Will Smith Turns Daughter Into Future White Hater

being 1% of the Afro-Saxon fathers who talk to their children, you would think Will Smith would try to set a good example. Instead he lets his urges to “pimp” out females take over by turning his little daughter Willow into a “hood rat” hipped hopper star.

This young girl went from an adorable cute little innocent girl to a future white hating rapping princess. You can see in the photos below she use to dress like a little piece of sunshine and now has shaved her head and wearing black panther type attire.

Before Brainwashing

After the Brainwashing

Her new song already is promoting young children to go out and party, be sassy to their parents, do drugs, have unprotected sex and to also not trust white people. That is a lot to take in coming from a 9 year olds mouth. She is already dancing in sexual hipped hopped styles, which we all know causes pregnancy.

The new song is called “Whip my hair back”, which to me doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone who comes from slavery talk about whipping? Sounds like this song is also promoting the horrible things that where done to Afro-Saxons 900 years ago when they use to sale each other to other tribes for food and then blame the white people.

Other urban people should stand up and ask Mr. Smith to stop destroying his daughter’s future. Guiding her into the path of 8-bit music is a horrible sin that he will pay dearly for in the future. Let’s stand together and boycott any of her music and while we are at it boycott any Will Smith movies.

Sorry Mtv generation! It is not cute to see a little girl dressed as a hooker! You don’t say “Awww” to a little girl showing cleavage. You don’t clap at a little girl who is being brainwashed and used by her parents!

21 thoughts on “Will Smith Turns Daughter Into Future White Hater

      1. The Comedian

        Because you literally turned it into racism.

        Thank god you’re a parody, if people like you existed in large numbers, I’d be fucked scared that idiots bigger than the normal populace were going bat-shit insane whenever black people are mentioned.

      2. Jazze

        pointed out what chiuld absue. will isn’t forcing her to do anything at least there’s no proof of that anywhere here.

        1. rushlimburger

          Don’t be moronic. Of course it’s abuse, of course she’s being forced. If 9 year olds were allowed to make their own decisions, they’d be driving and voting and drinking and having sex (not necessarily in that order). So Will Smith is clearly pressing his daughter into some kind of child labor here, which smacks of a particularly egregious form of slavery. (You don’t really think SHE’S getting the money from this, do you? Considering the crap movies he appears in, this is clearly just another attempt for Mr. Smith to pad his bank account.)

    1. Adam Nelson

      You’re a friggin’ liar. He’s black, which means you automatically think less of him because you’re a racist, sexist, homophobic, holier-than-thou bigot who looks down on eveveryone who doesn’t think or look like you.

  1. rushlimburger

    I’ve been boycotting Will Smith’s films for years, ever since he was in that incredibly decadent and revolting movie “Six Degrees of Separation” where a played a black gay scam artist. I don’t care if it’s “acting” — sticking his tongue down Anthony Michael Hall’s throat was inappropriate. And he’s NOT that good an actor, so the face-sucking had to be real. The combination of uppity and on the DL is just too disturbing.

    And now we have the offspring heading down the same path, encouraged by her wayward daddy. Maybe it is better for them to grow up without paternal influence after all?

    1. Millenium

      Last Movie I saw and make me deceived was seven pound ( I actually fall asleep ) Maybe I know him because of his action Movie so seeing him in another type of Movie is well wrong

  2. Omegagirl

    You’re a joke… a total joke… What 9 year old is thinking about having sex, drinking OR voting… I was worried about sleeping past my favorite cartoons on Sat morning.

    You are a homophobic, racist idiot who’s obsessed with what other people are doing instead of what YOU are up to… which to me looks like indulging into these “sins” you seem to enjoy spending your days thinking and writing about…

    get a life… go feed the homeless!

  3. Julie

    ”She is already dancing in sexual hipped hopped styles, which we all know causes pregnancy.”
    Since when hip hop cause pregnancy? I thought women are pregnant when they have sex with a man, and not when they dance or sing hip hop.

    ”Why would someone who comes from slavery talk about whipping?”
    There is not slavery anymore, since looonng time ago. So she can do what she wants.

    By the way, are you listen the song ? I bet you didn’t.

  4. Ashley

    Do you even hear yourself? None of your arguments make any sense. Hip hop doesn’t cause pregnancy. Having sex without protection causes pregnancy. Get off Will Smith’s back..he seems like a good person and a loving parent and he supports his childrens’ endeavors in the entertainment industry–in whatever media/genre/etc they want, in a COMPLETELY age-appropriate manner.
    I think the only person trying to “brainwash” anybody is YOU, you judgemental piece of shit.

  5. Dani

    Everyone that commented on this ignorant, mis-informed rant got taken for a ride. This is exactly what this idiot wanted! Gee Whiz, now I’ve been sucked in! The best thing for people like this is to leave the comment section blank! Let them talk to themselves.

  6. Dani

    Also, I find it funny that he’s talking about the way this child dresses when he’s got retailers advertising on his site that strictly sell “whore clothes!” Maybe if you stop allowing them to advertise on your site you may save a few impressionable girls from taking the wrong path! IDIOT!!

  7. theman

    I have heard this girl sing Whip My Hair Back
    many times. Not once did I think of any
    correlation to slavery. Whipping hair back
    in the context of what the author suggested
    indicates he is a rascist trying to hide
    behind his own words. Also, the author’s little
    saying about how science is a poor man’s
    attempt to understand God let’s you know his
    ignorance. I am so thankful to keep my own
    personal world of friends free of rascist,ignorant
    uneducated people like Tyson Bowers III.
    He definitely isn’t Christian if he is taking
    a little innocent girls lyrics and chastising
    her wrongly. Kinda sounds like what happenned
    a the trial Jesus.


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