Gays Release New Sexy Dragon Children’s Book

A new book for children is in the works of being published and the author is threatening lawsuit actions if the book is not published. What would be keeping it from being published? Well what about images of large Chinese dragons performing sex hole acts on automobiles? That is right. This gay author has written a book that has a cascade of homo erotic paintings, that tells the story of horny homo dragons traveling the world having unprotected flesh sword sex antics.

What this book is really about is, the dragons (the gays) traveling to capitalist countries and defacing their free trade governments (the automobiles). Each dragon adventure teaches our children to believe in Marxist ways of thinking, along with the that having gay sexy parties with other beefy, diseases infested leather bears is fun.

The author swears that their is no agenda behind the book and that the book is an artist expression piece that will expose children to modern culture.

Only in the Obama era would such gay and anti-capitalism filth be displayed in children’s books. Just like Obama, this book hates freedom and loves the fact that millions of cheerful sinners choose to be gay. This book also promotes the increase in gay welfare.

There is nothing “sexy” about a Japanese communist, gay dragon. Please view some of the sample artwork below.

28 thoughts on “Gays Release New Sexy Dragon Children’s Book

  1. Millenium

    sincewhen the japanese are communist ?

    and also these “dragon” are not chinese because european had dragon in their culture as well and they look like more european than chinese

    also another Note

    this book hates freedom and loves the fact that millions of cheerful sinners choose to be gay

    You said that they HATE freedom do you know what FREEDOM means ?

    they “choose to be gay” so they have the FREEDOM to be GAY am I right ? so how can they hate freedom if they “choose to be gay” ?

    what I mean is you contradict yourself

    also it’s not them who HATE FREEDOm but you, it’s you who want to control the everyday life of everyone in USA

    Here a few thing you want to ban or control

    – Ban Masturbation (not in public you Ban it totally)
    – Controling immigration (therefore killing or kicking out any non american people)
    – controling education ( no more science but a lot of religion )

    and it’s only the tip of Iceberg

      1. L.N

        According to your unfounded and misinformed beliefs. Ask yourself this: Would you want to live in a country that forces you to conform to their religious ideals?

          1. Claire

            This coming from the man who has no respect for women. Oh, and masturbation is not rape. We’ve been over this.

          2. Rev. Custer

            Remember, August.. Gays and lesbians are rape addicts. They can never relate to our sense of morals and ethics.

  2. Ice Van Winkle

    I never trusted dragons. They seem to always be either Chinese or European, but never solid American. And they were ever mentioned in the bible. Now that I see they are gay pedophiles to boot, well, I will scour my children’s books to make sure that there is no mention of dragons to pollute their impressionable souls.

    These disgusting creatures are nothing but gay dinosaurs!

  3. Claire

    “Gays and lesbians are rape addicts.”

    That is a fucking twisted thing to say! This comment is more proof of why this site is fucked up even if it’s a parody site. These people get their rocks off by saying such heinous shit like that.

  4. Blanche Beecham

    I think the inability to discern the yifference between moral and immoral behavior is unnerving. To see the furryocity within these portraits being shoveled down the throats of children is and should be a crime.

  5. Voice of Reason

    What is the name of the book, and what is your source? We’re all going to assume it’s fake if you can’t even provide a title.
    And each of those pictures is obviously by a different artist. The 4th picture has a different signature on it from all of the others, and almost all of them are in a completely different style.

  6. RabidKiwi

    Give me some proof of this actually happening, and then we’ll talk. Until then, why the hell would you post pictures like that? Is this site real, or are you just a bunch of trolls? Actually, you probably are a bunch of trolls… Damn it…

  7. Eric Rudolph

    As a 45 yr old hardcore conservative christian, I am glad to see a website to trust in, finally! I’m using this website’s ethics in means of raising my children in the golden throne of conservative christianity. I can’t believe those communist japs would try to convert my children into anal fecal fisting gnomes
    August weisz is the only person with reason. August, should i let my children watch discovery channel if their are homosexual dragons on it???

  8. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire, Jew

    SO, all of those pictures are obviously drawn by different people. Also, they aren’t from a book. They are from the internet, and can be found, most likely, by searching for the terms “dragon” “sex” “car”.