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Afro-Saxon Rage Caught on Tape

The proof is in the chocolate pudding. Afro-saxon’s are very sensitive people and can go off at any minute. Here is a video of a Afro man getting angry with his slave rage because the wholesome family story Toys R Us didn’t have coloring books. You can see in classic black style, that he blames the white man for not having coloring books and it must be that the store is racist. I understand that the young man can’t read and wanted coloring books so he can give himself some form of education, but to say this is racism is just ridiculous.

Warning! Black Music Infiltrates the Minds of Future Homemaking White Women

It looks like the world can not find a safe haven from the devil’s tongue also known as “Rap Music” or as we call it here “Rapist Attempt at Poetry.”

This week a video was found by one of my youth interns showing a group of future homemakers singing a song by murderous hipped hopped artists “Snoopy Dogg” and “Dr. Drea” in a church hymn style. The song is called “B***** ain’t S***!” and first I don’t even know what this means. The song is about raping women, but the song title refers to female dogs and human stink waste.

This video goes to show you how dangerous the black’s music can be to white youth and how it brain washes them to use horrible curse words and run thoughts of drug use and murder into their properly raised minds. Kids are very impressionable at the college age and this is why the black music market targets this age group.

Here are some shocking stats:

60% of college men who listen to rap music end up doing drugs and drink satan’s party juice.
5% of them commit rape
10% of them start learning how to do hipped hopped dancing moves at “gangsta” style disco clubs.

45% end up becoming pregnant and abort their child.
5% drop out of college and become prostitutes.
65%  end up having up to 10 sexual partners during their freshman year.
45% end up having sex with another race.
20% end up being raped.

Funny all things that we listed above are things that rapping music promotes. Can someone say brain washing? Parents keep your children away from turning into someone who lives off welfare, smokes crack, has many “baby mommies” and carries a gun. I put a little rap together myself to help you remember:

Don’t let your kids listen to rap
If you do their minds turn into crap
Don’t let them listen to a rap tape
Cause they will end up committing rape
If your child wants to have fun
Tell them to read the bible and not carry a gun
Sometimes children need a smack
Cause they will not end up smoking crack
To keep your daughter from being attacked
Tell her to to listen to anything black

Proof Blacks Are Possessed By Satan and Are A Violent Species

A new video has surfaced of two blacks attacking eachother. One is a teacher and the other is a student. From trusted sources, it has been reported the student was acting up (typical black child at school) and the teacher warned him over and over to stop. The child then throw a desk at teacher in a “spear throwing” motion which caused the teacher to be engulfed in black rage. The teacher then ran up to the child and attacked him using some type of Zulu martial arts punch moves.

Where does this violence come from?

It comes from rap music:
Black people praise rap music more then they do religion. They believe murdering, drug dealing, “slanging”, “pimping” and other black sin things.

It comes from their father’s sin:
Black people have a long blood line of sin and violence. Starting from when they were created about 1300 years after white people.

It comes from bad mothers and fathers:
Black people 9 out of 11 times don’t grow up with a father figure, because most black males lack responsibility. Their mothers are just as bad. They tend to spend more time smoking crack and selling their bodies, instead of taking care of their children. That is were my tax dollars goto, to take care of this black babies.

On that last note, let’s take a look at the students mother. She is over weight, uneducated and ugly. This is the typical choice that a black man chooses for a mate. Obviously her son is following mom’s foot steps.

This is why I have a strong believe of locking up blacks in jail and putting them through a vigorous rehabilitation program, to re introduce them into the world. I mean this is a breed of people who beat their own children like how lions eat their own young in the wild! Until then they are a threat to our children and women.

Just image it a white child was in this room? Ah, they thought of that gives me nightmares.

Below is the shocking video, showing how blacks act in their enclosed urban habitat.

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Google Even Knows The Truth About Blacks

Even Google corrects which is untrue when someone tries to enter a savage search term.

In the photo below some racist heathen actually tries to enter “white people stole my car” and by the power of God, Google is corrected.

Notice in the correction it directly targets blacks, that is because Google knows 99% of news stories online about cars being stole are due to the savage afro culture. The other 1% is most likely Orientals, Jews, Mexican illegals or anything else that roots are from savage behavior.

Bravo Google.

Google Hates African Americans

McDonald’s Tries to Make Blacks Not Look Dangerous

We all know blacks, or also known as “African Americans” are a danger to this country. They cause high unemployment rates, high crime rates, harmful rap music, un-fathered children and of course they are the cause of drug use in America. Now McDonald’s wants to change that and make black the new nuclear white family.

McDonalds has launched 365Black.com to celebrate the “black culture.” How do you celebrate a culture that has caused some much damage to our country. I understand that 90% of the workers at McDonalds are black and that blacks love to eat their mcgriddles and mcribbs and most black families can only afford the dollar menu, but do we need to celebrate them for it? Why make them look better than they are?

On each page they have blacks dressed up like business people or even like white people. They make it look like they live in expensive homes and one photo makes them look like they are educated!

Come on McDonalds, blacks are NOT like white families and are NOT top ranking business people. Just admit it, you like them cause they buy your food and want them to spend more of their crack money on your fish sandwiches.

Black Mother Pushes Her Sexual Deviances Onto Her Daughter

Another fine look into how the black community really acts. I found this video on a blog, where a black women is explaining her sin infested love buffet fantasy to her daughter. You can tell in the video her daughter is disgusted and knows what her mother is saying is wrong, but in black culture, children are abused so the will not talk back when a parent is committing soul crimes.

I can tell from her physical appearance this women most likely doesn’t work, lives off welfare and most likely has her daughter working a 40 hour a week job to support her drug habit.

Now, I know many ignorant people will post comments saying I’m a racist, but look at the video…That is all the proof I need to back up my claims about the black culture.

I say we punish this women for her sexually deformed soul, by grilling her on the same grill she makes her ribs on.