Gay Logos of the World

Homosexuals are good at two things, destroying the fabric of American values and designing. So it would only be natural that these finger painting, man sac worshipers would they use their skills in color coordination and limp-wristed decor knowledge to secretly promote their agenda within logos that you and your children see everyday.


At first glance, Wal-Mart’s logo looks harmless, it has a soft inviting look to it. Well that is exactly how homogays lurer your children into the backs of their torture chamber, leather rape vans. They use shiny candies to trick the mind, so that it will no pay attention to the demonic ass agenda behind the curtain.

If you look closely, you will notice that the Wal-Mart logo has six yellow lines that create a circle. Do you know that is circle is actually a artistic symbol used on gay bar signs to let their fecal frenzy patrons know that they have a full service “circle jerk” bar? The six lines represent six men holding out their sin snakes in a gay manner.

So every time you or your child sees a Wal-Mart logo, they are getting a eye full of gay’s forcefully creating devil DNA, by hatefully whacking their flesh swords.


Would you just look at this homo-erotic display of masturbatory penile release? Nothing like a logo that is surrounded with dripping globs of man sex sauce spinning around it. Do you understand how disturbing this logo is? Do you see that these freaks of feces want your children to stare at images of unmartial Satan squeeze every time they open up the microwave or open up the refrigerator to get a healthy afternoon snack? They even now have hand sanitizers that are used in schools that squirt out white lotion onto your children’s hand, while they rub it on their face and hands to clean.


Bullseye for bargains or bullseye for bleeding anuses? While you enter Target browsing the tween section for back to school clothing for your children at a yellow handed discounted price, just be warned that you have entered a store that uses the imagery of a homosexual rectum after a late night penile barrage of cherry bomber ecstasy induced ass assassins, who also had a long night of throwing back Zimas.

Just remember that if you want your children to have nightmares of the anus seeping blood due to an attack from a craft homosexual, than keep taking them to the devil’s house of bondage. Because every time they gaze into that one eyed red sewer hole, Satan’s thermometer crawls closer to make them flesh pole, rear-end dancers.

Master Card

Diving deeper into the sea of mental debauchery, we can take a gander at the good ol’ Master Card logo. First off, did you know a master card is an I.D. that homosexual bears, that own slave power bottom twinks carry? It is a card they show at the door of a gay bar, so they can be placed in the proper seating area. You can’t mix bears and twinks in the same seating area, or the bar owners won’t be able to sell any alcohol. This is because the bears would spend their time ravaging the rear docking stations of the helpless little twinks, instead of spending their gay well-fare money on double peppermint cosmos.

Anyways, back to the logo. If you use a well trained Homo Gay Agenda propaganda eye, you can see that the logo is actually that of two testicles being connected. The two colors represent two races. One being the whites (rad, the blood line of the world) and yellow (the bile color stands for the other races in the world). This logo is trying to show that interracial gay sex is something that should be accepted. The gays are not only stopping at marriage, they want interracial gay sex to be broadcast around the world, right into your children’s bedrooms.

So next time you think you should use your plastic to buy groceries, just remember for ever purchase, you are inviting a hair greased up white man and a 17 year old Filipino boy to slap their sin covered candy bags together under the blankets of your child’s bed.


Ever wonder why Apple’s first logo was a apple with a rainbow? It was to show their dying support for the homo gay agenda.

Also, ever notice that the apple has a bite taken out of it? That is a symbolism of when Adam took a bite out of the forbidden fruit. This was there way of showing that they wanted their users to taste the rotten fruit of homosexuality.

Anyone who buys a Apple product for their child is saying “Please have homo sin hole sex with my child” or “I want my daughter to be a fish sin slit worshiper.”


Homosexuals Sharing Boy Children. Oh you don’t believe me that this is what HSBC stands for? If not, why is the logo a aerial shot of a man and a young boy touching twiddle rompus’ while riding in a boat?

78 thoughts on “Gay Logos of the World

  1. L.N

    Have you seen the cross? It looks like two sin sticks going horizontal on one another! The sick fucks who use it!

    Oh wait, that would be Christians.

      1. Rev_Huey

        Hey Negro, “stupider” is not a word. Seems to me you are the “more stupid” one here. Just thought I would point that out.

    1. L.N

      Better send one to Jesus then, he was crucified on two sticks that resemble two penises touching each other, and he has forever made that into a holy symbol.

  2. Shania Urdahj

    Ummmmm…… Well, what about the cross? That looks like two dicks intersecting eachother…

    And is it just me or is this only place where people actually say homogay? This is the first place I’ve ever seen or heard it…

    1. Bruce Danus

      Very original. I believe that comment was made earlier. Also, if you have seen any male genitals that are completely straight and flat on the end, I would suggest that you tell that person to seek medical help or sue the person who performed the circumcision.

        1. Bruce Danus

          A proper Christian Cross is made to look like a lower case “T”, none of those pagan Catholic crosses and such. A pure Christian cross looks like this…


          1. the atheist one

            “a pure christian”. “They are not true christians” “The idea of a huge being with magical powers (I thought magic was forbidden in your religion, to happen and for different things to SOMEHOW fall in place by the trillionth of chance, just works for us.”

          2. L.N

            Yeah, I’m surprised you don’t see two dicks there buddy. I mean, if you can imagine that the shape of a fan looks like splooge, I’m honestly surprised that you can’t look at a cross and go ‘oh my, it looks like two dicks that are lying on top of one another’.

          3. Bruce Danus

            L.N, my dear sweet confused young lady, Why would I ever want to imagine two “d*cks” laying on each other? That is just immature, gross and would provide no use to either of the male genitals involved as there is absolutely no chance of pro-creation.

          4. Blanche Beecham


            The ChristWire comment section is not a stalking ground for your sick needs.

            Your eyes are blinded by your sin. Brother Bruce and the fellowship will pray for your healing and salvation, but we will not suffer your nasty sexual overtones.

            Kind regards,

          5. L.N

            “L.N, my dear sweet confused young lady, Why would I ever want to imagine two “d*cks” laying on each other? That is just immature, gross and would provide no use to either of the male genitals involved as there is absolutely no chance of pro-creation.”

            Hey, you’re the one who sees gay-sex in the shape of two circles, at this point ANYTHING is possible for you.

            “The ChristWire comment section is not a stalking ground for your sick needs.”

            Hey crazy cat lady, did you notice that Tyson’s mind is the sickest of them all? He sees two diamond-like shapes and thinks it’s an aerial view of a boy being raped by a man. If that’s true, then Jesus was crucified on a symbol that resembles some form of gay sex. I bet Bruce knows all about that crap, since he’s gay and probably does that all the time with his boyfriend.

          6. Bruce Danus

            L.N, my wife Claire is not a man. I don’t mind you making jokes at my expense, but please leave Claire out of it. She is a beautiful lady and she is the best thing to happen to me since I found Jesus, except for the multitude of cats. I still love her though.

          7. Claire

            Bruce, how do you know I’m not a man? According to you, my “402 cats” have prevented us from consummating our “marriage”. Thus you have no idea if I have a vagina or if I’ve been hiding a cock from you this whole time.

            Didn’t you ever wonder what that was poking you in the ass whenever I’d spoon you? Think long and hard about it.

          8. L.N

            Bruce, you’re in denial. You think you’re married to a woman, yet you have such a raging man-crush on me that the only way you can think straight is if you imagine that I’m a woman. It’s the only way you can trick yourself into believing that you’re straight. You flat-out admitted that you were lying before, so why keep up the same lie?

          9. Claire

            You know, L.N., I have to admit that Bruce’s homosexuality is largely my fault. He gets such a raging boner every time he thinks back on my black friends gang-fucking him in the ass. Naturally I can’t help but feel responsible, as I was the one who arranged that little rendezvous in the first place and got him addicted to cock. He doesn’t realize it, but at night while he’s asleep he’ll remove his underpants and get on all fours with his ass in the air. He’ll pull his buttcheeks apart to expose his anus and then he’ll mumble into the pillow things such as “Yeah, do me harder!” and “I want your hot man-chowder”. Some nights he’ll crawl over to the corner of the bed and start sucking on the post.

            This morning when I logged onto our computer I noticed that he hadn’t closed all of the browser tabs. One of them was a confirmation from Amazon that this had just been shipped:


            I apologize, as it’s my fault that he’s now turning his homosexual attentions onto you.

          10. Jesus' No. 1 Fan

            Claire, have you ever thought about pursuing a career in writing smut novels for horny middle-aged women? You have a strange way with words when describing gay sex acts.

          11. Aaron

            You ever notice how your name, “Bruce Danus” sounds JUST like “Bruised Anus”?…. Pretty gay if you ask me.

            This is the most ignorant article I’ve ever read. Jesus was accepting of everyone, and you guys are supposed to follow his teachings… Maybe you guys need to study his teachings a little closer or buy yourself a “WWJD” bracelet. It’s disgusting to me that people like you and the author of this article actually exist in this world. Put this same effort that you put into gay bashing into things that actually matter and maybe we’d actually start making progress in this world.

        1. Alison Manson

          Awww kenny thank u 😉 and if urbas cool as u seem inwould ask u to marry me………. Oh what the hell! Will u “marry” me

          1. Kenny

            haha! Yes! I’ll marry you!

            Businessman Hank, How would God not find her attractive if he’s the one who made her??? Unless she was made by Satan…then I’m all the more interested! ROFL!

    1. Militant Negro

      wow so now you are even more retarded then you were, that is pretty fucked up. I hope somebody buys you a helmet and applesauce.

  3. Miro_lale

    I cannot help but think this whole website must be a huge joke. Because all these ‘christians’ are doing is turning peeps away from the religion. Homogays?! Really? We don’t have better things to discuss…like maybe the starving children in the world or world peace?!

  4. hahathisisstupid

    are you kidding me?! AHAHAHAHHA! Thats it! Whenever i go to one of these places, im going to have something rainbow covered!

  5. Jessica

    You people are unbelievable. You are NOT Christians. Do you think God will let you into Heaven with all of this hate in your heart? It’s people like you that are the problem with this World. Using Christianity to spread your hate, which is why so many people think Christians are hateful people. You have no right to judge these people, only God can do that.

  6. hissymama

    Why do you care so much about other peoples sexuality? You seem to be obsessed with “man sac worshippers”. You came up with all these whitty catchphrases regarding mens sexual parts. You must think about that ALOT! You should really stop thinking about the anus so much, it’s just not healthy and christian-like!

  7. BaoBao

    Brother Tyson, I also yet independently came up with the same conclusion about Apple’s logo in my article also published last night! Great minds, and both inspired by God. It was no coincidence. However, I must correct you only to point out that the homogay rainbow Apple logo was not its first. My research revealed that it’s first log was actually a tree with apple in it and a man (Adam) underneath!

        1. Jesus' No. 1 Fan

          Thanks for the correction Claire, I never would have understood what he was getting at if you hadn’t wasted our precious bandwidth with your grammatical police work.

  8. Molly

    This is just ridiculous. Jesus said to LOVE one another. He befriended those of “lesser morals,” or whatever we’re calling it. If you are truly a follower of Christ you will stop spreading this message of hate against fellow human beings. WWJD?

  9. David

    This is so Hillarious!! Awesome joke Tyson! Way to point out that some narrow minded individuals actually think this way. That some are reaching to find something terribly wrong with every thing around them. That some LOVE to point blame at everything to divert attention away from the sin in their own lives. Way to go brother!

  10. Colonel Blimpy

    Brothers August and Tyson,

    You should boycott all of these companies’ products, after writing a letter of course, then you’ll be able to live in a cave, presumably in America, without any modern conveniences! How perfect!

  11. UK Guy


    that’s some funny shit right there. most of doesn’t even make sense!

    oh, and “ass assassins” is possibly the most hilarious nickname for a homosexual person i’ve ever heard. thanks for that, but all in all, you’re a retard and you REALLY need to get laid.
    good day to you sir.

  12. Harold Camping

    The newer mono-color apple logo is an more nefarious symbol of the coming apocalypse.

    At least the original logos separated the races as God intended. The new logo shows the results of unfettered race-mixing. The world may end up beige, which is not what God intended.

    Steve Jobs, at his current 83 lbs. is paying the price for his sins against God.


    i am so thoroughly disgusted that some one would even waste they’re time on this. literally just…. appalled. how can you people even believe this? honestly, i think that the reason you people are so afraid of “homo-gays” is because you have repressed homosexual feelings. i have no tolerance for intolerance.

  14. Emily Best

    I’m british and a friend told me to go on this site as a joke, i swear i’ve read a couple of articles so far and i really cannot stop laughing!
    i really am struggling to take anything i read here seriously.
    Just thought i’d let you know the whole world is laughing at your messed up logic and way of thinking.
    please join the modern world its 2011 not 1911

  15. Shane

    I will remain skeptical and open minded because every person regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or sexuality has a right to their own opinion, but is this website, specifically this ‘gay logo’ post in line with ‘news articles’ from One must wonder how much time the author has spent researching ‘sin snakes’ and ‘young boy(s) touching twiddle rompus(es)’ to always see such ‘depraved’ imagery in completely ordinary abstract symbols. If you believe in Psychology, you might want to check out inkblots.
    In addition, you obviously haven’t done your own research well enough, because not all Bears are into Slave Power Bottom Twinks, and vice versa. The latter actually constitutes three varieties of Gay.

  16. Inquiring MInd

    I think that Tyson Bowers III is married to Betty Bowers. That is some wacky family!

    www dot bettybowers dot com

  17. VioletIris

    Apple represents an apple with a bite as an homage to a famous mathematic who helped a lot in the Second World War against nazis. He designed a machine to decode secret messages.
    He was then imprisioned just for being homosexual (oh, people suddenly forgot how much had he helped)and given a poisoned apple.
    Ah, um, by the way. About the cross, how about if I give you some historical facts?:
    The cross comes from the Egyptian symbol ankh. It represents eternal life and fertility, and its shape represents the male genitals. Symbol of fertility and sexual intercouse.

  18. Rev_Huey

    What has this world come to? Really? Is that the BEST you have? I mean, the BEST? Logo’s for “circle jerks”? Sperm swirling in circles? Seems to me you REALLY need to work on that closeted homosexual side you have and get well. How does that saying go, something about throwing stones and glass houses…

  19. Kyle

    Seriously, these logos are not homo. you people are just perverting innocent things. People would not think of that stuff if YOU weren’t making up this nasty mess!!! And your book, being as powerful as the bible? and -God after it??? lemme just tell you a thing or two God would NOT approve!!! The bible is above ALL!!! You people are WANNABE bible thumpers. Bible thumpers are bad enough, because we all know we are sinners and can’t live by every value, but y’all are WORSE!!! GET A LIFE AND QUIT PRETENDING YOU ARE CHRISTIANS!!! Christwire, haha y’all don’t even KNOW him, y’all are goin to hell yourselves. I’m glad I know him and won’t be in hell rotting with YOU! Blasphemers!

  20. Mr. Penis

    They’re not perverts, just repressed homosexuals. They probably see sex in everything, like people’s screen names. If they didn’t hate themselves so much, they wouldn’t act as if they hated others so much.

  21. Andrew

    Is this article serious? Like…are you people really serious? Yeah, I rape children every day. You got me. I also am horrible at everything but designing well-made logos. You got me again! You guys so figured me out!

  22. J. B. Nixon

    And to think I bought my bible at walmart! Those sneaky homogays, and their secret agendas have been pouring into every level of our great country with their conspiracy. I will have to pull out my old faithfull bible and compare the two verse by verse, I am sure those sneaky homogays have changed the word of the lord in their version to further their own agenda and lure and brainwash unsuspecting god fearing christians into their evil sinful life style.


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