Blacks Are Raping Young White Pop Stars

How much is your daughter’s innocents worth? Most people would say there is no price, but now a new fad has started in America where your daughter can be a wannabe pop star and hang out with cool black hipped hopped artist for the small price tag of $80,000.

Blacks love two things: Raping and stealing money and this is what they are doing to white America. I guess they ran out of their own women to abuse.

Two black dope dealers have come up with a scheme to promise young white girls a life of being a famous pop star. They promise they will write a song, produce a video and add it to the iTunes and Youtube channels to promote their future number 1 song. What they are really doing is using your porcelain skinned princesses , to lead her down a path of prostitution, premarital sex, violence and other black like actions. These dark deceivers are laughing to the bank with each victim.

After your daughter has had her video and song produced, this rag tag of zulu warriors, whore out your daughters to make a quick buck or two off iTune downloads and ad revenue from their youtube videos and guess how much the parents make???? ZERO! That is right. They own the song, the video and rights to your daughters likeness. So after they have exposed your baby in Shakira style whore outfits and have her sing songs about having sex with the football captain, they throw her to the side and collect “bank”, while she is blasted by the media.

They know these girls don’t have talent or the proper looks for the spotlight and they even have one over weight girl trying to sing about how she has boys wanting to date her! How bad of a person must you be to lie to such innocent kids!??!?!?!

You will notice in the videos at the end of this post, that each video has 4 things in common:

1. Always has a intro with a black man introducing the singer. This is a way to make the white girl think she is getting some kind of ghetto street cred.

2. Each video has the two crack dealers in it, so they can show off to their friends.

3. Every video the human boat shipments are laughing, as if they are laughing at the white population in America and saying “We just raped another white women and pimped her out for some quick cash.”

4. Every video the girls are dressed up in whore outfits and are made to sing songs about partying, kissing boys, going on shopping sprees and always make them pose in sexy face positions.

Laughing all the way to the bank with White money

The Black Logo of Killing White People

Even their logo shows their evil sin colorer skin plans. ARK music factory means “Africans Ready to Kill” and it sits on top of a WHITE half circle. The white circle symbolizes the 50% of whites in America.

Here is a small list of some of their videos:

42 thoughts on “Blacks Are Raping Young White Pop Stars

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      You must of not read the post…..are you black? If so, I understand why you didn’t read the post.

      1. Rebecca

        “You must of not read the post…..are you black? If so, I understand why you didn’t read the post.”

        “Must of”? Did you even complete the second grade?? If you can’t even write properly in English you DEFINITELY have no right to make outlandishly racist claims (not that anyone does, but your lack of grammatical understanding seriously detracts from any semblance of credibility you believe yourself to have).

      2. Ben

        Tyson, why do you have to hate on black dudes? The guy who invented peanut butter was black! And everyone loves peanut butter.

    2. cAMM

      Not only does this guy not know how to write, but he is clearly a racist. Man that was one of the most offensive things i have ever read… sure u have already been fired. You are a disgrace. Sure you dont have the moxy to talk like that out in public!!! Just keep building up your anger and spilling the waste over the internet. YOU ARE PATHETIC AND I HOPE ON OF THE “BLACKS” find you and kick your pussy ass!

      1. Tyson Bowers IIIIce Van Winkle Post author

        When you lose the light of Christ this sort of angry violence takes over your life. No wonder the liberal cities are the most violent cities in our country.

  1. Granita Plyant

    It is so critical that this negroid menace be made public to the God-fearing masses, and we have you to thank for shedding light on the subject, Mr. Bowers. YouTube might as well be NudeTube with the likes of Rebecca_likes Blacks peddling her insipid warbling like a delusional online siren.

    Blessed be!


  2. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author

    I did a little more digging on the interwebs and found that Ark (আর্ক) was a popular Bangladeshi rock band.

    The band got popularity during the late 1990’s with their dark skinned vocals.

    Because the name Ark was too friendly to whites, some of the members including Hasan came out of the band and formed a new band named Jonmobhumi.

    Jon Mobhumi is code for raping white women.

    This is global.

    1. Ham Sandwich

      Jon Mobhumi is code for raping white women?? are you completely insane? have you any idea how completely ludicrous that sounds? just say it out loud, to yourself, right now. see? see how completely stupid that is? you people are out of your minds.

  3. JackSantastic

    Everyone point and laugh at the ignorant racists, then move along.
    Got better things to think about than outdated counterproductive prejudices.

  4. Ohmygoodness

    If you’re going to try and create an intelligent post, at least spell things correctly and use correct grammar. For example, ‘women’ is more than one female, ‘woman’ is just one. But that is just one issue of many with this article. I am almost speechless. Seriously, if there is a hell you will be its occupants.

  5. Sad Catholic

    I just want to say after being on this site I have just decided to no longer to be Catholic. Good luck to everyone.

  6. Rebecca

    I considered not reading the article through after the first sentence (“innocents”? Really?), but went ahead anyway out of sheer curiosity.

    But then I ran into even more grammatical errors, the term “hipped hopped” (who knows what THAT means), and the following line: “Blacks love two things: Raping and stealing money and this is what they are doing to white America. I guess they ran out of their own women to abuse.” I have a lot of problems with that one. But then I read on to the radical speculation that the two producers are “dope dealers” and that their company name, ARK, stands for “Africans Ready to Kill”, so I just laughed and got on with my life. People like the author of this rant post usually die angry and alone.

  7. DadaMing

    Most USA raised African-American’s from poverty are fuck ups ( AA terms exclude many blacks btw). and they well eventually.. Fuck up. Sorry but that’s the truth to be told after living in the South Florida for many years by experience, the life styles, and reading about them all over with these explained criminal charges. Going after celebrities.. idk but over all. It’s just a shame for them to have that sort of respect to civilazation.

    Some people mentioned it being global.

    Idk why the Parents here from Hati Jamaica and such.. are so well mannered behaved respected and people I willing would take around a dinner table as they would I. But their kids grow in such a Fashion in the USA modernization.. They obcure cultures and sway away from reforms of theier blood, their roots, the sweat of grandfather faught and earned old country.

    Sad, miserably Sad.

    Kindest Regards, Just my observation. Like other yes I have black friends I spendtime with. espesh sporting gaming & boating

    1. Rebecca

      Since your comment was nearly impossible to understand (uh, what’s “civilazation” and where’s “Hati”?)(and wtf does “people I willing would take around a dinner table as they would I” mean??) I’m going to do my best to respond with what I DID comprehend:

      You, and Tyson Bowers III, need to repeat elementary school.

    1. chiiill

      Is it? I know people this crazy. Just watch what our government is doing. You can tell that the Xtian Reich actually thinks like this. Shame, shame, shame.

  8. Tyson Bowers little play toy

    These silly little thoughts in the ignorants minds, may a bullet wound through the fore and out from the back cleanse you and save you from your stupidity.
    The real science, if you have been hiding in your Neanderthal caves still smacking each other with a club; is that we are all equal though our skin cells vary color due to the need of solar protection were all equal, sure some may have negative thoughts, but those with negative thoughts can be any human not just a specific type. I wish for the most of horrible to happen to thy.

  9. Tom Harr

    I think this website is satirical… but honestly I’m not 100% sure because I really wouldn’t put it past religious yahoos to say this kind of stuff.

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  11. Logan

    So I find it interesting that you accuse them of farming the public for ad revenue with second rate songs, when in fact your site seems to abuse the public in the same way.

    You publish articles with no evidence to back up your statements, masquerade as journalists, and make Christians everywhere look terrible. How could anyone believe in the God you proclaim when all you do is spew this bile. It’s better that you would have a millstone thrown around your neck and you be cast into the deepest sea. Remember those words from Jesus when you issue forth such heresy. I look forward to your reply, and I would gladly talk to you about this nonsense.

  12. Roderick Jefferson II

    well i guess the proper saying would be, “what goes around comes around white-devil”…reminds me of those stories i learned in my white man taught history class about my ancestors getting sold on the auction blocks like cattle in the ports of the Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida…I guess the lord does work in mysterious ways…That same boat shipment is now doing the same thing to your daughter, that your Great-Great Grandfather did to his Great-Great Grandmother; oh the irony…LOL! (^_^)

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      You mean the slaves that were sold off by their own people? I bet you think white people were the first to own slaves.

      1. L.N

        The system was vastly different. African tribes would take in slaves, but they wouldn’t beat the shit out of them for not picking the corn fast enough. They were treated more like members of the tribe in a general sort of since, though there were much greater limitations on the outsiders than the regular people. Life for them was still shit, but it’s better than the hell they went through if they were sent to America.

        1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

          I highly doubt that. Pleases read some history on slaves in Africa. Are you also saying they rather be apart of genocide as well? Because that seems to be the cool thing to do in Africa now.

          1. L.N

            You DOUBT it? You don’t KNOW that what I said was wrong? This is the sort of thing you learn in high school, if you actually spent time learning instead of fucking your goat you’d know that. Like I said, life wasn’t that great if you were an African slave for a different African tribe, but there were at least several different ways you could stop being a slave, and most involved being good buddies with everyone in the tribe to get on their good side, which usually meant doing whatever it is they wanted you to do, like go hunting dangerous animals, or go fight first, and so on.

            Not only that, but things that are going on now have NO impact on what happened back then, simply because time doesn’t work that way, so to make any implications that are completely asinine and random from back then to now is nothing short of lunacy.

  13. BlackRapist

    You are a sorry porcelain excuse for a human life.
    After reading your filth I had to go and scrub my black eyes with a wire mesh.
    It must give you lots of pleasure to know that you will not be alone in the deepest pith of hell. You will have Adolf Hitler, Hernan Cortez and Augusto Pinochet to keep you company. You will all end up with a nice reddish tan to your pristine white derriere.

  14. Bethany Poynter

    -.- you guys are idiots. Racist, Homophobic, Probably so far in the closet you see you’re old boy scout suit, and you feel the need to bash them so you’re not caught. You DISGUST me.

  15. Tyson Bowers IIIBruce Danus Post author

    Not sure who wrote this comment, but you missed your innocence due to an “uncle” touching you, am I correct? Or was it a cousin? I can tell that somebody inappropriately touched you, so just admit it and stop trying to hide behind “humor” that nobody except you understands.

  16. Nia

    I just have to comment on this article. No disrespect to you as a writer, Mr. Tyson Bowers III, but before you write on a topic as controversial as this, could you please collect sufficient research. Obviously this issue concerns you, but you must think, no one puts a gun to these “white” females or “innocent daughters” as you put it, head and tells them to sign to these “dark deceivers”. These poor, innocent, young, white girls must have wanted to break into the music industry and must want it bad enough to stoop so low to let a “rag tag of zulu warriors” produce her music. That is the fault of nobody but the young lady. She wants to promote herself and her music so SHE decides to wear these skimpy outfits. Don’t blame black men for being smart enough to recognize this fad and use it to make money off. In addition, making stereotypical statements about a race that you clearly have NO knowledge on, just goes to show how ignorant you truly are. Maybe you should tell these parents of these innocent white girls to control their behavior and actions of their daughters. Placing blame on black men, just because of their race and supposed favorite things they do makes you sound idiotic. It’s a shame to see people, especially of your age range to still be so uninformed and judgmental of people of another race.


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