Howard Stern Tries To Bash Christwire With Hate

Howard Stern on Thursday decided to use his big liberal bull horn to try and harm Christwire.

Typical liberal……he finally reads something that is true about him and he attacks our little Christian site with malice anger!

11 thoughts on “Howard Stern Tries To Bash Christwire With Hate

  1. Yuske

    seems to me that howard stern has got you guys by the balls maybe its better if you get real evidance this time maybe?? eh?

    1. Billings' Lover

      LOL we all know THAT will never happen! if they had to provide us with legitimate evidence all the time this would be a pretty boring site

  2. jazze

    so basicly god have give you the right to be dicks to others but they do not have the right to do the same to you.
    i see god is a hypocrit. and as every sane person knows hypocrits are the embodiment of evil and stupidity.
    there for god is the essence of everything bad in this world. explains a lot really.

  3. ullugullu

    hah, you see everyone hates you dickshit…
    live and let live but christians dont let others live…
    think about it or die!

  4. Groucho

    LOL! this is NOT a real Christain site right? this is a joke right? funniest website I’ve ever been on. ROFL! so funny, I hope God doesn’t return anytime soon (he won’t) because I LOVE this site.

    1. Billings' Lover

      nope it’s all real…
      these guys are the master trollers. very dedicated. look em up on facebook, the hilarity ensues

  5. MeAwesome

    Because of these articles I did some research into his show. It would appear his attempts at comedy are very lowbrow. It appeals to the very unintelligent and uneducated as its target audience. Flatulence noises and jokes about bodily functions seem to be what his listeners think is funny. It also appeals to people who are unemployed or who have a work environment where people have time to listen to the radio during the day. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, business people do not listen to his program. Ive also been told it has tricked an entire generation into interrupting with the words “baba-booie” like it is funny.

  6. Billings' Lover

    so its ok for you guys to bash whoever you please, with no fact based evidence, just your random numbers thrown out at us, but as soon as someone else starts to come back at you guys you have to start crying and post more hateful bigotry on your cyber-shitbox you call a website. Doesn’t seem very christian to me. but then again I DO believe you guys might just be the homo-spawn of Lucifer himself. He’s having relations with Sadaam so looks like you guys are the ass-children product of Satan and Sadaam. sucks…sorry to hear that


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