Females Now Enticing Men With Feathery Sex Treats

Just when we thought the threat of Vajazzling was over with, comes a new horror that threats the secret seed of your college boys. Now young girls are tempting young men with premarital sexual urges of dipping their sin snakes into a moisture basket of oozy sex nectar by decorating their pubic regions with brightly colored peacock feathers that draw demonic sexual attention directly at their open and willing secreting baby caverns.

Women want men to be on the lower totem pole with them, as we all know they are below man. Women use to be equal, but since that faithful day when Eve took a bite out of the serpent’s fruit God punished he by making her the servant of Man and because of this we know that the female’s nature is that of a whorelot and women have been on a rampage to de-seed confused young men with temptation of fish dipped sin treats by flaunting their milk sacs and cranker blossoms in the faces of America’s future leaders.

With this new threat being so “in your face”, it is only a matter of time that men on college campuses will have their candy sacs covered with colorful reminiscents from last night’s rompus with a feathery harpies sin slit whose intention is to derail the boy’s mind from studies to playing late night gags of the woman’s baby sewer. Boys will now come home to show their parents the results from a positive pregnant test, instead of a report card full of A’s.

33 thoughts on “Females Now Enticing Men With Feathery Sex Treats

  1. OddAtheist

    “tempting young men with premarital sexual urges of dipping their sin snakes into a moisture basket of oozy sex nectar”

    “temptation of fish dipped sin treats by flaunting their milk sacs and cranker blossoms”

    “feathery harpies sin slit”

    Tyson, WTF are you smoking? NO ONE uses terms like these!

    Only someone dangerous high or horny could come up with shit this crazy.

    (P.S. Question: So I made an article and submitted it before the site went down for upgrades, will I have to resubmit the article? If you don’t know, could you please ask someone who would know?)

  2. August Weisz

    If females wanted to entice me, they would stay thin, chaste, and dress how we want them to. And they should abstain from voting.

    1. OddAtheist

      Thin: How thin are you talking about? Because there is definately something as “Too thin”

      Chaste: Eh, I’m indifferent on this

      Dress: I think all women should dress how they like

      Voting: They fought for the right to vote, whats wrong with them using it?

      1. Militant Negro

        They didnt fight for jack sht they nagged their old men until they gave it to them, just like all bitches do. Ask your mom about it, cracker.

      2. August Weisz

        It’s important for women to feel like they are part of the political process. But really their votes should be limited to things like First Lady, Dancing With the stars, and local bake offs.

          1. OddAtheist

            Also if you’re wonering which one of two I was calling sexist, let’s just say both of you…For good measure of course.

        1. Thiefenz

          in my house. I get to vote whether I get carved with a knife, or beaten with a billy club.

          she’s so generous to me

    2. Millenium

      democracy means the voice of the people women are part of the voice of the people denying them vote is dneying democracy in your country and become a totalitarian countries Like in saudi arabia

    3. Thiefenz

      I want to join, too!

      Thin: I do like a slender figure.

      Chaste: NO!

      Dress: I have no legitimate preference

      Voting: What are you talking about? I’m the one going to be in chains.

  3. Ex-atheist


    It seems like those who engage in premarital sex and infidelity want to be more like beasts than actual human beings.

    I for one know that I wouldn’t be attracted by a chicken, but I guess it must be a different case for these deviants.

    1. Millenium

      no but you would be attracted to Goat Like abe or to children like billings and clownboy or by … well someone who has her name named by a Month June april May July

  4. Blanche Beecham

    How many people are going to get bird flu from this silliness? This makes my nose stuffy just thinking about feathers. Some people have allergies. And another thing, birds are germ carrying animals. Why would anyone put feathers on their body but a sicko?

    1. shiann121

      Actually most feathers used for this kind of thing (I got into the feather hair extension craze, not this one, obviously) are off of chickens and domesticated peacocks.
      I don’t know about peacock feathers, but chicken feathers are bleached, then cleaned with regular soap. The dye depends on the quality of the feather- Usually, it’s like food coloring, though.
      Then the feathers are cleaned yet again before being delivered.

  5. Lee

    Mr. Bowers, you are entitled to your views regarding homosexuality, liberalism, and the “joys of a sexless life”, regardless of to what degree those views may be rooted in pathology or past personal trauma. However, to characterize an entire gender, more than half of God’s children on this planet, as whores and servants to anyone other than God, is beyond the pale and completely unacceptable as a Christian. How dare you demean what is God’s creation. He made it so all life comes through women, yet you mock and filthify what He has wrought. Your hatred of womankind suggests you were either traumatized at a young age by abuse or severe rejection, whether real or perceived, by the females in your life OR you are a self-loathing, on the down low, closeted homosexual…perhaps you are both. What I know for certain is that you are most un-Christian and risk incurring the wrath of your Lord for essentially spitting on His creation.


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