and Suck”, which means he wants the woman to have sexual acts and than have their baby sucked out of them by Satan’s hoover of death.

Besides being eye candy for homosexuals, teenage girls and spreading fetus in Planned Parenthood alleyways, Adam has teamed up with long time girlfriend and illegal alien Christina “Krispy Kreme” Aguilera, to release a new song praising his own reign of terror. The song is called “Moves Like Jagger” and talks about how he uses body pulsations and penile gyrations like Mick Jagger to tempt women into his bed of future fetal denigration.


Gay Man, Lance Bass, Releases First Emo Boy Band, Heart2Heart

Former Backstreet boy and current homosexual sinner, Lance Bass, has hired members from Black Veiled Brides, Falling in Reverse and Blood on the Dance Floor to form super emo boy band, Heart2Heart. Dancing to black pop BPMs and dressed up in flashly GAP cut off shirts and LEE skinny jeans, this new boy band threatens not only your daughter’s vaginal virginity, but also is vigorously attacking your son’s manhood and ability to not becoming a sissy pretty boy, schoolyard bully target.

Now, These boys may wear more make up than a three dollar French whore eating a Nancy Grace and Joan Rivers sandwich, but make no mistake that their homo fashions and haircuts are dangerous to the mind of America’s youth. Using their soft skin and Mtv styled dress, these boys will have no problems tempting your females around the world to open u p their baby holes to some one night stand penetration or even trick your son into thinking they can have sexual urges towards other men, as long as they are caked in Revlon.

In their new popular viral video called “Facebook Official”, these hip hopping homo hobbits talk about stalking your daughter or son on Facebook to force them into a sexual fling or a homosexual daddle dee. They also talk about spamming their profile page with hearts and other gay symbols. This is also called “Gay Cyber Bullying” and they are teaching all the little gayagers how to use digital terrorist techniques. Gay cyber bullying is when a homosexual is denied by someone of the same sex and instead of dealing with the rejection like a normal minded human, they spam their victims Facebook or Hi5 profile with homo erotica in hopes to embarrass them digital.

Also notice in the video that they have hired whorelet L.A. models to pretend to be little love stricken devil whores. These types of subliminal marketing make girls think they need to dress like cheap Coachella fest hipsters, flaunting their flesh candies around and also makes boys think if they dress like a modern day Disney Channel David Bowie, that girls will like them.

The only good news is that according to their YouTube stats, 15,917 have disliked their new age techno homo pop and only 1,942 likes to support their attempt at a full frontal tween gay invasion.

Besides trying to use homo gay agenda materials to corrupt children into a sinful world of gaydom, they are also spreading naughty sex materials on their web to older gay pedophiles. Their website is a lexicon of Photoshopped images of the youngins in sexual poses just sitting there ready for Sneaky Steve or Fondling Fred to play tug of war with his exposed danger rod, while he frantically clicks to the next image. Think of this website like a deep dish pizza that is jam packed with homosexuality and sinful gayness and it is being delivered hot and fresh to homo gays across the world.

Selena Gomez's Mexican Sin Treats Have Grown Too Plump for American Television

If you ask me, I don’t trust anything that can speak two languages and get free tuition. To be honest, I don’t know what rock this little brown piña colada of sin crawled out of, or which Mexican state she slept her way through to get to America. But, I do know that she is causing boys to stay up late at night and be tempted to fondle themselves while browsing Google images from search results like “Sex Mex Gomez” and “Mexican Selena Candy”. From Disney to double D exposed jalapeño flavored milk crates, she prances around in an overdose of whorish couture fashions, making young boys around American have urges to whack their demon rods until they produce forced sin marinated juices. This lil piñata of sex, can easily cause your child to burn a gigabite of band widths purely surfing for these free Chalupa platter pictorials she scatters around blogspot and tumblr websites.

If you browse your child’s web history and find links containing this combination whorrito, let your children know you are the digital La Migra and you are exporting this hacienda hussie back to beanville, faster than they can say “California Dream Act.” If you do not take action, your son will be locked into a lusty labyrinth of Mexican skinned fantasies and be overloaded with nocturnal emissions. Your daughters will be taught how to properly flash their sin bags in a none classy way and learn how to pop out seven kids before the age of seventeen and live on welfare. Miss Gomez’s sour creme dream is to wrap America into a tightly wound taquito of sin and gluttonous amounts of Mexican sex juices and taint our youth with her Shakira style hips and sin-sational, pouty lipped sex poses.

Here is an example of one of her tweets promoting the idea for girls to sneak out of their homes and partake in a night of sultry orgies and interracial naughty dances.

She also uses Twitter to promote a tween night club style show that she created on Disney. This show, Shake It Up, teaches young kids how to do black ghetto butt shakes and Satanic toe tapping body gyrations. Millions of pre-agers are square dancing with the devil in your living rooms, while caller Gomez shouts out which next dirt movement she wants to teach your children. No wonder teen pregnancy is on the rise with such sexual movements being taught at a young age.

Besides hosting free images on Google and posting subliminal naughtiness on Tweeter, how does Selena saturate your children with Satanic taco sauce? She uses an underground photo sharing service called “Twatpic” and uses a Tweeter API to spread the millions of skin filled images across the internet highway. With this service, Selena is able to publish “leaked” photos of her plump milk sacs or even images of her and boyfriend, Justin Bieber, nude on the beach.

Christwire's 13 Worst New Bands of the New Millenium

1. Black Veil Brides

Black Veal Brides are yet another emo pop band to be spawned from the evil loins of Ohio. Just like Devil Wears Prada, and Falling On Reverse before them. The band, if you can call it that, was created by Andrew Beersack (vocals), Johnny Harold (guitar), and Phil Sinadella (bass) in Delhi, Ohio. They were all young emosexuals that were dating satanic wiccans, where they met at a coven blood letting sacrifice. While not being bleed by the witches the discussed they’re appreciation for the demonic band KISS. Read more

2. New Found Glory AKA Never Follow God

Just when you thought Shakira was the most dangerous threat to your daughter, we found a “Emo-Trip-Pop-Punk” band called New Found Glory, or as their numb minded female followers call them, “NFG” (which also stands for “Never Follow God”), New Found Glory was just their “parent friendly” name.
Read More

3. Foster The People

Foster the People is an emo pop punk band from Canada who have illegally crossed the borders into Los Angeles to spread their Peter Pan, homo induced diddies. Their music is full of electro BPMs that any drugged out welfare living hipster could tap their $300 shoe covered toes to.
Read More

4. The Drums

Masquerading in drug cut Doo Wap hairstyles that a San Francisco street whore transgenetic wouldn’t be caught dead fashioning, a new age of homosexual hipsters are flooding the shorelines of America with tantalizing guitar riffs of anal tingles and gaudy digital BMP drum beats of homosexuality. Armed with pawn shop instruments and dancing like a pot smoking induced Michael J Fox, a new band called “The Drums” has hijacked the Beach Boys and turned them into a mess of musky man sweat and dark alleyway rub and tugs. Bands like these need to realized the only thing good that came out of the 80′s was Reagan and the end of Communist Russia, not faggy feathered locks of Morrissey haircuts and toe tapping hopscotch dancing, with a mix of flailing homosexual hand gestures.
Read More

5. My Chemical Romance

Glenn Beck labeled the My Chemical Romance’s music as Propaganda after it appeared on the TV show Glee. Glee is about a homosexual woman teacher that leads a group of singing high school students. They often sing popular songs from the devil’s repertoire of modern pop artists. This show is very popular with teens and young homosexual adults. The show itself is seen by many groups as a recruiting tool of the liberal homogay agenda. Mr. Beck acknowledged the act of the homogay agenda using My Chemical Romances music to recruit into the teen emosexual subgroup. As this group is already well in danger of permanent soul loss to the devil, Mr. Beck had to speak up. As usual the response from emos and MCR was hollow threats of violence and a mighty round of “F**k You’s“.
Read More

6. Ke$ha

There is only one person in the world that would make Mary Kate and Ashley’s drug problems look like a happy morning episode of “Jesus and Friends” and that Satanic spunk of whorness is no other than ghetto rap, slut demon Ke$ha. This woman is covered in Satan nectar and radiates promiscuous interracial sex from her vodka and crystal meth clogged pores. The harlot of whorness, also spreads her “alternative lifestyle” like a African outbreak with with lyrics in her music. This music is played all over radio shows like Ryan Seacreast and other gay hosted top 40 stations.
Read More

7. Blood on the Dancefloor

Any attempts to accurately describe how nauseously blasphemous this Blood on the Dance Floor music is will fail, for it simply redefines evil in America. Their beats are stolen from black rapping in the most lazy of ways, as if tuned to the sound of that policeman beating on Dahvie’s door. Their abuse of rhyme and meter is such a crime it’s surprising that other members of the pop rock community have not stepped in to shut them down. Dahvie’s singing itself is not singing, but rather that grating and pretentious type of “loud speaking” that you might hear in a brawl between mealy-mouthed drunks. It has that childish affectation of a white suburban hipster mimicking the black people he has seen on Law & Order with its “Yo yo yo!” and “Whaddup!” type of speak, shouted in rhythms that never rise above the complexity of “Ba Ba Black Sheep.” Maybe this is coincidental, as the man himself still acts like a child. Or maybe it’s intentional, as the allegations of child rape continue to pile up against him.
Read More

8. Cobra Starship

Sex, drugs and muscle relaxant saturated Hi-C fruit drinks would be the quickest way to describe this sex filled glazed eyed, acid laced cigarette smoking, freak show of a band. This band is nothing more than a black plague of hipsters, who dress in neon colored jump suits and raver meth glasses.
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9. Blink 182

Blink-182 is an emo pop punk band consisting of three bi-sexual southern California natives. You have vocalist and bass guitarist Mark Hipphoppus, vocalist and guitarist Thomas DeLonge, and gluttonously tattooed drummer Travis Baker. They have mind raped and brainwashed a slue of young teenagers with their over 27 million albums worldwide since forming in the upper white class city of Poway, California in 1992. That means their album sells have destroyed more souls than Hitler could ever do. With original drummer Scott Raynor, who left the band after Mark and Tom started to push homosexual messages in their music, they released their debut album Cheshire Cat in 1994 and followed-up with a more raunchy and gay driven album, 1997′s Dude’s Ranch, which sold around a million copies. Raynor was replaced by Baker during their 1998 tour, due to the fact the band wanted a more “Hot Topic” like marketing look to their band.
Read More

10. Lady Antebellum

As a result of this newfound popularity, many parents are now taking a closer look at Lady Antebellum and wondering if their message is appropriate for today’s teens. Of particular concern is singer Charles Kelley. The other members of this trio are delightful and impressively edifying as role models for children. Beautiful lead singer Hillary Scott is perky and wholesome, as should be expected of a woman from Tennessee. Her voice soars to inspiring heights one moment and then lulls us to depths of introspection the next. In their videos, Hillary is outfitted in delicately-printed cotton dresses that billow between her legs as she reclines into bales of hay, the sun stroking her expanses of innocent, smooth skin. Keyboardist Dave Haywood, surely the moral compass of this group, is always close by like a playful, younger sibling. He is the handsome, all-American boy with his plaid shirts and adorable vests. Seeing him on that piano bench is just truly heartwarming. There is a yearning innocence to his eyes. One imagines him walking down a farm road in his Levi jeans with the fresh country air tickling the nape of his neck, as he smiles that full-lipped smile that betrays the remarkable virility that makes him saunter so.
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11. Falling in Reverse

It seems that the lead singer, a Ms. Ronnie Radke. was a young transgendered bi-sexual that was previously in the band Escape the Fate, which you have probably never heard of either. In the mid 2000′s Radke was living the hard life of a low level rock star, living it up with sex, drugs, and rock & Roll. That is if you can call this trash Rock & Roll. At night he would sing his songs on stage and then have fornicative sex orgies. Like most emosexuals it did not matter what he stuck his sin stick in, man woman child or beast, it didn’t matter to him as his drug fueled rage made him oblivious to the wrongs that he was committing.
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12. Cake

Show me a NYU student who doesn’t know who Cake is and I will show your a heterosexual Lady Gaga fan. Cake is a college targeted band that is highly heterosexuality motivated and cover rainbow kissed sound waves throughout the American campuses. First invading colleges, high schools and middle schools, within their hometown of “Sac” a “man “toe in the early 90′s, Cake has become one of the biggest underground, unknown named bands among the 11 to 25 age range or also known as the “Mtv” demographic. Also we must remind you that the average age of the band members is 43. This band is full of no name, talentless musicians that try to copy The Phish sound but also incorporate Mexican trumpet loops over dubstep techno beats.
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13. 30 Seconds to Mars

To an unaware parent, 30 Seconds to Mars is a pop grunge band who is lead by 80′s teen heart throb Jerad Lettoe. But if you ask any gay man in the back alley of a S&M gay bar, he will tell you it is the the name of the most homo erotic fetish known to the homo gay underground. This band is killing the innocents of children with their sinful rainbow gum drops of emo ruckus.
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The Drums – New Age Hipsters Making Gay Beach Boys Music

Masquerading in drug cut Doo Wap hairstyles that a San Francisco street whore transgenetic wouldn’t be caught dead fashioning, a new age of homosexual hipsters are flooding the shorelines of America with tantalizing guitar riffs of anal tingles and gaudy digital BMP drum beats of homosexuality. Armed with pawn shop instruments and dancing like a pot smoking induced Michael J Fox, a new band called “The Drums” has hijacked the Beach Boys and turned them into a mess of musky man sweat and dark alleyway rub and tugs. Bands like these need to realized the only thing good that came out of the 80’s was Reagan and the end of Communist Russia, not faggy feathered locks of Morrissey haircuts and toe tapping hopscotch dancing, with a mix of flailing homosexual hand gestures.

Each member of this band looks like they have lollipop licked one too many skin sticks and you can tell by their eyes that they have a black street coked cane habit. Their music is a mixture of electro techno BPMs and scuttle shuffle guitar progressions and to be honest, I’ve heard more talent out of the voice from that little mentally challenged boy, Quarky, when he sung the theme song to his hit television series, Life Goes On.

The only thing worse than their overly autotuned vocals and off timing melodies, the band’s sense of dress is that of a skid row heroin addict. I mean who in their right mind wakes up in the morning and thinks to put on a sweater that they stole their grandfather and mix match it up with leg warmers and a Calvin Klein scarf? I’ll tell you who, little frolicking homosexuals screaming for attention, that’s who. Just like when a child puts on the wrong colored socks, these boys are begging for mother America to take their hand and clean them up.

In the video below you can see the band thought it would be funny to film themselves running from the police after they were caught having anal sin docking relations on the beach, while they sing their hit pop song “Let us god surfing.” This song, if you listen closely, talks about taking a girl down to the beach and force her to perform a mouth sex act on one’s flesh sword. After the female has been mauled with sexual poison, the song tells kids to tell the girl that they are a homosexual and that they just really want to go surfing on the waves of a mans rough caress and drown in aftershave kisses. You will even hear in the chorus that the lead singer puts in a subliminal message that says “Obama”.

If you want your son or daughter to ride Satan’s surfboard and catch a “sick” wave to his fiery beach bonfire, by all means let them put this band’s album on shuffle/repeat on their Zunes and let them get caught in the riptide of sin. So while you look through you child’s iTunes playlist looking for evil music to delete, please view the graph below and remember by removing this new sandy threat, you are taking action against your child from becoming a beach bum homosexual.

Coachella 2012 Line Up – Just Another Den of Sin

If you have the urge to ride the carousel of homosexuality and bask in cotton candy sin, than you will love Coachella’s 2012  line up of debaucherous deviants and faux hawk hipsters. Just like last years fecal smothered sin fest, 2012 looks to be jam packed with a music lineup  that will entice kids to engage in pre-martial lust penetration and tempt them with unwashed anal play. Let us not forget that the chances of female teen pregnancy at this concert skyrocketed and even surpassed the number of STDs contracted within the 2 days of dilly fondling.

Just like voting for Obama, cuddling up with Satan goes against God and even stepping foot onto the Coachella party grounds is one foot too deep within Satan’s sin cavity of despair and homosexual desire.

The roster below has more curse words and references to twinkie sticks than a late night homosexual reality show on Showtime.

Nevermind That Kurt Cobain Was a Psychotic Drug Addict Pedophile

20 years ago the world was engulfed in a swarm of body odor stained flannel and unwashed long hair. From that sea of bad hygiene arose the “grunge” scene and the leader of this new wave of talent-less guitar playing and off timing drum bashing, was a band by the name “Nirvana”. Nirvana smashed into the currently fixed post Reagan world and started to pick at the fibers of America’s youth with their unmoral music.

If Satan was the manager of a boy band, it would be Nirvana. Leading this band was the soft boyish faced devil by the name of Kurt Cobain. This man was most likely the first main stream hipster and emosexual, with his custom made, over priced thrift store looking outfits and women’s glasses. This man craved so much attention that he killed himself, which is known now as “The Bang Heard Around the World” and he was later given the name “Kurt Gobang”. Even having a child of his own, fame and attention was much more important to this failed at life rock star, that he took his own life in hopes to be the most popular suicide rock star in the world.

The thing I find most humorous is the fact Cobain’s main reason for killing himself was because of fame. Well my weak minded, headless friend, if you didn’t want fame, you shouldn’t of signed your soul over to the evil record companies. If you didn’t want women falling over you, you shouldn’t of had so many Calvin Klein styled masturbatory images taken of yourself. In a way Kurt used a weak excuse on why he was too lazy to deal with his personal problems and his embarrassing love for kiddie nudity. Oh, you don’t think he dabbled his sin staff in underage imagery of naked newborns? Than why was their most popular cover that of a fleshly exposed babies twiddle rompus? This was Kurt’s way of letting people know he had a sick and twisted problem. How do you think he thought up the name for the band? Kurt has been reported to call his pre-tween self demon whacking sessions to put him in a spiritual Nirvana, as he drifted into a euphoric climax. Now remember, the Atheists and Liberals will jump on and point fingers anyone who is religious that is accused of kiddie fondle touching, but how dare anyone say anything about a socialist man who actions screams “ice cream” van driver or lost puppy flyer poster.

During the bands uprising in popularity, so did Kurt’s fancy for cross dressing and heroin dipped meth balls. Kurt was not able to even get on stage and perform is simple to strum songs unless his blood was flowing with narcotics and booze. I think this is the only thing he had in common with his whore tarnished wife, Courtney “No-one-wants-to” Love. As his dependency on street sprinkles, his writing turned into songs that promoted kids to cuddle inside Satan’s anal womb and to snort eight-balls of powdered sin candy.

To prove this man’s music was not that of some muse inspired genius, take any emo kid with a guitar and internet access and I can guarantee they will learn the band’s discography in an afternoon. Now, take that same degenerate, put them in front of a piano and tell them to play Beethoven, they will look at you with a complex and constipated like face. They won’t be able to get over the fact that the song requires more than four notes and requires years of musical training to perfect. Unlike Kurt’s music, they more tainted it is with talent-less guitarmanship, the “better” it is suppose to sound.

So after 20 years why do non-identity having people praise this marble mouth, pedophile as some musical genius, when his songs are that of three cords and his lyrics have no poetic substance? It is because liberal America praises anything anti-American and anti-Christian. If is just like how the son will go off to rebel and have gay sex with his college roommate, just to upset his parents. The child doesn’t want to engage in a sin docking rumpus, but deals with the painful back muscle-hole intrusion, just to defy his father’s heart. The youth is rebelling by pretending they find this druggies music to be inspiring and insightful.

Even though this son of terror and his golden locks of demon fibers is good and gone, his spirit still lives in the music of form drum player, Dave Grohl, who now leads the band Food Fighters.

Don’t worry my friends, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Nirvana may have sold 25 million copies of their hate filled albums, but the Bible still wins as it has sold over 6 trillion copies. Looks like Jesus is still the more popular “rock star”.

Cake – Making Music or Making Homosexual Druggies?

What is Cake?

Show me a NYU student who doesn’t know who Cake is and I will show your a heterosexual Lady Gaga fan. Cake is a college targeted band that is highly heterosexuality motivated and cover rainbow kissed sound waves throughout the American campuses. First invading colleges, high schools and middle schools, within their hometown of “Sac” a “man “toe in the early 90’s, Cake has become one of the biggest underground, unknown named bands among the 11 to 25 age range or also known as the “Mtv” demographic. Also we must remind you that the average age of the band members is 43. This band is full of no name, talentless musicians that try to copy The Phish sound but also incorporate Mexican trumpet loops over dubstep techno beats.

After their popular post punk pop song “Short Skirt Long Jack”, the band has been laughing their gay bump rumps off all the way to the bank. Since then, they have been caking their crumbs of sinful copulation with song titles like, “Shadow Stabbing”, “Racecar Ya-Yas” and “Mr. Mastodon Farm”, which are all songs which promote a tingling techno invasion of homo erotic lyrics and Satanic sassafras.

So who leads this band of disgruntled middle aged Mariachi funksters? Well, if hipsters had a homosexual idol it would be the band’s leader singer, John McCrea, who can be seen dressed as a butt bucking cowboy or dirty bathroom romping ass bandit trucker. He almost looks like a white version of Fidel Castro.

What Does Their Name Mean?

You can’t spell the band’s name without the phrase “homosexual delicacies”. The band is actually two acronyms of terror and trash. There acronyms are “Catering Anal Karate Enticements” and to their underground fan club, they are known as “Cannibals, Atheists & Klan, Excitements”.

The name pretty much means they want you children to take a bit out of a sweet and fluffy piece of homosexual cake and to fill their veins with sugary gayness.

Does Their Music Have a Homosexual Agenda?

To start off and prove our claims on homosexual brain washing, we need to look no further than their song “Stickshifts and Safety-belts”, which is a song about wanting men to go the distance with dangerous homosexual analingus play.

Let us do a play by play on some of their albums. I was going to give an analysis on each one, but the context is so grim and full of profanity, that I worry our site would be shut down for vulgar language.

Fashion Nugget

A fashion nugget is the gay underground term for what is called “fisting”. “Fisting” is when one male takes his whole hand and reverse defecates it up another man’s sewer hole. This act creates a “milked orgasmic” effect onto the brutally assaulted homosexual.

Prolonging the Magic

“Prolonging the Magic” is another term the gays use in reference to their Satanic sex doors. Just like the ravers, Cake fans enjoy a long night of ecstasy tripping and from previous reports, we all know that ravers and gays take drugs anally. It has been said that by shoving a pill of happy candy up the sin chute, that not only does the drug “kick” in faster, but it also “prolongs the magic” or in civil society terms, “makes the drug last longer.”

Pressure Chief

We all know devil DNA is created when a male performs a self sexing act or when homosexuals have sex or even when a hetero couple has sex before they are married. We know that the devil juice explodes from the tip of the twiddle rompus once the proper amount of pressure has been reached to cause demonic climax. Well in the gay porn world, there is a job position called the “pressure chief” and their job is to demon whack the gay adult stars sin muscle to keep them fully aroused before ever scene. This “chief” makes sure the stars are at any given time full of pressure and ready to hurl gay diseased goo, when the director yells “action!”

Cake Statistics

All in all, Christians go to Heaven and Cake will dive head first into hell with their goatee male taint tickle facial hair lead singer. We tried to find something that would prove us wrong, but everything we searched Bing or Hotbot, it was never there. All we could find was more and more proof that the rectal muscle cavern adventurers love to push a gay agenda onto our children.

Ke$ha – The Harlot of Dripping Whorness

There is only one person in the world that would make Mary Kate and Ashley’s drug problems look like a happy morning episode of “Jesus and Friends” and that Satanic spunk of whorness is no other than ghetto rap, slut demon Ke$ha. This woman is covered in Satan nectar and radiates promiscuous interracial sex from her vodka and crystal meth clogged pores. The harlot of whorness, also spreads her “alternative lifestyle” like a African outbreak with with lyrics in her music. This music is played all over radio shows like Ryan Seacreast and other gay hosted top 40 stations.

This feeble minded bi-homosexual hussie of home wrecking fecal frenzy is to dumb to even realize that “$” isn’t even a word. Does the “$” respesent that fact that she sells all her orifices for a record deal or a quick line of acid meth? If the “$” is her name is suppose to mean she is worth anything, she should show her real worth and change it to a “¢”.

Ke$ha is a turbo quasi lesbian that spends more time on tripled dipped acid drug trips, while wondering the deserts in search of a Indian three way, than she does on her own personal hygiene. There is no doubt that this girls labia could host a E! News red carpet event. Her fish cave woofs the stench of aborted babies lying lifeless in the trash can outside of a Planned Parenthood alleyway. It has been rumored that her love slaves prefer to rump her sewer hole rather than her camel hump because the smell is more pleasant. The only thing more train wrecked than her man hole sized baby door is her overgrown bushy eyebrow-ed Clydesdale face and long locks of lice infested hair. This woman’s body is truly a walking dumpster filled with pre-used homosexual anal docking condoms and bags of fecal matter.

You can also tell God has smitened her because she carries the ugliness of Satan and she tries to cover up these beast marks with voluminous layers of make up and carnival face paints. She knows she is ugly, because in her song “TicK TocK”, she says that she wakes up looking like a ugly blak man named “Puffed Dit Te”. We all know that male blacks are not the strong jaw lined lookers.

If she could, this woman would love to suck your children up into her love cavern and torment them with nightmares of late night binge drinking and back ally gang bangs. So don’t let your children listen to her “blah, blah, blah” mp3 files on their iTunes or from their accounts. If you do catch you child listening to her demonic sound waves, punish them by throwing all their electronic devices in the trash, burning them and ground your child. For every Satanic song of her’s they have listened too, that is an extra week of no social interactions.

“Emotion-Core” Band, Blood Sex Love, Makes Anti-Christwire Protest Song

A group called “Blood Sex Love” has been spamming our for weeks now with hatemail more vile than a interracial miget, twink gay porn. The email is always signed “With blood, your anti-lover, Angel Se7en / Danny 4tune”. Now I don’t know anyone who has a number in their last name, so I’m guessing this is some kind of emosexual iPhone texting code.

They say their band is “Emotion-Core” and it is a new style of music that takes “dub-step and hardcore to express the emotions that we deal with everyday”.

Recently, they sent us a “song” of some sort of music that Black Veiled Brides would write and call it music. They say it is a protest song about all things Christwire and I quote:

This song is about how Christians introduce their religion to ABDUCT people from being who they really are.

I swear, if I have to hear one more of these future Wal-Mart employees cry about how life sucks, I’m going to scream. Life sucks because like hates you. You sleep all day doing nothing, you call yourself an individual, yet you all dress the same. Also, they always say they are part of an army, little do they know, army means to conform and be the same.

Nocturnal Wonderland – A Pagan Rave Festival to Honor Homosexual Masturbatory Gods

Just like all drug infested raves, Nocturnal Wonderland is shrouded in hazy drug eyed mystery of sex blood games, reverse orgy three ways and toxic anal drug taking. No one really knows how this party of pornography filled drug dancing and electronic clusters of demon music came about, but we can tell you what goes on at this festival.

Nocturnal Festival is a single-day sex and drug event that is held to worship the rave God’s “Abe” and “Adam”. Abe is the raver god of masturbation and Adam is the god of the ecstasy pill. The event is held at the end of August, or in early September around Labor Day, because the ravers believe this is the time that both their gods where born. There are usually 5 stages that each have a ritual that displays the loyalty of the ravers to their false gods.

The first Nocturnal Wonderland was in 1999 and was held at the future local of the sex infested festival known as Coachella Fest. It was reported that 500 pounds of Mexican ecstasy was confiscation that night and that over 45 causes of anal rape was reported. Even so, parents still allow their children to walk down the red carpet to Satan’s own VIP party of cosmic rape and glittery sinful lullabies.

The five stages or circles at the event are tailored to celebrate a specific event in the life of the raver’s drugged out gods and to praise their master dingles in a mesmerized fashion. The reason they pick five, is because the number five represents the five nights the two gods spent doing drugs, performing mouth sex act on each other and co-masturbating while creating the “Raver Utopia”.

The stages (circles) are:

“The Labyrinth”:
The Labyrinth is a circle maze that represents the fictional journey Abe and Adam took to gather and create the first ecstasy pills. To honor their adventures to create the drug that makes black ghetto crack look like aspirin, ravers gather in a circle and violently masturbate until they create a penile ejected sea of globby dna devil’s brew. Once the forearms of each raver has exhausted, they collect the goop soup in a pot and pass around filled cups to each other. As the cup is passed they take turns drinking random stranger’s twiddle rompus, baby juice and give thanks to their lords.

The raver believes that this circle of released excitement, arouses the gods, who then blesses their drugs with more potent MDMA chemicals.

Alice’s House:
Alice was Abe’s sex slave and he was known to visit her “kingdom in the sky” that was built by a fellow named “Jack”. Once a week Abe would come to Alice’s house and use her as a masturbatory assistant. In “honor” of this love tryst, the ravers throw on Poi (Penile Orgasmic Interaction) shows. Poi shows, is where ravers use electronic lights to spin around to imitate the sperm streams that were ejected out of the tips of their Abe’s skin torpedoes. This dance also puts male ravers into a trance and calls upon Abe to enter their body and create more semen juices to be produced in the male’s candy sacs.

The Upside Downroom:
The Upside Downroom is all about drugs. The story goes that Adam and Abe were given magic mushrooms to be given strength to travel a long distance to find a new land for their people. Instead the mushrooms were swapped for infected mushrooms. These mushrooms turned their brains upside down and spoke to the gods. They told them to head east and collect the chemicals that today create MDMA.

To celebrate this joy for the swapped mushrooms, ravers mix their pills and “infected mushrooms” to enter into a state called “Candy Hip-E Flip” and it supposedly turns their brain upside down and allows them to speak with Abe and Adam telepathically. Once in this state, the ravers can only be brought out of this chemical possession by saying the word “E-tard”.

The Sunken Garden:
The Sunken Garden is the place Abe and Adam rested after their first experience with the ecstasy drug that they just created. The night was cold, so both Adam and Abe cuddled with each other to warm each other with their body hit. Rumor has it, that the two gods did partake in a rump of anal sin docking.

In the Sunken Garden room, ravers who are coming down from their highs, create what is called a “Cuddle Puddle” and snuggle with each other until they are fully out of their drug state.

The Queen’s Grounds:
The Queen was a fairy who granted the title “god” to Abe and Adam once they took control of their world by turning everyone into dependent dug addicts. They were the only ones who knew the recipe for ecstasy and they used that power to control the masses. The Queen didn’t want to lose her thrown, so she dubbed the two men as gods and gave herself sexual to them. Once the sugar covered fairy sex was done, Abe ripped The Queen’s wings off and melted them down with a mixture of his latest e-brew and created what is now known “Pixie Ecstasy”.

In The Queens Grounds, ravers will lace their pills with “pixie dust” or as the black street kids call it “PCP” and dance with furious rage. In the room, ravers are also known to have forced female three ways to reenact the sexual rape of The Queen by Abe and Adam.

These circles of Satanic delight are energized by the BPMs of techno trace drummed and based music, being created by the terror jungle lists DJ, Diesel Boy. Instead of blowing up buildings in New York City, Diesel Boy uses his .wav format dirty bombs to tantalize your son’s “South Tower”. This man has the ability to conjure up the dark lord spirits via his death mp3’s that are blasted out of his Technic bass speakers and high powered New-marked torque, turntables. He literally turns the dance floor into a portal to hell, while the children dance in a ritualistic manner, while whacking their demon flesh until they forcefully produce devil juices. It has also been reported that Diesel Boy himself, Asian massages his Satan scepter to the point of climatic pleasure, from looking down upon the souls of the children below him being devoured by Satan’s glow sticks of destruction.

Nocturnal Wonderland

Nocturnal Wonderland raver hussies, flaunting their sex cushions.

The only thing that is thicker than the drugs, is the amount of slut filled sin whores that dance around in erotic gestures in hopes to arouse the sin snakes of male plur babies or moist the camel humps of some binky sucking bi-sexual. shorts that are so short that their moist camel humps hang feel out the bottom for on lookers to gawk in sexual fueled pleasure. On top of that, they have their milky fat yams flung out for male party goers to envision adult fantasies of sexual breast feeding and sometimes they decorate their milk spouts with neon stripper stars, that are laced with acid. It is known that ravers will come up and lick the devil liquid soaked nipple stars and be put into a hypnotic trance of gummy bear raindrops, while their mind is opened up to Satan’s beacon of sexual deformities.

It is very easy for a drug slamming, raver hussie to attain such outfits. You have large clothing chains like Urban Outfitters, Dirty Shirty and Hot Topic that flourish in greedy blood money from slut wear sales to sex frenzied minors.

You see, these vixens of sexual masturbatory imagery are hired by the Insomnia rave lords to send taint tremors down the male raver’s Adam whistle and excite them to the point where they can not fight the bad touch urges no more. The more males walking around wanting to milk their cuddle rod, the more baby injection nectar that can be spilled for the raver gods.

If you don’t believe us that this festival is a cesspool of drug induced, sex juice circles, below is a menu that was intercepted by one of our undercover ticket buyers. Along with your ticket, you are given a ecstasy pill list. With this list you can pre-order your compressed pills of lustful deviance and they will mail it to you three days before the big event.

Cobra Starship – Electro Pop Punk Rape Sex Band

What is Cobra Starship? Sex, drugs and muscle relaxant saturated Hi-C fruit drinks would be the quickest way to describe this sex filled glazed eyed, acid laced cigarette smoking, freak show of a band. This band is nothing more than a black plague of hipsters, who dress in neon colored jump suits and raver meth glasses.

Like typical New York City sewer street trash, this band has created music to praise and promote unsafe sexual penetrations, un-same colored body rubbing and Harlem black street drug use, like acid laced cracked coked canes. With their popular mp3 format iTunes album,¡Viva La Cobra!, they laid the brick work to enter your children’s mind and leading them down the fiery subway to Satan’s warehouse party. Satan’s warehouse is where he turns out gays, lesbians, transgenders and bi-sexual New England hipsters.

While your children are barraged by this bands neon colored jumpsuits, Satan is enter the ear canals of you children via the music waves. Satan is able to ride sound waves that are created by bands like this and once their ears are opened by the electro music, he is able to easily become a parasite within their brains. Once your child is a host to Satan, bands like Cobra Starship inject their musical demonic commands into their brains.

For those who don’t believe us that this band is a group of Satanic gateway openers, raging bi-sexuals and fairy footed, fecal farming homosexuals, I guarantee if they submitted a blood test, they would come out positive for the gay death cold (HIV). That is the only blood test currently able to properly test for gay activity in ones body.

They are also the band who originally wrote the famous “I Kissed a Girl” song, which was performed by the sinfully perky and blimpy milk sac’d temptress, Kathy Perry. They also perform their own version called “I (mouth sexed) a Boy”, where Gabe changed the lyrics to tell a story about a bi-sexual, whipped cream gas induced four-way he had back in college. This orgy comprised of interracial sex part penetrations, along with demonic anal sin docking and they also performed same sex mouth sex acts.


Cobra Starship was formed after frontman Gabe Saporta fled into the deserts of Arizona after a week long binge of apple cosmos, honey rainbow ecstasy pills and medieval like rampage of gay sex. He was so embarased of being a leader singer for the super hip boy band “O-Town”, so he went on a mission to find Satan in the desert. He knew that is where the demon lord visited Jesus and he was right. Saporta spent days and nights plotting with Satan on how to create a new style of music that could infiltrate the white family household. Once their plan was divested, Satan morphed into a Cobra and took a bite out of Gabe and said “Drink my poison and be my starship to collect America’s youth and corrupt them.”

After his desert wet dream of Satanic pleasures, Gabe moved to the second most evil and homo-opolis city in the world, New York, and formed electro pop punk SIN-sation, Cobra Starship.


Gabe Saporta
Front man and lyrical writer, Gabe abides by Satan’s whispers to write songs that are jam packed with necormatic like wizard magic, that brainwashes your children with tantalizing sprinkles of slutty driven pixel dust. Besides his demon blood inked lyrics, his on stage hand gestures and antics are faggier than Freddy Mercury riding a unicorn while winking and sucking on a lollipop.

Ryland Blackinton
Ryland is Gabe’s former high school sweetheart, joined the band in hopes to rekindle that gay love spark between him and Saporta. Ryland, which is a pagan name for “Raping the Land”, plays the serpent six string for the band.

Victoria Asher
The vixen of sexual death, is the ” keytarist” for the band and likes to use her daughter of Eve lustful legs to entice the crowd with thoughts of self m-ing. She is also known to smear her face with her own vaginal baby blood, to get more electro punk street cred among the band’s fans.

Alex Suarez
Progressive bands aren’t cool unless they let minorities in the band and Suarez was the missing like to make the band look diverse and liberal. Like all good Mexicans, Alex was good with his hands, so the band decided to throw him on keyboards.

What Does Their Name Mean?
A cobra is a venomous snake that spews toxic liquid into the eyes of its victim to blind it. Once blinded the cobra will strike its teeth into the pray’s skin and injects it poison into the blood stream. With this band, instead of the cobra being a reptile hunter, they are referring to the male naughty sex sector of the body and they are wanting to blind their listeners with sex propaganda and then inject them with their juicy sauce like male DNA venom.

What is Electro Pop Punk?

Electro pop punk came from the sex sweat flooded dance floors of the gay disco area of 1998. Once the gays had their fun with funky town beats, they moved onto pop music, leaving the disco-tech warehouses open for the taking. From these warehouses emerged Trip Hop music, which hosted underage sex parties and tickled Satan’s musical juices to create a “white family friendly” form of Satanic music, electro pop punk.

To this day, electro pop punk concerts stick to their roots and make sure that with every concert, the underage sex parties flow with the sinful juices of pre-martial sexual bliss.

You can see by the chart below, that our Cobra friends also have incorporated their own sexual tidbits to the electro pop punk community. Being popular for their trip hop drug infused blood orgies, Cobra Starship also brings a gay aspect to the table. At any given concert six out of ten male concert ticket holders will indulge in anal sex docking.

Lyrical Proof

To those who chose to turn their heads the other way, while our youth is sodomized by lyrical rapists, I have taken three of their songs to show you what lies underneath their Satanic whispers of sex, violence, gay propaganda and drugs.

Aww Dip Lyrics

I don’t mind falling down to try again
The opening line is talking about performing a mouth sex act on a flesh torpedo.

Brothers, we waited forever
This is talking about the gay brotherhood and how they have waited so long to be able to go against God’s word and get married.

Oh, we’ll burn them down
This is a call to violence. They are telling your children to burn the fibers of America.

Snakes on a Plane Lyrics

For snakes on a plane / (bad “f” word)’em, I don’t care
Here they are telling your children they should hand sex a fellow passenger on a plane.

I can see the venom in their eyes
Venom in their eyes, is street talk for being high on illegal drugs.

Chew Me Up Lyrics

Count one, two, three / You got me on my knees
Again, they are telling you ale children to find three gay people and kneel down and perform a multi-interracial mouth sex at orgy.

I just want a taste when you spit me out
This takes about them wanting your son to have a mouthful of devil DNA and taste the juices of Satan’s pomegranate of sinful passion.

Blink 182 – Emo Pop Punk’s Poster Children or Gay Sex Triangle?

What is Blink 182?

Blink-182 is an emo pop punk band consisting of three bi-sexual southern California natives. You have vocalist and bass guitarist Mark Hipphoppus, vocalist and guitarist Thomas DeLonge, and gluttonously tattooed drummer Travis Baker. They have mind raped and brainwashed a slue of young teenagers with their over 27 million albums worldwide since forming in the upper white class city of Poway, California in 1992. That means their album sells have destroyed more souls than Hitler could ever do. With original drummer Scott Raynor, who left the band after Mark and Tom started to push homosexual messages in their music, they released their debut album Cheshire Cat in 1994 and followed-up with a more raunchy and gay driven album, 1997’s Dude’s Ranch, which sold around a million copies. Raynor was replaced by Baker during their 1998 tour, due to the fact the band wanted a more “Hot Topic” like marketing look to their band.

The band achieved greater success with 1999’s multi-platinum selling Enema of the State, which reached #9 on the Billboard 200 pop charts on the strength of the singles “What’s My Age Again” (a song about having sex with underage girls) and “All the Small Things” (a song about comparing your flesh sword size with other homosexual males). Blink-182 gained popularity for their gay antics, and the follow-up album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket reached #1 on the pop charts in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, China, France and Germany. The eponymously-titled Blink-182 followed in 2003 and was a stylistic shift for the group, infusing experimental elements into their usual pop punk formula which resulted in a more mature sound.

DeLonge left Blink-182 in early 2005, to start a new and more emo like band. The band broken up until now, they are old and looking to relieve their 20’s by putting out a new album in hopes to resurrect their bi-sexual backstage orgies and continue to push their violent gay message.

Who Are The Members of the Boy Band?

Thomas “Gay Pants” DeLonge

Thomas is your typical modern emo “genderqueer” who screams for attention by painting his finger nails and caking his face with eye-liner and foundation. He also does this to make the modern emo kids thing that he is just like them. How these kids think they have something in common with a 40 something year old who sings with a 2 year old lisp and still sings about high school girl problems?

Thomas is famous for being the bank member who walks around with his manhood hanging out, while he chases his band members on stage and also is known to walk around in public with his pants down. You see, Thomas is one of those whinny homosexual people who thinks they should be the center of attention and will do anything to push their gayness and make sure they are being watched by everyone around them. Little does DeLonge know, no one is looking at him with any respect. They look at him like a drunken village idiots and wish it was the 1400’s, so they could throw tomatoes at him or tar and feather him.

Thomas has even tried his hand at his own record label, Atticus , which failed to produce any stars. One the list of botches – Get Well Soon, Yellow Card, Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves.

Mark “Baby Face” Hipphoppus

With his golden boy looks and Vidal Sassoon meterosexual haircuts, Mark is maybe the least dangerous member of the band. Yes, Mark is known for backstage homosexual antics like his long time “Poke Buddy” Thomas and also known for his dressing room orgies, but Mark was the only member to actually try to force the band to stop pushing devil messages in their music. But like all weak minded people in Hollywood, Mark succomed to greed and his dark urges for tween flesh snakes and his undeniable lust for untouched sewer hole.

Mark was also the band member who forced DeLonge to quit and just like DeLonge, Mark tried to dabble with another form of music, he formed a electronic pop punk band named +44. The band named stood for the number of young girls he would have in his dressing room during his Blink days and the “+” stood for positive, which he is positive for many STDs.

Travis “Hot Topic” Baker

Go and pick up the latest Hot Topic or even Delias catalog and open it up to any page. Notice how all the kids all look like Baker? They all have the same tattoos, bad hair cuts and cut off sleeve shirts. That is because Hot Topic runs the music marketing campaigns and Baker was their prototype. I would say that it is a success, as you can’t walk down the street without seeing a pierced lipped rich kid walking around trying to act like they came from the black ghettos of America.

Baker’s ultimate goal is to turn every upper middle class kid into a pop punking deviant. He wants to make sure you kids forget how to properly wear a hat and teach them that belts never existed. Baker also wants your children to mutilate their bodies with Cadillac tattoos and gangsta style writings across their chest. These writings usually has some type of emo saying like, “Fallen From Above”, “My Heart Burns For Attention”, “I Bleed For Love” or even gay saying written in Latin like “Meus Tergum Exuro Pro Men”.

What Does Blink 182 Mean?

Blink – Is an acronym for Bestowing, Lust, Incest, Necrophilia and Kool-aid. Why Kool-aid? You may ask. Well, Blink 182 promotes a alcoholic drink mixed with black street crack and grape Kool-aid. This type of drink was first invented in the urban streets of Brooklyn and allowed black youth to sneak in Satan nectar juice into the schools without detection. Now Blink is teaching young white children how to get devil dizzy while in math class.

1 – This is the universal hacker symbol for the male flesh rod. This was first used on Myspace for kids to talk about porn in elite speak, while downloading large amounts of band widths of naught animated .gif demon whacking materials.

8 – The 8 represents the two female holes, that are ravaged backstage at pop punk concerts. Girls are forced to allow multiple parents forceful enter not only their salava lubed baby holes, but are drugged with fruit cocktails to make them more susceptible to anal intrusions.

2 – Again a reference to the human waste hole. In cyber culture, a “number 2″ means to defecate, but in this form of using the number, they are telling kids to release chocolaty waste sticks onto another person.

Do Their Albums Have Satanic or Sexual Conduct?

Like all pop punk emo bands, their songs are scented with sexual secretions and sprinkle with dark wizard spells.


This was Blink’s demo album and you can tell just by looking at the poorly designed cover art, that this album is about pushing kids from a Christian lifestyle into Hollywood Buddish Satanic worship.

The sound quality of this album is absolutely horrible and is laced with off pitched prepubescent vocals and untuned bass and guitar riffs. Anyone should be embarrassed to release such a piece of musical garbage. I rather listen to a full days worth of Backstreet Boys or New Found Glory, before having to listen to this album again.

Cheshire Cat

The band’s second attempt at trying to play something that resembles music was nothing but a stones throw away to camel fecal piles on top of a rotting body. Even with the quality of the sound being increased the album lack all things musical.

Not only was the music bad, you also had tracks like “M&M’s” which is a song about performs self sexing one’s twiddle rompus, while looking at pornographic images of their own mother. Hence why the song was entitled “M&M’s”, “Masturbation and Mothers”. You also have a song named “Ben Wah Balls”, which is a dangerous sexual play toy that homosexuals use during their fecal frenzy spouts of rear end start fish stuffing.

Dude’s Ranch

This was the band’s first album with new Hot Topic boy, Travis Baker and was the first album to be sprinkled with gay clumps of rainbow sugar and sex nectar. The name of the album alone tells you that this will be jam packed with lyrical praises to the homo gay agenda.

The album name refers to an annual gay event in San Francisco. This event is called “Dude’s Ranch” and it is a weekend of male sodomy and homosexual gymnastic like events.

You also get the bands first taste of turning into an emo band. They even title one of the tracks “Emo” and have another track called “Josie”, which is the name emo kids call a female emo.

Enema of the State

Hey I got an idea, let’s put a gang bang recorded porn star on the cover of our album, so we can expose our 12 year old fans to the dark lord’s pornographic internet movie theater. This was the thought that ran through the minds of the band members when they decided to release their most popular album. Not only do they feature a ink covered devil whore, whose milk sacs are exposed in a slutty red laced bra, but they band also made sure to name the album after a gay sex game.

This album features the famous single “What’s My Age Again”, which promotes underage sexual parties and let’s not forget it’s follow up single “All the Small Things”, which tells kids to go out and compare their dna squirt guns with the local neighborhood gays.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

With their fame growing, so did their bluntness about their homosexual messages. You don’t even need to listen to this album to know that it is clearly pushing a sex type hopscotch web of sticky gay romances.

This album also features a song called “Stay Together For the Kids”, which is a song about a devil worshiping emo kid whose drug use and demonic ways cause issues for his parent’s marriage and then uses Satan to call upon spirits to force his parents back together.

There is also a song called “First Date”, which teaches boys how to intoxicate their female date and force them into a back seat sexual tryst.


Before going off and creating a long list of failed musical projects, clothing companies and record labels, Blink decided to make on last album. They needed all the money they could get before calling it quits and they knew 13 year olds would be lining up to pick up their latest pile of steam fried crap.

With this album, they produced such violent gay anthems, such as “Feeling This”, which is about Thomas’ experience with man on man sin docking. In this song Thomas is exposing your children to lyrical pornography, while he sings in detail about his male stranger fondling and his love for reverse defecate sex pleasures.

To top it all over, they also created a tune called “Violence”, in which they promote the hate for Christians. They pretty much tell their listeners to use violence towards any Christians they know at school.


If these guys aren’t concocting devilish homo rock, they are basking in each other’s man love holes. The only solution is to raid our children’s Zunes and social networking accounts and delete any downloaded band widths of this bands horrid music!

Eddie Vedder – The Man Who Tainted The Baby Holes of Women in the 90’s

Before the hipsters thought that heroin-chic and female singers with penises were retro, there was a young long hair hippie post punk man by the name of Eddie Vedder. Eddie Vedder was the front man for a popular band in the late 90’s called “Pearl Jam”, which alone is a vile and satanic masturbatory name in its own.

From the beginning, Mr. Vedder had fantasies of forcefully dipping he grunge skin tube deep within high school female fish valleys. Knowing he could brainwash and exploit women via devil music, Eddie took up piano and singing classes at a young age.

Using his musical background, Eddie knew that if he could start a cool grunge pop band, he could get closer to half conscious females, which would make it easier to convince them to partake in a game of sex stick cave exploration.

Eddie was correct. It only took a few years of hole in the wall bar gigs before getting his band on Mtv, where he was able to tantalize the women parts of American’s young daughters. He was now able to use his school boy looks and romance novel locks on television to turn your daughters into abiding musical concubines.

With the band now being the number one grunge pop group in the world, Pearl Jam was able to tour not only every major city in the world, but to also tour the secreting love slits of a wide variety of boozed up women. With Eddie being the front man, he was able to pick and choose his dinner plates of moist undergarments and spread his oozing seeds of unholiness among the world’s finest whore groupies. It is almost like a man walking into a whore house and being able to pick his poison of female flesh. The band was also pro-choice and Vedder was known for paying for abortions to any girls he had impregnated.

The band’s name referred to the their favorite backstage game, in which they would fill up jars of “male pearl juice” (seamen) and try to sell it off as “love jam” to their female concert goers. Not only did the name have sexual meanings, they also released tracks with hardcore porn like titles.

“Sticking it in the black circle”
A song about having anal sin docking sex with black women.

Dirty Frank
This song is about a “sex maneuver” which requires on to smear fecal onto another person’s forehead.

This song tells the story about a S&M couple having interracial sex parties, while their children lie asleep in their rooms.

Referring to Eddie’s many of nights of deep sexual penetration.

The band was able to cause havoc all through the 90’s and into the early 2000’s, until Vedder decided he wanted to become a hipster and act like “success” was “not cool”. Even though they were obsessed with still selling albums and concert tickets, the band fell off the radar and so did Eddie’s ability to lure girls into his dressing room.

Due to his penile masquerading, God has punished Eddie, by removing his looks, his hair and his labito.

The Dangers of Drummed and Based Music

Before we get started, let us review some uncovered information about the group who follow the drummed and based movement, called “Jungle Lists”.

What is a Jungle List?
From our “What is a Raver” investigation

This is the violent clan of the bunch (ravers), with their afro-angry drum beats and zulu dance moves. Mostly made up of “Yellows” and blacks, Jungle Lists goto these parties to stir up trouble, cause fights and rob other ravers. This should not be a surprise as we know communist Asians and blacks due the same thing in American society.

A Jungle List is known for liking what is called “Drummed and Base” music and are known for their pot and meth addictions. The term “Drummed and Base” comes from the fact that they like fast African style “tripped pops” music and smoke meth or “basing” while dancing like angry silver-back gorillas.

Each Jungle List group has a leader, also known as a “Rudeboy” or “Bom Bom Cloud”. The leader gets to pick which rave party the crew with go to and what type of dance battles they will perform.

What is Drummed and Based?

It is like rap music for Asians and rich black kids who like violence and drenching their brains with liquid acid pills.

Drummed and Based or as the communist followers call it, DnB, which also stands for “drugs and bondage”, is a electronic BMP music which came from the Happy Hardcore genre in the mid 1990s and could only be listen to on pirate internet sites like Napster and TorrentSpy.

This type of music is known to have the fastest BPMs in the techno world and due to its speed, it has been known to do brain damage to listers after a long period of time.

Where Did Drummed and Based Come From?

Drummed and Based music was a break off from the American Happy Hardcore genre which was mixed with a “break beat” and tribal jungle music. At first it was called “Jungle Music”, but the NAACP found this label was racist, since most of its listeners were of Afro-Saxon colors and they didn’t want to seem like they were calling blacks, jungle people.

The DnB crews and there Rudeboy leaders, didn’t want to be happy ravers anymore and wanted to get involved in mob style crime and take over the rave scene. They are the ones who sale the anally taken drug, ecstasy and cracked coke cane. The Asian Jungle Lists were usually rich kids and they would “be fronting” the money for the drugs and would have the black Jungle Lists sell it at raves, because we know that is second nature to them. Also, most raves are in dark areas, so it was easy for the black dealers to hide if the rave ever got broken up y the cops.

What Goes on at a Drummed and Based Rave Party?

If Satan had a party on earth, it would be a Drummed and Based party. Just by looking at a Drummed and Based parties flyer, you can tell you’re gunna be in for a night full of guns, candy cane flipping, violence and large milk sac’d white women.

Every flyer usually has a topless white female holding a gun, while in the background you see drugged filled eyed dancers, wearing camouflage on a multi colored lite dancefloor. The font is usually not a very friendly looking type face and will be cover with logos of different DnB gangs.

A DnB party is pretty easy to explain. After consuming large amounts of black market drugs, the Jungle List dance around in a circle showing off their leg hoping and two step skipping moves in hopes to entice a female to have sexual sessions with them in one of the drug rooms. Sometimes you will see two alpha Rude Boys dance fighting over dance floor territory or over a female.

Famous Drummed and Based DJs (Drug Jockeys)

DJ Diesel Boy
DJ Diesel Boy has been called the “God Father” of Drummed and Based music and some even say he is the creator of the whole movement. This man has been spreading violence to dance floors for over 25 years and has been known to produce music that has the devil’s voice hidden within its based lines.

Alice Deejay
A former Happy Hardcore gogo dancer and former girlfriend of Hardcore House DJ, DJ Irene, Alice Deejay has been credited for making the most “Radio Friendly” Drummed and Based song. The song was called “Everything Begins with E”, which was trying to push the rave drug trade of “E” (ecstasy) onto children. She is the only DJ to be able to take Happy Hardcore sounds and mask them with dangerous drug messaged Drummed and Based break beats.

Armand Van Dyke aka AVD
Armand Van Dyke was the first DJ to hit the gay club scene, bringing drugs and sinful joy to the homosexual community via his “doubled step” Drummed and Based music. “AVD”, which stood for “Anal Virus Demon”, was able to spread his erotic music all over the dance floors of gay American. His music to this day influences many gay pop stars like Ricky Martin, Enrigay Iglesias and Lady Gaga.

Different Types of Jungle Lists Groups

Breakcores are known to be the most violent breed of Jungle Lists. The have been known to purposely goto rave parties and break speakers, rape female candy kids and plur babies, rob promoters and leave urine and fecal matter on dance floors. You can tell if a person is apart of this type of DnB gang as they usually wear “Kingoo” hats and ADIDAS shoes.

Liquid Funkers
A liquid funker is a type of Jungle List who just wants to drink large amounts of liquid acid and dance with imaginary seahorses and unicorns. The type is actually very friendly and can be seen helping to clean up after a party, but only in hopes to finding any drugs on the floor that might of been dropped during tribal dance circles.

Atmospheric Darksteppers
“Atmo-Darkies” are usually the promoters of DnB rave parties. This group is usually made up of rich mathematic major Asians, who are looking to make a quick buck from drug addicts. They get their name from being the ones who create the “Atmosphere” of a party and “Darksteppers” come from their ability to do ninja style dance moves.

Foster the People – A New Homo Gay Agenda Propaganda Hipster Band

Foster the People is an emo pop punk band from Canada who have illegally crossed the borders into Los Angeles to spread their Peter Pan, homo induced diddies. Their music is full of electro BPMs that any drugged out welfare living hipster could tap their $300 shoe covered toes to.

Foster means “Encourage or promote the development of” and this is what they are doing. They are fostering the homo gay agenda onto the youth with their anti God, anti baby and anti safe sex music. Now I dunno about you, but I stay clear of gay anal fornicators and anyone who finds it pleasurable to demon whack their male Latin lover’s sin snake on a Sunday afternoon. I suggest you do the same and keep your children away from these skinny tied and bed head fairy foreigners.

To show you how gay each band member is, they make sure to use the cellular phone app “FourSquare” to let their fans know when they check into the “gym” or also know as “gay bath houses”, so they can promote their sexual masochistic flesh candy bag dipper actions on social networking band widths. This makes kids think they also need to goto the “gym” (gay sex dungeon) and “beef up” (have anal gay sexual sessions) with a “spotter” (older gay man or also known as a bear).

These ass assassins all have the typical hipster pseudo names, I mean look at these “handles”, Mark Foster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink. They are so uncreative, that two guys used the same name. Must be some type of homosexual ass honey game or this is how you can tell who the two “fem” members are in this tri-sexual tryst of a band. Cubbie is also a gay term meaning “Cub” (a none hairy gay) and “Bie” which means “Backdoor insert erection”.

“Mark Foster” first named the group “Foster” (again, this is a display of the gay ego, naming your “band” after yourself), but the Canadian gay underground scene didn’t think it was hip enough. Most hipster music groups need to have the words “the”, “kings”, “black” and need to have at least 3 words, so Mr. Foster decided to change it to “Fister the People”, but knew parents would catch on too quickly, so he renamed it to “Foster the People”.

Now with their first album Torches (which is a Canadian term used to describe a anal sin docking position in the underground gay world) out, they have been able to spread their high pitched female voiced disco music across the liberal American airwaves.

Let us look at some of their songs from their sex dipped electric album.

“Pump Up Kids”

“Robert’s got a quick hand”
The song starts out with talking about a homosexual self sexing himself and then jumps into this lyrical sex novel:
But he’s coming for you, yeah he’s coming for you.

All the other gays pumping up kid you’d better run, better run, faster than my bullet
The song talks about them shooting semen bullets at youngsters who are trying to get away from their homosexual raping extravaganza

Now this next jumble of sick man on man erotic just goes over the link:
Daddy works a long day.
He be coming home late, yeah he’s coming home late.
And he’s bringing me a surprise.

Why would you want your kids to listen to a song that is promoting a sexual relationship with their own father? I know gays are twisted and are missing a few genes, but this type of behavior is criminal. Do gays now think it is “a hot item” to have fathers forcing themselves onto their children?

“Helena Beat”

The name has a secret meaning once you break it down. Helena, if broken down turns into “hell-in-yea. So in reality this song is about beating hell into your children. Let us look at some of the Satanic lyrics.

Sweep u all up on a corner and pay for my bread
We all know Jesus is the bread of life and here they are telling kids to pay with their souls to become famous and rich and to sweep Jesus into a corner.

You know that I cannot believe my own truth
Here the gargantuously gay singer is admitting that he knows gay is wrong and that what he is doing goes against God, but he rather swim in Satan’s pleasure pond of sin and anal seductions.

I took a sip of something poison but I’ll hold on tight.
They are talking about when Eve took a bite of the apple and is telling your children to defy God and take a bite of Satan’s sweat nectar of sin and become a servant of Satan.

You know those days when you wanted to choose
Here they are telling your children to choose the gay lifestyle.

Does Your Daughter Listen to “A New Found Glory”?

Just when you thought Shakira was the most dangerous threat to your daughter, we found a “Emo-Trip-Pop-Punk” band called New Found Glory, or as their numb minded female followers call them, “NFG” (which also stands for “Never Follow God”), New Found Glory was just their “parent friendly” name.

Now remember that emo stands for “enter my orifice” and this band’s pure agenda is to enter their crave rockets into as many moist camel hump orifices as possible.

The band makes sure to dress like semi respectful boys, just so parents can’t see past their true intentions of impregnating young females with their demonic sperm seeds.

What Does Their Music Do To Our Daughter’s Minds?

To put it in a non vulgar description would be impossible. The music they play tricks girls into thinking that they understand how girls want to be loved and treated. They make females think that being in a relationship with them will get them boxes of milk chocolate candies, moonlite walks on a sandy beach, flowers delivered to their office and passionate tongue kisses.

This is all a ploy to get your daughters to their concerts, so they can brainwash them and make their bodies start boiling with sex tensions and tantalizing sinful moisture in their private area.

Just like the Siren sea creature, Leader singer Jordan Pundik (who we feel is a closeted bi-sexual), uses his high pitched car crash voice to brainwash girls with these thoughts of false dreams of passion and love.

There is also a small chance that your daughter maybe “M-ing” herself at night with a house hold item while listening to this black magic sex music. Your daughter is also at a higher risk of performing a anal sex sin docking act

Where Did They Come From?

This band comes from Florida and just so you know, Florida is full of liquid steroid juice heads looking to use their Schwarzenegger brute force to pin down overly tanned females and make them engage in unwanted sex sessions.

New Found Glory started the emo punk movement in 1997 along with “Getting it up Kids” and “Reggie’s Fully Erect”.

These bands traveled the world spreading their mascara eyed sexual music and influenced the increase in teen sex acts and female runaways in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Each city they would hit, they would sing their lyrics of anal sex, drugs, orgies and other necromatic deviancies.

What Goes on at Their Concerts?

Each song they play at their concerts are enticing your daughter’s baby holes with tingly feelings of sexual sin and fleshy sex poles of pre-martial penetration. Their shows are full of large milk sac chested harlots ready to be chloroformed and gang banged backstage by the band members and their roadies. Not to mention their signature “New Found Glory” Holes that they have around the stage. Each glory hole has a different “racial” sin snake poking out and is in plain sight for your daughters to see.

Deee-Lite is the Reason Gay Became Popular in the 90’s

What is a Dee-lite? (A Brief History)

How do you say deee-sinful?
(information pulled from our “What is a Raver” article)

The first popular Happy Hardcore song in American was called “Groove is in the Heart” by a Los Angeles band named “Deee-Lite”.

The band was created by New York born Kierin Magenta Kirby or also known by her candy rave name “Lady Miss Kier”. Lady Kier was a Gogo dancer in New York and wanted to start making her own music, so she moved out to the sinful “terror”itories or LA where she met a “beat maker” and started to create electro tunes. They named the band “Deee-Lite” which once broken down, meaning the “D” for drugs “eee” for all the “e” or ecstasy they did and the “lite” comes from the fact that they liked to “litely” lace their drugs with acid.

They became popular after their first album in 1992 called “Dewdrops in the Garden” which is a drug reference in itself. The intro sound of the album was that of a small female child who sounds like they just inhaled a large amount of “funny balloon juice” and speaks the words “Dewdrops in the Garden.” Right off the bat we can tell this album will be covered and oozing with black street drug references and homo erotic lyrical flesh sword tingles.

These one hit wonders were far from musical geniuses. Their music was made from pawn shop electronic keyboards, kitchen pots and stolen samples from popular 70’s vinyl black songs.

From that album a song called “Grooving into the Heart” hit the top 10 on the pop charts in 1993. This song was the number one played song not only in gay clubs, but normal sex having bars and discos. With its sassy bass lines and gay agenda lyrics, this song was brainwashing young America to dabble with the thoughts of a late night “stick and lick” behind a run down gay leather bar. Their BPMs were the most dangerous type to the American public and still is to this day.

The chart below shows that exactly after this band had their song put on the air waves, homo cases increased in the US.

Their second album called “Infinity Within” was a direct called for gay males to have “Infinity” lovers “Within” their sinful DNA juice cover man holes.

Who Are the Members of Dee-lite?

Lady Miss Kier – This lolly gagging lesbian is so self aborded she tried to sue a dancing video game for supposably stealing her image. I’m sorry, you’re not the only pig tail wearing, overly priced retro dress wearing, lazy eyed, female drug addict in the world.

Now over weight and now showing her age, Lady Keir looks more like a post op fat transgenic who has a drinking problem. The only gigs she can get is to be the opening act at gay cross dressing pageants.

Super DJ Dmitri – If I had to sum up this man in two words, I would freely use “Gay Terrorist”. What self respecting Muslim wears pig tails and dances around to homosexual music?

DJ Ani – An Asian gay version of Andy Warhol, who was later replaced by San Fransisco DJ,Towa Tei in 1995 for his heavy sex addiction.

Is Your Son a Pop Punk Rocker?

Has your son been growing out his hair and combing it to the side and topping it off with a beanie or hoodie, even if it is 100 degrees outside? Has hit pant’s size labels gone from saying 28 inch to a female size of 6? Does he spend a lot of money at Hot Topic or surfs eBay for overly priced “vintage” clothing? Does he spend hours making mixed tapes with scotch tape labels entitled “Tracks to Hang My Soul From” or “For the Girl I wish I Could Dream About”? Or even worse, has he been hanging posters of 90lbs boys with tribal tattoos above his bed, gazing into their eyes with sugar sprinkled lust? If so, you son has been traveling with Satan’s homo erotic boy band tour bus, while under the influence of what is know as “Pop Punk Rock”.

For those who don’t know, pop punk or “bubblegum pop” came out of the gay crammed city of San Fransisco in the late 90’s from bands like Greenday, Bad Religion, The Pixies and the famous underground band, Good Charlotte. These bands were formed to be more gay club friendly and not to be so grunge, trash style. Gays wanted to be apart of the new punk culture that was springing up in every corner of suburbia, but needed a Boy George sass to it. So the gays picked up their musical weapons and formed a lighter, more homo friendly melody that they could slap their tickle whistles to.

Like all things gay, weather it is disease, sin or the urge to consume large amounts of brown star of David muscle relaxing drugs, the new pop punk movement started to brainwash America’s youth and their music climbed onto the pop music charts. All of a sudden songs like “The Boys of Summer”, “Feeling This” and “Hit That”, started to infect the Billboard charts with their homosexual anthems and messages.

It is called “Pop Punk” not because it is considered “Pop” music, it is because in gay street talk they call the first experience of gay sin docking as being “Popped” or “Popping”. This is also why fans of Pop Punk are called “Poppers”. Most new fans of Pop Punk are new recruits to the gay lifestyle and they are traded around within the gay pecking order and gays fight violently to be the “Cherry Picker” or “Sir Popper” of the new boy’s firm fecal passageway. Once the vile act is completed, they can be promoted to the rank of “Popper”.

Early songs were fueled with fecal assassin tendencies and slowly turned into male dairy form songs. Lead singers would try their hardest to create songs about breakups, confused sexual identities, depression binge drinking and how to stalk the football captain’s girlfriend.

With this new music becoming so famous and easy to create, failed metal bands like “New Found Glory”, “Blink182″ and “MxPx” were given an outlet to easily become famous rock stars. Lead singers were forced to get rid of their devil outfits and turn them in for skinny jeans, tight black t-shirts and bleached blonde hair.

Not only do these bands create homo toe tapping tracks, but they also take famous songs from the 70s and 80s and turn them into something that arouses Satan into a fecal frenzy of mass masturbatory proportions.

This new culture is flooded with homosexual antics and be sure that your son has had a late night back sit rub down or skin inspection with a fellow male “Popper”. It is not uncommon for these young mean to tamper with God’s anger towards sweaty homosexual sex-plorations.

Modern day pop punk bands like “Falling Out Boy” and “The Get Up Kids” have been considered the most dangerous bands to your children. Falling Out Boy recently produced a song called “Dance, Dance” which is a song that tells a story about a young boy who wants to drop out of college become a gogo dancer at a local leather bar.

With songs like this being played on Mtv, VH1, BET and on every Ryan Seacrest radio station, your sons are being taught that education and American morals are not important anymore.

So take our Holy warning and look through you sons iTunes player and delete any band that seems dangerous. If they keep downloading them, cancel their Apple subscription and don’t allow them to become friends with kids that have parents who let them have access to the iTunes store or Napster.