McDonald’s Tries to Make Blacks Not Look Dangerous

We all know blacks, or also known as “African Americans” are a danger to this country. They cause high unemployment rates, high crime rates, harmful rap music, un-fathered children and of course they are the cause of drug use in America. Now McDonald’s wants to change that and make black the new nuclear white family.

McDonalds has launched to celebrate the “black culture.” How do you celebrate a culture that has caused some much damage to our country. I understand that 90% of the workers at McDonalds are black and that blacks love to eat their mcgriddles and mcribbs and most black families can only afford the dollar menu, but do we need to celebrate them for it? Why make them look better than they are?

On each page they have blacks dressed up like business people or even like white people. They make it look like they live in expensive homes and one photo makes them look like they are educated!

Come on McDonalds, blacks are NOT like white families and are NOT top ranking business people. Just admit it, you like them cause they buy your food and want them to spend more of their crack money on your fish sandwiches.

111 thoughts on “McDonald’s Tries to Make Blacks Not Look Dangerous

  1. AtheistofGod

    LOL you really are a terrible person Tyson Bowers II. Your parents shouldve gotten an abortion because that wouldve been a lesser sin than birthing you.

    1. Khlaid

      First of all stereotyping by race is NOT ok, even if you are stupid enough to think that God is on your side, he’s not, he was trying to tempt your mom into aborting you but Satan convinced her not to. Not everyone is the same, not all African Americans are poor, nor are they stupid, or trouble makers. I’m currently going to college, and I have met plenty of intelligent, well articulated people, from all walks of life. Some of my fellow ENGINEERS are African American’s and are a lot smarter then you, you ignorant twat.

    1. Julia

      I’d say that fixing your grammar would make you sound more credible, but that would be a lie. Racist bastard.

      1. Anonymous

        Blacks are not Humans. They’re sub-Human apes from the planet Xyfon brought here by almighty alien Overlord, Xenu.

        Oh…and there is no God.

  2. Abe

    Don’t they already have enough issue with heart attacks and sugar diabetes? Shame on McDonad’ds for tempting all these single black mothers to use their welfare moneys with these special black sandiwiches. Shame.

  3. Chuck Reagan

    Ever since Hussein Obama usurped the presidency, I have noticed how the Afro people have had a chip on their crisped shoulders.

    This new campaign by McDonald’s fits the trend of reverse racism in this country. Obama felt entitled to elect Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, just because she was a minority.

    Black get admitted to college due to affirmative action, while qualified students of gentler colors are denied because their skin lacks melanin pigmentation. Obama himself was able to bribe votes from the public, by playing a race card against the female Palin and our noble Senator John McCain.

    Blacks have the entire month of February to celebrate their ‘accomplishments’ and get an entire channel named Black Entertainment Television to promote their own video and praise a very foul urban culture.

    How can we have a nation of unity when the blacks are encouraged to be elitist and praise negative behaviors such as gun violence and teen pregnancy?

    I’m pretty disgusted by yet another example of reverse racism in this country. Just imagine the outrage if a white McDonald’s website was opened up. I thought a certain gentleman named Martin Luther King Jr. stood against such things, and now, I see his grandchildren in the African community have darkened his dream into a nightmare of more division. Terribly sad.

    1. JaniceFun

      You’re really fucking stupid, aren’t you?

      “Ever since Hussein Obama usurped the presidency”

      He won it in a fair election.

      “Obama felt entitled to elect Sotomayor to the Supreme Court”

      Obama APPOINTED her to the Supreme Court. Justices are not ELECTED. And she was confirmed by the Senate (you know: checks and balances?)

      “Black get admitted to college due to affirmative action, while qualified students of gentler colors are denied because their skin lacks melanin pigmentation. Obama himself was able to bribe votes from the public, by playing a race card against the female Palin and our noble Senator John McCain”

      Prove it.

      “Blacks have the entire month of February to celebrate their ‘accomplishments’ and get an entire channel named Black Entertainment Television to promote their own video and praise a very foul urban culture.”

      If you want a White Entertainment Television channel, go found one. And since most of the rest of the calendar is “white history month”, what’s the big deal?

      “How can we have a nation of unity when the blacks are encouraged to be elitist and praise negative behaviors such as gun violence and teen pregnancy?”

      Gun violence and teen pregnancy aren’t praised. Can you cite a source that advocates killing people and having babies before graduating high school? Didn’t think so…

      1. Dan Nordgren

        Oprah Winfrey. Bill Cosby. Dr Ben Carson. Al Sharpton. Jesse Jackson.

        Why don’t you research these people and what they have had to say about ‘rap music’ and the pitfalls befalling young black men, and what will be needed to overcome those things.

        I’ve personally read all their published works (took a pretty awesome African-American studies course last year) and that’s a big part of the theme. How the modern culture in pocket black communities rewards negative behaviors and stereotypes.

        Studio executives promote it because it makes them money. Media perpetuates it. And blacks, actually men and women, live it and the kids grow up with it. Guys like Ben Carson are proof that blacks can rise above circumstance, on their own steam, and become the greatest at what they do in the most challenging of professions.

        Things like affirmative action and nonsense like making a black version of a restaurant are not progress. It’s setting everything back and just encouraging negative behavior and cultural separatism.

        So yes, Chuck is spot on. I think the best critic of the “black culture” right now (which is what media reviles in talking about and too many knot-headed boys are trying to live out) is Bill Cosby. At least read his work and thoughts on the subject.

        1. JaniceFun

          Bitch, switch to decaf! Seriously!

          No one has stolen your identity. Creatively borrowed your online handle, maybe, but NOT your identity.

          Chill the fuck out. Go borrow your husband’s vibrator…

          1. Christianity 101

            Last time I ate a bigmac I became black. I then proceded to ruin everything. EVERYTHING. Because that’s what the liberal Chinese mcdonalds Hitler Satan homo alliance told me to do with their evil communist- rays from pearl harbor. Of death.


  4. Nick

    Stupid christians.

    You accuse others who had no choice in being what they are as a plague in the world, but guess what?

    YOU are the problem in the world.

    YOU need to see reason.

    YOU need to realize that you are wasting your life chasing after logical fallacy and bullshit.

  5. Kirra Liu

    I could not agree more. McDonalds should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing if not boycotted. I personally wont eat at McD’s for at least a week due to this outrage “got a Subways nearby anyway so no biggie”. The day Ronald McDonald passes over to the other side I am sure things will be hotting up for him.

    I am sick to death of black rappers like The Beastie Boys, Eminem and Will Smith spewing their hate and warping our child’s minds with Satans message, telling our kids to kill each other and get “hoes”. One day Judgement will be handed down and the blacks will be punished for their colour.

    1. Christ was Black

      Ummm…..the Beastie Boys are WHITE BOYS…..LMAO…….it’s funny that even though white folks LOVE rap and many white boys I know try and rap too…..its somehow a “black thing”….racism is a code word for ignorance indeed!

    1. Dave

      I think she was being sarcastic. She must know that 2 out of the 3 were white and the black rapper she named, Will Smith, is the opposite of offensive. Also she said “won’t eat at McDonalds for at least a week” which to me indicates she was being sarcastic.

      If she was serious..well..she might compete with Abe and Dan for this year’s KKK dumbass olympics.

  6. Rae

    Where do you get off posting something like this? I realize there is such a thing as free speach, etc… but don’t you think this is a titch harsh, stereotypical, and completely ignorant? Especially on a Christian site, where you would kind of expect tolerance and peace, not bashing and hating. I suppose I have been around long enought that I should have realized a lot of people that subscribe to sites like this are actually just looking to put down anyone who doesn’t think, look or act like them. Pardon me for thinking this website would be anything but contrite and accepting.

    1. Dan Nordgren

      If things are so equal then why has McDonalds made a special website just for our African-American friends?

      Where is the white McDonalds? How about a Indian or Chinese McDonalds? They all live in America too.

      See, this is just another example of black people getting treated differently than everyone else and that’s what is destroying society. How can their culture ever fully integrate and assimilate if we can doing things like this? It makes my heart very sad.

      1. Dave

        Dan, I’m not really going to argue with you about the unfairness of McDonald’s having an all black website (even though I’m not against it at all), but how can you agree with the author’s drivel? You honestly think the way the author worded his blog post wasn’t offensive?

        “They cause high unemployment rates, high crime rates, harmful rap music, un-fathered children and of course they are the cause of drug use in America.” This is extremely can’t argue that by agreeing with this that you are tolerant of other people who aren’t “white Christian”. I know that a higher percentage of blacks commit crimes and are on unemployment than whites. I can’t argue the statistics, but why single out an entire race of people for this when there are MILLIONS of blacks who work hard to make a living and are valuable US citizens.

        Judging by the way you and the author communicate (and Abe..need to throw you in there buddy), you would not give a black person the time of day OR respect if they were an upstanding citizen (which again there are millions of).

        Look at this author’s comment: “blacks are NOT like white families and are NOT top ranking business people”. How can you agree with this and not call yourself an ignorant racist?

        I know you are against affirmative action Dan, but why do you think it exists? PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WHY THERE IS AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. If people based their hiring decisions on qualifications other than the color of someone’s skin then there would be no need for affirmative action, but unfortunately people like Tyson, Dan, and Abe exist within the corporate level who will refuse to higher a black person unless they are forced to. Get the idea?

        Instead of bitching about the way things are, why not take a look at why it is this way. Affirmative action won’t always exist, but it will, for now, as long as there is fair share of people like you.

      2. steppenwolfsayshi

        The “white” McDonalds ad and website is the normal one-the one you see everyday. There is not an Indian ad series because Indians are not a significant enough percentage of the population. Ads targeting Hispanics and Asians (“Chinese” if you will) are very common too). It used to be considered racist that there were NOT ads targeting major minority groups. Until the late 1950’s, blacks were not allowed to appear in ads, because advertisers believed it would offend the white audience and that blacks didn’t have enough money to matter.
        I think people need to just calm down about McDonalds being racist. They were just riding the wave of multiculturalism. Remember in the 1990’s when it was cool to celebrate Kwanza and stuff like that?
        The fact that people don’t like the black website shows that multiculturalism was a fad. Its time is passing. So you can stop being so “sad.” I’m sure no one wants to see you that way.

  7. Smarter than You Tyson

    So how is one race in the world a cause for anything and a plague upon society. Let me take you back along time ago in land far a way, a little thing happened where as I remember oh yea GOD CREATED MAN AND WOMAN IN HIS OWN LIKENESS, so you telling me god screwed up not likley, he made us all we are all his children and for someone to stand here proclaim themselves as christians and say the kind of filth that is found on these pages is a bigger sin than anything. God made us the way we are its no ones choice as to what race, color or background we come into this world as, it is as he choses, we have the free will to choose as we do in life, we screw up its on us, he gave us what we need to make the right choices. SO anyone thinking that this is even remotly truthfull you are really screwed up and to the writer of this litery piece of crap I hope you and the CULT you create are wiped free from this earth and spend eternity with the fallen one because that is what you deserive.

  8. JaniceFun

    “We all know blacks, or also known as “African Americans” are a danger to this country.”


    “How do you celebrate a culture that has caused some much damage to our country.”

    By pulling your head out of your ass and realizing that black people haven’t done any damage.

    “most black families can only afford the dollar menu”

    ..says the man sipping a beer in his un-airconditioned trailer…

    “On each page they have blacks dressed up like business people or even like white people.”

    Would you care to meet my neighbor, Ray? He is an African-American who supports his wife and three daughters as a practicing attorney. He wears a nice suit every day, respects his wife and children, and helps his wife prepare wholesome dinners every evening. He is a very good, hardworking man who I am glad to have as a neighbor.

    Mr. Boners, racist shits like you do not deserve to live.

  9. grakmoth

    christianity sucks christianity sucks christianity sucks christianity sucks christianity sucks christianity sucks christianity sucks christianity sucks

    you promote racist ideals go burn in hell you republican fucks

    1. theMinority

      It’s so cutewatching you racist atheists dare call yourselves Christian and I’m sorry I had to call you guys Christian. That’s coming from a tri-lingual teenager who has better grammar than most of the people on this site. I give a huge thumbs up to people like the identity stealing JaniceFun and Jessica. This site should be banned from existence once it stops being so funny.

      So what if McDonald’s made a website for blacks? They’re the biggest minority in the country, why would McDonald’s make a white website? It would cost too much to make a site for EVERY race. It’s true that whites want power (SOME of them like Hitler III) and its true SOME blacks are the cause of crime, but that doesn’t mean anyone has the right to throw racial slurs. I go to a 90% black school and most of their families are successful and live in big houses, I don’t know who’s been raising some of you but last time I checked it was minorities who brought this country up.

      This satanic website should go to hell where it belongs because there really isn’t any evidence of love and compassion coming from these articles (correct me if I’m wrong if you’re a REAL CHRISTIAN)

  10. Wilhelm

    I’ll admit Blacks are a dangerous menace to our great society but you could at least have tried to put your article in a less racist and degrading format.

    1. Christ was Black

      Last I checked….the biggest most diabolical killer on the planet is the WHITE MAN! White men make atomic bombs and drops them on entire cities but then cries foul if another race builds one. White men create viruses (look up the special virus program your tax dollar pays for) to eradicate other races of people. Every since the white man has learned to navigate the oceans, the world has been in a constant state of war. America was started by white folks killing natives, but once they settled in…it illegal for the same natives to even “cross the border”. White men have proven to be the must destructive force this world has yet to witness. And to the white men that feel the world is some how “technologically advanced” now that they are running things….NOT! The white man has been in power for a mere 600 years and the planet is crumbling
      FAST! Humans have lived in relative peace for 50,000 years before Columbus set sail….(he wouldn’t have even made it here if it where not for his AFRICAN NAVIGATORS!)

  11. The Angelheaded Hipster

    I didn’t even want to dignify this post with a response, however since you are so concerned with redeeming a world you feel has been lost, you should sincerely take a good hard look in the mirror. The Christ I have come to know would never condone this attitude towards a fellow human being. I believe attitudes like yours are the chief source of pain and strife in our world today.

  12. Gummi

    Tyson Bowers III.. Sir, who raised you?
    If you could post such vulgar things and feel so strongly about them, you were not raised by God. He is ashamed of you.

        1. Christ was Black

          God speaks to the heart…not the mind…If you have hatred in your heart for other humans…Gods word didn’t put it there but the words of other men did…

      1. Fred

        The United States of America, has one big problem, people like you, that judge people for nothing. You are no better than a nazi, infact your just as bad. Racist scum. This god you’re talking about, must be a terrible person if he raised you to hate people because of skin colour. I say nice job McDonald’s! Don’t let scum like this stop you!

  13. Kitsune

    Do you people really think this is real? xd this site is a satire, the people who write this are not christian dumbfucks. NOW what is real however, is the comments. And that is where you find the real retarded racist people.

  14. JaniceFun

    Many props on the gargantuan trollage. Epic beyond belief. I would normally say “I can’t believe people think this shit is real,” but such is the true nature of a great troll: Your site’s satirical content is indistinguishable from any other REAL right-wing nutjob internet freakshow. Even the user photos are classic: Most commenters with pictures look like pedophiles (Hi, Tyson!!) or closet-homosexual church camp youth ministers (Here’s looking at you, Dan Nordgren!). Simply amazing. Keep up the good work, fellas.


    1. JaniceFun


  15. JaniceFun


    (On a side note….you know a country is going to hell when MCDONALDS needs to make a website to show the racism….)

  16. nameisrequired

    This is so racist and so untrue. African-Americans and all people of African descent are equal to white people in every way. As EVERY race, gender, whatever! is equal. Grow up, stop thinking because you are the way you are that that is the best way to be, and realize that this is the 21st century.

  17. Danny

    Umm… I dont know what to say i have been going over this web site and i honestly think that this guy tyson bowyer actually needs Jesus I’ve been a born again christian for 10 years and i have never seen such foolish talk like this in my life First your article of the”homo sexual device for children” ? what are you talking about and nothing you say in your articles are with love if you say you are a christian than act like one Christians DO NOT verbally attack anyone Gay,straight,black,white this stuff your posting is rediculous and shines a bad light on christianity

    A little something you may all need to know as Christian we may not condone Homosexuality but By no means would a sensible christian man or woman every say anything mean to a gay or lesibian :) we might bother you with scripture but with all the love in the world being a Christian means to be christ like and by no means is Tyson Bowyer doing that in any of his threads you sir need to truly seek jesus and stop posting nonsense on the internet

    and as far as your racial bashing post here thats just ignorant i bet thats what you would say about a black man or woman but the truth sir is your ignorant to peoples feeling and just about everything going on around you.

  18. Sherry

    I am going to take this as a complete joke for my sanity.
    As far as all the posts, it shows me that this country doesn’t really know where they stand on racism. A country divided will never last as a country.
    We all contribute something.

    We all are human. Let’s not try to make one population of people the scapegoat for all of your problems. Take responsibility.

  19. steppenwolfsayshi

    I don’t think Jesus is concerned about McDonalds ads. Jesus loves everyone. The poor will always be with you. Judge lest you will be judged. Sound familiar? I think you need to start working with the poor like Jesus did and pray a lot more. Peace.

  20. ohyeathatsright

    We all know Tyson Bowers III, also known as “Hitler” is a danger to this country. He causes low intelligence, high crime rates, abhorrent Christian music, racist children and of course he is the cause of Christ-abuse in America.

    On each page he has unintelligent Christians dressed up like saints or even like Jesus himself. He tries to make it look like they live according to the gospels of Jesus Christ and one photo makes him look like he is educated!

    Come on Christians, Bowers are NOT like real Christians and are NOT top ranking thought leaders. Just admit it, you like him cause he makes you feel important and special and wants you play a pawn in a less then thought out plan to maintain an antiquated, anti-Christian, racist, and phobic direction for modern society.

  21. Felicia Wombat

    I think McDonalds is doing a Good Thing by giving jobs to all the Black People. It will keep them off the streets and out of my yard. Obviously though they shouldn’t be paid in real money because they will only spend it on Crack, Whores and Rap Music. Maybe they could be given Tokens which they could exchange for food in the restaurant where they work?

    And why has nobody suggested having a separate table for them? I’m sure they would be much more comfortable with a table at the back. The restaurant near me has a special table in the alley behind the carpark, and that works out well for everyone.

  22. Christ was Black

    I laugh SO hard when I see/read comments made about black people by others who profess to be christians. It has been proven time and time again that Christ was a descendant of Africa (all mankind stems from Africa!)….Most of the biblical characters we love to teach about are Africans. As a matter of fact, I have a picture of an early Roman Silver coin that has Christ engraved on one side….yep, he has an AFRO and looks NOTHING like the picture Micheal Angelo painted. History states that micheal Angelo was commissioned by the Roman church to paint Christ in THEIR image because they where fed up with the peasants loving and praying to an AFRICAN! The coin dates back to the first century A.D. If Any one has an opportunity to travel to the areas in the bible, they will see that to this very day the regions are inhabited by black folks….you can call them Arabs if you like….they are black people! It was Pope Leo the 10th that commissioned 72 Hebrew scholars to translate coptic scripts into what is currently called the “King James Version” of the Bible (read the forward in the bible BEFORE the chapter of genisis). People have seemed to forget that coptic is STILL spoken in many parts of Africa at this very moment. Now, history lesson aside….If the bible states that we are all God’s children…how do some “christians” justify treating other races of people differently? If you read the new testament and follow the example set forth by Christ, you would have love and compassion for all of gods creations right?

  23. Edgar J Clark

    What’s up with this site being so hateful? I just come here for shits and giggles and I have to tell you, this is by far the most politically incorrect web site I have ever seen… for shame to all of the editors of this web site. And for the self proclaimed “solider of God” aka the author of this article, your entry puts shame to the word soldier. I myself am a member of the Canadian armed forces and you make me sick with the slanderous filth you and your “colleagues” come up with. It almost makes me wonder why “god” hasn’t dealt with you.

  24. JaniceFun

    It is true, can’t trust a nigger. They’re terrible people.
    I also like rubbing my clit with a pickled goats jaw while cutting my nipples, putting tobasco sauce in the cuts, then licking them. really makes me cum volcanoes.

  25. natas

    I have opne question. How many of you stpod ppl do not understand the Jesus was born in a country where everyone and I do meen every single mother fucker wa either black or brown?!?!?!?!?!?!? Come on the middle east he was a fucking towel head i meen damn what the fuck is wrong with you god damn ppl

  26. rob

    so not only are you a fucking bigot christian retard you are also racist as well i hate people like you if you did not exist we would have a much better society.

  27. Hear the sun and see the symphony, all in a lover's eyes.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it funny that an ad is right at the top of the page? Seriously, I just lol’d and screen capped it.


    My Boy Friend of 3 years is BLACK, and with a white girl (me) so please, stop saying how inferior “they” are. He is a wonderful muscian, well educated and can play the spanish guitar like there is no tomorrow (in case you didn’t know, thats not rap, indeed it is quite old and beautiful).

    Racist Bigots like you is how the KKK got started.

  28. Pissed off

    This entire website is the shittiest thing I have ever seen. All the writers of this site are racist and make Christians look bad.

  29. tecarram

    in case you racist bastards havent realized or though about it, it was your shitty ancestrs that chained and killed hundreds of black people and forcefully brought them to this pissy ass country. also it is your people(whites) that consistently manipulate, harass and cause unecessary problems for the black man so FUCK all Crackers(whites) and may you all burn in hell slowly. unless of course your ancestors werent slave owners/holders, or unless you are not a narrow minded dwit like these ignorant fucks.

  30. Anonymous

    I’m so tired of people not realizing our country’s inherent conservative Christian Nazi KKK roots. Blacks have corrupted this country just like the Jews who killed our savior! How dare they have been brought to this country unwillingly to endure slavery for centuries! They should have stayed where they came from! And how dare those Native Americans who were here first have not know that this was God’s country? Always worshiping animal spirits and such.
    I’m so glad someone finally realizes the kind of bullshit this is.

  31. Eugene

    They scare me. I work in a hospital and one of the Oncologists is black and I never know if he is packing an A-Kay or a G Unit, hence I never make eye contact lest I ‘diss’ him. I have never seen him hit a nurse, but I pray every day for their safety knowing that violence (esp. against women) is surfeit in black ‘culture’.

    I am terrified that any given day at work could be my last on God’s earth. This is what Equal Opportunity gets us. Democrats are clearly the nimble fingers of Satan.

  32. Jessica

    How can you call yourself a ‘solider of God’? You are spreading harmful and untrue facts about the African American society, which I am apart of. For your information, I can afford much more then ‘the dollar menu at McDonalds’. My father is one of the most successful lawyers at his lawfirm, scratch that, the city! You misread the bible if you think that it telling you that, and a true Christian wouldn’t right such terrible things.

    If you didn’t want black people in the USA, you great granddaddie shouldn’t have bought them over as slaves! I am a highly educated, wealthy, beautiful seventh-grader and that probably goes against everything you have ever said. Not all black people are alike.
    Crime is committed in poor places. White people want power. They push other races to the bottom, mainly black. So if black is poor, high crime rates are only expected out of the poorer places.
    And about this harmful rap music, do you know who Emineme is (Pronounced m&m0? He is a white man who raps terrible songs. A white man. Do some research before you bash other countries.

    Black people don’t look like monkeys. Monkeys have straight hair and peachy skin. They sound more like a white person than a black.

    Black people have given American culture. Jazz wouldn’t be around, and don’t say that jazz is evil. It is a beautiful rhythm.
    Even some silly things wouldn’t be around like onion rings. Some of the greatest songs and even white artist where inspired by wonder black musicians. Oprah Winefry is the most high earning woman in the world. And she’s black. Beyonce is a wonderful actress and singer. She’s mixed.
    Im not saying white people haven’t made achievements, too. I think that there are many wonderful white artist and inventors.

    I don’t think your a bad person. I think you aren’t educated properly, or from the right point of view.

    1. xysuthros


      You wrote, “White people want power. They push other races to the bottom, mainly black.”

      Isn’t saying such things just as racist as the comments you’re responding too? I’m white, I don’t want power or to hurt anyone else, and neither do I know anyone who wants to repress people of any race. I want to be allowed to live and I treat others the same way. To be able to give and receive encouragement is a nice bonus.

      Racism isn’t acceptable coming from blacks any more than it is from whites. Think about that, please.

  33. JaniceFun


  34. MystiqueStorm

    Wow, what can I say? For a while you had me going there lol. That comment made so mad that I felt as though I would literally burst into flames at any given moment, but then I began to piece it together and finally figured out that this was a joke/satire site. Nice job, it really takes a good troll to provoke such a reaction 😉

  35. Martin

    The problem with this site is simple, Christianity. God has managed to corrupt more people than any other single issue in the history of mankind. Hiding behind religion is easy for hatmongers, look at a Hitler, if you need an example. I am shocked that a site like this even exists, even IF it were a joke site, it is offensive beyond rationalitiy. This site is simply a haven for haters, racists, gay bashers, personality disorders, and the like. It saddens even an atheist like me, that people need God to excuse poor behavior and hatred. And, people wonder why 30 million Americans admit to non-theism.

  36. Me

    omg I love to hear white people cry and complain about other races! Its great do you need a tissue? boohoo lmao

  37. Anonymous

    Steryotypical asshole. Ha you say blacks aren’t sucessful and shit.? Take a good look at the American President dumbass.

  38. Timbo

    Shit you americans are funny fucks! You have just about every twisted, perverted, brainfucked type possible.

  39. grado-forever

    this article mentions a lot of reality.
    i dare you to name one black rapper that gets his video played on BET that has not sold cocaine. kanye did and if you don’t believe that, then don’t go on.

  40. JaniceFun


  41. whyask

    Why can’t white ppl go out in the sun for too long? Why are white ppl more prone to suicides? White do white ppl have such poor health, regarding usually diseases? Why do white ppl always vomit at the site of something a little weird? Why do white ppl always base something off race? Can only focus on one thing I guess! Why do white ppl always kill their spouses? Must be for the insurance settlements. Why do I care what white ppl think? I don’t haha. I’m glad that they spent 90% of their time worrying about what another race is doing, and its a race that can careless Wtf happens to you all! Life is too short for that bullshit. Oh there is no have or hell ever human comes from a monkey, and there is not one thing about anyone that make them better then someone else, unless you can live forever or fly you are just a piece of shit. Like all the other pieces of shit that walk this earth every race included! I am better then everyone, because im smart enough to hate everyone equally.

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  43. KevinMitnick

    Seems I’m a bit late to the conversation. But does anybody else think that the civil segregation of our species based on color is because of the racist pricks that found this country? It’s really unfortunate the statistics are against black prosperity; but you shouldn’t hate them for it. The social standing is the result of what they had to start with. Perhaps the Europeans had the power to enslave black people because Northern Europe is so damn cold they sat inside inventing guns and shit while Africa got to play out in the sun all year. The average IQ is now lower because the obedient (less intelligent) slaves were bred together. I can only hope the separation diminishes as we evolve, because I love my black friends, and we both hate niggers… I think Chris Rock discerns the difference pretty well if you’d care to look it up.

  44. You Are So Irrelivant. . .

    I don’t even understand why some whites still complain about why Black African Americans are in America, If Whites didn’t bring them in then there wouldn’t be a problem. You are really stupid for this.


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