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Homo Gay Music Now Being Taught in Schools

Looks like our little flesh twinkie humpers are now trying to teach children that homosexuality is fun, by brainwashing them with songs. The sheet on the left is for classrooms with boys and the sheet on the right is for little girls. The titles are vulgar and are a perfect example of how the gay’s brain works when it comes to small children.

Please view the photo below and vote on how you feel about this new form of homo terrorism.

Will Smith Turns Daughter Into Future White Hater

being 1% of the Afro-Saxon fathers who talk to their children, you would think Will Smith would try to set a good example. Instead he lets his urges to “pimp” out females take over by turning his little daughter Willow into a “hood rat” hipped hopper star.

This young girl went from an adorable cute little innocent girl to a future white hating rapping princess. You can see in the photos below she use to dress like a little piece of sunshine and now has shaved her head and wearing black panther type attire.

Before Brainwashing

After the Brainwashing

Her new song already is promoting young children to go out and party, be sassy to their parents, do drugs, have unprotected sex and to also not trust white people. That is a lot to take in coming from a 9 year olds mouth. She is already dancing in sexual hipped hopped styles, which we all know causes pregnancy.

The new song is called “Whip my hair back”, which to me doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone who comes from slavery talk about whipping? Sounds like this song is also promoting the horrible things that where done to Afro-Saxons 900 years ago when they use to sale each other to other tribes for food and then blame the white people.

Other urban people should stand up and ask Mr. Smith to stop destroying his daughter’s future. Guiding her into the path of 8-bit music is a horrible sin that he will pay dearly for in the future. Let’s stand together and boycott any of her music and while we are at it boycott any Will Smith movies.

Sorry Mtv generation! It is not cute to see a little girl dressed as a hooker! You don’t say “Awww” to a little girl showing cleavage. You don’t clap at a little girl who is being brainwashed and used by her parents!

Warning! Black Music Infiltrates the Minds of Future Homemaking White Women

It looks like the world can not find a safe haven from the devil’s tongue also known as “Rap Music” or as we call it here “Rapist Attempt at Poetry.”

This week a video was found by one of my youth interns showing a group of future homemakers singing a song by murderous hipped hopped artists “Snoopy Dogg” and “Dr. Drea” in a church hymn style. The song is called “B***** ain’t S***!” and first I don’t even know what this means. The song is about raping women, but the song title refers to female dogs and human stink waste.

This video goes to show you how dangerous the black’s music can be to white youth and how it brain washes them to use horrible curse words and run thoughts of drug use and murder into their properly raised minds. Kids are very impressionable at the college age and this is why the black music market targets this age group.

Here are some shocking stats:

60% of college men who listen to rap music end up doing drugs and drink satan’s party juice.
5% of them commit rape
10% of them start learning how to do hipped hopped dancing moves at “gangsta” style disco clubs.

45% end up becoming pregnant and abort their child.
5% drop out of college and become prostitutes.
65%  end up having up to 10 sexual partners during their freshman year.
45% end up having sex with another race.
20% end up being raped.

Funny all things that we listed above are things that rapping music promotes. Can someone say brain washing? Parents keep your children away from turning into someone who lives off welfare, smokes crack, has many “baby mommies” and carries a gun. I put a little rap together myself to help you remember:

Don’t let your kids listen to rap
If you do their minds turn into crap
Don’t let them listen to a rap tape
Cause they will end up committing rape
If your child wants to have fun
Tell them to read the bible and not carry a gun
Sometimes children need a smack
Cause they will not end up smoking crack
To keep your daughter from being attacked
Tell her to to listen to anything black

Tyson Bower’s Top Five Marinated In Sin Websites of 2009

Hello my friends of God! After a month of research I have finished compiling my world renowned “TOP FIVE MARINATED IN SIN WEBSITES” list for 2009. Below are the most sinful sites you need to watch out for. Some promote homo gay sex and some even use new internet technologies that flash gay symbolisms to brainwash our young children!

5. G4TV
G4TV is a whore demon that promotes violent videos games, devil whore females that perform mouth sex acts on hotdogs and worst of all the love San Fagsisco.

4. Spoiledjuice
Spoiledjuice is by far the most freakish homo promoting site ever. They display images of men on men twiddle rompus sex, female naked parts, pedosexual men and many other un Godly imagery.

3. Material Bitch
Material Bitch is a site ran by a few man twinkie worshipers and a girl who was most likely molested by a homosexual. Their content does nothing but talk about hollyqueer, how they love gays and promote their brain sin smut clothing line. MB really stands for Messiah Basher!

2. Dirty Shirty
Dirty Shirty is a site that dresses women in little and tight clothes that say “Dirty” on them. For those of our readers who don’t know what “Dirty” means on the streets…It’s a word created by black devils in the hipped hopped rape and murder culture. “Dirty” means I’m a sex crazed female who wants multiple men to invade my fish cave.

1. Gay.com
Gay.com is satan’s personal palace! This is where gays can talk about how many little boys they have molested and also talk about their new ways of luring young boys into their attics or basements. It’s promotes “GAY NEWS” which really means “SATANS FALSE NEWS” This site is the most un Godly site ever created. Anything gay is sinful and this whole site is nothing but gay, so there for it is nothing by marinated sin, homo cheering, man rampus FILTH!!

Dishonorable Mention award:
Collegehumor.com. They know why, two words – “Jews” and “Homos”

More Black Music Influences White Youth to Become Thugs

Why is it that people think it’s so cute to watch a young child dance in a sexual way while listening to the most hateful and malicious form of music known to man.

In this video, we have more proof that when young child listen to this music, they become possessed by the devil. Hipped hopped music is the closest thing to devil music that I can think of. The lyrics that spew from these black’s mouth is horrible.

Here is a short list of a few things they brainwash our children with:
Drug use
Committing violence against white people
Having children out of wed lock, or what they call having a “baby mom ma”

The parents of this child or either stupid, or know that they are exposing their son to the devil. If that be the case I say we tie them behind horses and let those horses run free!