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Stagecoach – A Festival of Alcoholism, Insest and White Trash. Your Children Will Most Likely Become Insest Lovers and Racists

We all know homosexuals are the villains of childhood and what is even worse is we allow concerts like Coachella, Big 4 and fake cowboy homo ho downs like Stagecoach.

What is Stagecoach?

Another fake music festival so homo gay boy bull riders, lesbian lasso toungue lickers, transgender anal spur kickers and incestual DNA swappers can come together and engage in wild west style hog tie sexscapdes. There is not even one real cowboy there, unless a real cowboy is a man in ass cut high 501 jeans and a sleeveless shirt, holding the hand of a fem-male homo hobbit and both having on a pink cowboy hats with a peacock feather hanging out.

Photo of "Cowboys" at Stagecoach

And the music isn’t even country music, when did you ever see Charlie Daniels doing pop and lock, hipper hopped black moves while back up dancers fly through the air…NEVER! Today’s country singers are a stones throw from being a overweight, drugged out Britney Spears or even worse, a illegal, no talent having Christian Aguilar. I mean they even have the black guy from Hootie and the “Blow” fish playing. We all know there is no such thing as a black cowboy. Blacks were slaves during the cowboy days, not gun slingers.

So why would you have pop music at a country festival unless its soul purpose is to cater to gays and sexual deviants to have another anti-American, male hand bag carrying gay STD sex party?

Also, you have bands with names like “Sugarland” and we all know homosexuality is Satan’s sugar, so you can figure out what the name really means.

What Goes On?

Besides the sibling sex orgy acts and gay brothel tents? How about slut whore clad lesbians walking around trying to convert your college daughters into gaydom or even the vendors who sell plastic sex torpedoes.

A lesbian converting a girl into fish cave worshiping.

But enough with the Satanic gay activities, let us look at what the morbid normal sex having people do. Did you know if you have a son and daughter and they are going to Stagecoach, that they are most likely going to partake in sibling sex? Yes, Stagecoach loves to promote the act of incest, they love knowing that they can entice brother and sister or even for families with multiple children to do what they call “Family Tree” orgies or “Genealogy Gangbangs.”

Let’s not forget about the redneck alcoholics who live off Obama welfare who roam the festival looking for rape victims.


You can’t argue with statistics, so let us look at some unholy sin that Stagecoach has caused.

If you have kids and they want to goto this gay version of cops and robbers, where gays are robbing the souls of you children or want to keep them safe from inbreed sex play, you must put your parental foot down and ban them from this incest gay fest.

Remember only animals like cats, dogs and homosexuals engage in Autosomal recessive disorder sewerhole play and this looks like what the face of real country music has come to.

Also, with all the hate towards minimum wage minorities, your children have a chance of becoming a typical liberal racist, who don’t even acknowledge Emperor Obama’s white side.


Seems the gay crusader Joe my God will be attending these festivities. Must we say more?

On Location Updates:

We are on location and look at the groups of shirtless homo gays playing sex games with each other:

More gays walking around the grounds

Start of a sibling gangbang

Gay cowboy looking for the sex tents