Andrew Wilkow – The Greatest American Alive

Wow! Just wow! I have found the greatest voice to ever speak on the airwaves! A young and fresh Jersey man named Andrew Wilkow, is on a mission to bury socialism, communism and idiotic ideas one lazy liberal at a time. Never have I heard such truth come out of one man’s mouth.

While others urinate on the American flag and Constitution, Andrew holds both in his heart and enforces them everyday while he slays evil left minded morons Monday thru Friday. This man can never lose a debate! Every time a soulless, freedom hating heathen tries to call and put Andrew in a corner. Andrew lifts his sword of truth and cuts them down effortlessly.

Andrew on individual rights vs. collective responsibility

Andrew on conservative vs. liberal

Andrew destroys a liberal caller

I want this man to run for President. He would mimic the same voting results as we saw during 1968 and 1980.

I would like to end this great post with the words from Andrew’s own arsenal or verbal Judo….”We are RIGHT, they are WRONG! That’s the end of the story! CAPITALISM IS BOSS!”


Found a great soundboard for Andrew!

18 thoughts on “Andrew Wilkow – The Greatest American Alive

  1. RD

    Yes, because that answer, “We are right, they are wrong”, is the key to winning every debate.

    Seriously, that’s what an elementary school student would say. Grow up and get a life.

  2. grado-forever

    rd doesn’t understand anything..
    you watch the utubes and you hear the truth..
    lesbian homogays are way out to lunch…

    1. RD

      At least I’m capable of writing a grammatically-correct sentence. You, clearly, are not.

      By the way, the phrase “lesbian homogays” is just moronic. “Lesbian” already states that I am a woman who is attracted to other women. “Homogays” translates to “samegays”, which can mean either “samehappy” or “samemanwhoisattractedtoothermen”. So, “Samehappies/manwhoisattractedtoothermen women who are attracted to other women are way out to lunch” is what you just said.

      Which makes absolutely no sense. What WOULD have made sense is if you’d replaced the words “lesbian homogays” with just ONE word. “Lesbians”, “homosexuals”, OR “gays” would have been acceptable.

      Please, would you mind going back to first grade? They should be able to aid you in your English abilities. I mean, you even wrote, “you watch the utubes and you hear the truth..” Why do you need ellipses? What is this “utubes”? Is it similar to YouTube?

      Oh, and what don’t I “understand”? Since, according to you, little man, I don’t “understand anything”.

      1. grado-forever

        if you watch the utubes, you will hear the truth..

        oh wow.. words

        i am not homo.. the biggest disease.. weee

        i didn’t even read what you wrote…

  3. Millennium

    okay seriously who is he ??
    and when I see anything yous eem to be against community and society sharing Good helping the other you seems to be against that am I right

    Individualism ???

    Oh and by the way capitalism never worked

    communism never existed

    1. Jacki Cook

      Popanator: You are a disgusting person and I can’t figure out why you are even here. Webmaster needs to eliminate such trash.

  4. Blanche Beecham


    Sounds Chinese

  5. Tim S

    I get to listen to him just about every day and agree 99% with him.He tells it like it is and the lib-tards and left just can NOT handle the truth.That is why they want to control the media.One of the best sayings he said is “the left are still trying to figure out a way to get a dollar out of 85 cents”.Thats explains the insanity of the left.Please keep up the great work Andrew and remember….CAPITALISM IS BOSS!! Sirius XM Patriot….

  6. Tim S

    oh….and btw….as a veteran,freedom lover,and defender of the constitution,if you dont love your freedom or America,I suggest you live somewhere else.America,love it or leave it !! I have an idea,if all else fails,why dont we be like how east and west Germany used to be.All the insane left live west of the Mississippi,and the rational,normal thinking conservatives live east of the Mississippi,then that way they can run themselves into the ground,while we pursue life,liberty and happiness.

  7. C4Coalition

    One would do well to remember that the ‘left’ needs conservatives to fund their innitiatives. They need our money, our work ethic, and our common sense; in order for their ideological ‘touchy-feely’ programs to work. Conversely, the ‘right’ needs nothing from the ‘left’ except for them to simply get out of the way and stop taking from us. If we were to split the country in two and place all ‘lefties’ on one side, and all conservatives on the other; which side do you suppose would prosper and flourish? The left can’t survive without the right; but the right can certainly survive without the left. I need a liberal in my life like a fish needs a pair of pants. Ya know..thinking about this split country concept made me think of the differences between Haiti and the Dominican Republic being housed on the same island territory. Food for thought.

    1. MeAwesome

      Agreed… we would need a big wall though to keep them out as they would undoubtedly try to sneak in and have anchor babies here.


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