30 thoughts on “Blake’s Plate – Episode Three – Katy Perry, Christina and Shakira are Devil Whores

  1. Christian Intellectual

    This was a shocking episode.

    Timothy 2:11-12
    “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

  2. Claire

    1. SLOW…DOWN
    2. Don’t use words such as “devilwhores”, “sinbags”, and “sintreats” if you want to be taken seriously
    3. Try to learn your script so that you’re not stumbling over words or looking at the teleprompter instead of the camera
    4. Get out of the fishtank
    5. Get that confused, bewildered look off your face

    1. August Weisz

      Claire, why did you even watch this episode? You did not like the first two, so what would make you watch this one?
      The only logic I could come up with is that you really do like it or are searching out answers.

      I suggest you look to RD’s example of using reason, logic, facts and friendliness as a model for your own postings. She is a true leader as of late.

      1. Claire

        “You did not like the first two, so what would make you watch this one?
        The only logic I could come up with is that you really do like it or are searching out answers.”

        I watched it to

        a) see if his technique improved at all

        b) try to do more investigation into whether this site is real or a spoof

  3. Blanche Beecham

    I actually agree with Claire. “Don’t use words such as “devilwhores”, “sinbags”, and “sintreats” if you want to be taken seriously.”

    Here are some alternatives:

    Whore Devilz

    Happytime Sin Pillows
    Milk sprouts
    Sin Knobblers
    Whore lumps
    Lumplets, Bumplets, Sackles (Use Sin as a preface)
    Springy Chest Bumps
    Sin Nops <– favorite "Her sin nops were firing in that outfit."

    You keep getting better and better, Bryan! Can't wait for your next installment. Hope the list is helpful for the Index.

    1. L.N

      And you’re on the computer instead of cleaning or cooking why? No Christian such as yourself respects a woman’s opinion, so go back to knitting or something.

    2. Claire

      I have even better ones!

      Milk-Sacks = breasts
      Baby-Feeders = breasts
      Happytime Sin Pillows = breasts
      Toe-may-tees = breasts
      Milk sprouts = breasts
      Knobbles = breasts
      Sin Knobblers = breasts
      *Whore lumps = breasts
      Lumplets, Bumplets, Sackles = breasts
      Springy Chest Bumps = breasts
      Sin Nops = breasts

      *Unless you have had a double mastectomy you are calling yourself a whore.

      1. RD

        You’d think that the word “breasts” was some sort of horrible curse, not the name of an anatomical part of the body.

    1. RD

      That’s a coward’s route, telling your critics that, when they make a video, they can offer their criticisms.

      All I’ve seen in these videos is a great deal of stupidity. The “intern” reading in it hurries through his words (making them almost impossible to understand), doesn’t speak loudly enough, and lacks any emotion in his voice.

      The material in these videos is straight from articles here, articles that are so ridiculous and close-minded that it makes YOU and your “intern” look like absolute fools.

    2. Claire

      “When Claire and RD can produce their own video, they can speak.”

      I can’t produce my own video, which is why I haven’t attempted to do so. You on the other hand, were delusional enough to think that you could, and look how it turned out. I had the foresight to avoid such a travesty.

        1. Claire

          Well, considering how Gandhi and Freddie Mercury were actually real people, I’d have to say that Jesus would be discussing things with Yoda and Captain Crunch.

  4. lizzy

    This concerns me.. this is how cults and ignorance start and spread.. if u were a true Christian u would be fearful of GOD because he does not tolerate people condemning others for him! ignorant judgment like this take too much time that could actually be used to serve the needy…this is far from a godly service and a waste of time for anyone who even unfortunately visits this site. clearly devil work here


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