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McDonald’s Tries to Make Blacks Not Look Dangerous

We all know blacks, or also known as “African Americans” are a danger to this country. They cause high unemployment rates, high crime rates, harmful rap music, un-fathered children and of course they are the cause of drug use in America. Now McDonald’s wants to change that and make black the new nuclear white family.

McDonalds has launched 365Black.com to celebrate the “black culture.” How do you celebrate a culture that has caused some much damage to our country. I understand that 90% of the workers at McDonalds are black and that blacks love to eat their mcgriddles and mcribbs and most black families can only afford the dollar menu, but do we need to celebrate them for it? Why make them look better than they are?

On each page they have blacks dressed up like business people or even like white people. They make it look like they live in expensive homes and one photo makes them look like they are educated!

Come on McDonalds, blacks are NOT like white families and are NOT top ranking business people. Just admit it, you like them cause they buy your food and want them to spend more of their crack money on your fish sandwiches.