Blacks Make “Ghetto” Friendly Justin Bieber

The Afro-Saxon community is up to no good again today. They have released photos of their new anti white project called “Wayne Beiber”, a blacked faced version of Justin Bieber. Why can’t they just let white people have things of their own nowadays? They already control Justin with fear, now they need to have their own version of him to steal the spot light from whites.

I hear his first song is going to be called “Oh baby mama, baby mama, ohh”

4 thoughts on “Blacks Make “Ghetto” Friendly Justin Bieber

  1. Melissa

    You clearly have nothing to do with your life. I wouldnt waste 2 seconds writing something like this. You need to grow up, I have never seen someone with such a childish and ignorant mind. I look at your fruit and it clearly does not match the fruits of the spirit. Spend more time uplifting christ and not meaningless things. Grow up and get a life !


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