Homosexual Couple Jake and Amir Try to Force College Humor Fans to Pay $3 For Internet Video #occupycollegehumor

Over the years we have posted about the fact that College Humor promotes homosexual activity via their free to play videos hosted on their overly theatrical college smut site. Colleges across America are being constantly bombarded with pony anus videos, episodes of two homosexual Jews having an office love fling and not to mention, oodles of poorly written comic strips that talk about vampire molestation and dorm room masturbation tips.

College Humor has made millions and millions from their low budget videos and kindergarten drawings, but now they want to charge their viewers PayPal money to view their last video that stars the two homosexual hipsters, Jane and Amir (A Queer). In this 30 minute video of lust luster tallywag twaddle, you get to see Jake and Amir go and have adventures in local New York gay bars and get to watch them drive into homosexual street crimes and anal drug taking. The video is entitled “Fired” and after the outrage by their loyal viewers, something tells me that both Jake and Amir careers will be following their movie’s headline once they enter the CH headquarters tomorrow morning.

College Humor fans have risen up and are expressing their displeasure towards the greedy New York liberal internet site and have started the #occupycollegehumor movement. Here are some responses towards College Humor’s greedy action:

6 thoughts on “Homosexual Couple Jake and Amir Try to Force College Humor Fans to Pay $3 For Internet Video #occupycollegehumor

  1. August Weisz

    This article made me want to see what the big deal was. I got several popups and virus warnings. I was then confronted by more ads than content. The content that was there, you would have to pay me more than 3 dollars to go back and revisit.

  2. Aubrey

    1. Christwire.org They are pretty much a porn sight. But legalized some how.
    2. Christwire.org They are pretty much the anti-christ.
    3. Christwire.org They use vulgar language I would never let my child read.
    4. Christwire.org They talk about molesting your children.
    5. Christwire.org The above reasons should give you an idea why this sight is complete bullshit. But if you must continue reading.
    6. Christwire.org They do not even use biblical quotes.
    7. Christwire.org They have fake ass people running it.
    8. Christwire.org The fake ass people who run it have no fucking jobs, obviously.
    9. Christwire.org It is scads of apparently “old” people who are here to prey on your children’s minds
    10. Christwire.org There is an “old” lady named Susan who has no fucking clue what she is talking about.
    11. Christwire.org A guy named Steve who has a pedophile type picture for his profile is trying to seduce your children
    12. Christwire.org They are completely ass-backwards in what they talk about. For instance, saying that legitimate satanic bands are an a-ok Christian band.
    13. Christwire.org This site has no editor or mind filter what so ever. Made up words and 3rd grade grammar are excellent examples.

    This site is as fake as it really seems.

  3. Intelligent person

    God isn’t real you half-wit author. By the way, I could write a more grammatically correct article with my cock.


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