Bryan Blake Drugged and Forced to Lie About Our Site on HSSS.TV

Just look at the photo above, poor Bryan Blake, drugged up and surrounded by Satan’s little ass miners. Bryan was invited to speak about our holy mission and instead, he was greeted by the bugling bicep’d bear, Aaron and was forced to take gay ecstasy drugs and was told that if he didn’t lie about the website, they would perform sick gay sexual pleasures on him. Scared for his life and soul, Bryan complied with the damns and as you can see in the video, he uncomfortably lied about our Holy message. He also told us that The Man Dyke, was constantly trying to slip its hands down his pants and say “Every play pool with a stick with tits?”.

Look at the sick and twisted description of the show below:


It’s finally here, the epic interview we’ve been waiting months for. Earlier this year, Opheliaand Aaron chatted about a blog post titled “20 Ways To Tell If Your Teenage Daughter is a Lesbian” found on the holiest of sites on the net, ChristWire, and since, HSSS been a target of their “righteously” brutal anti-homo agenda. We’ve shared several of their blogs and they’ve fought back by exposing us as the gerbilling, homo-facist ManDykes that we are. After months of back and forth, we nabbed the interview of the year – a sit down with ChristWire co-founder & regular contributor Bryan Blake. Tattooed, toned & very easy on the eyes, Bryan shared with us how ChristWire started and what it has grown to become, a virtual magnifying glass for the often over the top idiocy that is the ‘Religious Right.’ ChristWire receives millions of hits a month, with contributors from across the globe and has spawned not only a book (out next month,) but very soon, a play along the lines of theVagina Monologues. Get to know the man behind the Christ…wire. Oh, and speaking of vajayjay, here are 51 ChristWire-approved descriptors for the lady part that won’t make you sound like a vulgar heathen!



30 thoughts on “Bryan Blake Drugged and Forced to Lie About Our Site on HSSS.TV

    1. Nicholas Tadmor

      Poor Mr. Blake needs a large scary black security man too! I can only imagine what it was like to be attacked with a barrage of limp-wristed GayFury for an entire hour. I don’t even want to think about what happened off camera

      1. Tyson Bowers III

        We examined him and he is fine. We just had to put him in a holding cell for 13 hours until the drugs wore off.

  1. Cassidy Pen

    I received a “Bad Gateway” message when I clicked on the above link which I believe is my Lord protecting me because that web show appears to be the gateway to hell.

    It’s incredibly disturbing to eye witness the depths at which heathens and emosexual deviates will sunk to smear people of God.

  2. Tom

    Looks to me like he just had too much booze and a few things that he really thought came out. Ah well, when even the co creator has turned against the website, it might be time to think about doing something more worthwhile with your life.

    Let’s see, if I were in your position, what would I do?
    Hmm that’s an easy one. Kill myself.

  3. BVBs Shadow

    Ahh, finally, some truth emerges from the murky depths of the pit that is christwire. At least somebody on this website has the guts to tell the truth.

          1. L.N

            Neither can you. The obvious answer to your question is that it isn’t the truth, but Bryan was completely sober and alright while doing the interview.

          2. L.N

            Then if he truly was drugged and threatened, then why didn’t you call the police immediately? Why did you do nothing except hop on your shitty little site and complain about these people?

  4. Father Felch

    Poor Blake, being hoodwinked into an interview only to be drugged and forced to lie by the Satan Scepter Swallowing Sissy and that Eve’s Tunnel eating ManDyke. We all need to pray and save ourselves from this depravity they’re spewing.

    I’m sure the ManDyke used her milk sacks to entice poor Blake into participating in gerbiling. I pray to our great God that the pickle smoking homo didn’t force our good Christian representative to eat a chocolate starfish full of Santorum.

    As much as I would love to feel the ManDykes skin wand scarf around my almighty God’s Pinky Finger, I must pray away my lustful thoughts. We must unite and pray in the baby Jesus’ name to defeat these whoremongers and their infectious message.

    Ms. ManDye there seemed to be something missing from your prayer methods, I’d like to invite to you come pray with me privately at my church Saint Anthony’s Asissy.

  5. Stephenson Billings

    Alcoholism is so rampant among practicing homosexuals that you give one of them a wig and a martini and she is immediately crowned a star among their own. How genuinely sad. If you look back at the history of television shows, much of this so-called “campiness” is descended from the Golden Girls, which led many young man to become flamboyant and effeminate. They all want to be strict, elegantly dressed matrons with a quick witty comeback and so large sugary meal. I suppose they all had overbearing mothers and absent fathers, which is way they grew up so awkwardly. The male one surely needs a few hours at the gym to put some hair on his chest and the lady is just too crass for any dinner party here in Tennessee.

      1. Cassidy Pen

        Homogays need drugs and stimulates because they’re in constant humiliation at how far away from Christ they’ve allowed themselves. Drugs and alcohol are the only recourse for the weaker amongst them.

        The few of them that have the strength eventually realize their sins and turn back toward Christ. As infrequent as this occurrence is, it brings tremendous joy to those that are saved.

  6. Sandra O'connor

    Poor Bryan Blake. I almost feel sorry for him being drugged and harrassed like that by beings so low on the totem pole. Poor thing. I’m just glad he made it back safely and without any kind of life long harm done to him. Those homos are just simply out of control!

  7. Albert Toppers

    I watched the entire interview. It was truly outrageous! It was as if Satan himself was speaking through poor Brother Blake’s mouth! Those homogay tiddly widdleys really did a number on him. I will pray for a quick recovery, Brother Blake!!

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