Liberals Want to Rewrite Disney Films

The liberal mind is sick and twisted. It is a Jello bowl consumed with homosexuality and Communism. Below is some artwork that is being proposed to Disney as rewrites of their most famous classics. Liberal Hollywood says they want to give the films an updated look, feel and story line.



Cinderella and Snow White’s Lesbian Fun Land of Clam Dabble

Prince DDF 

Occupy Wall Street Tramp

8 thoughts on “Liberals Want to Rewrite Disney Films

  1. Captain Obvious

    … Shopped.

    Decent shops, but cartoon shopping is always easy, especially when it’s a simple clone/reverse job.

        1. L.N

          You can’t even spell ad hominem properly, and I’m just flat out calling you sick and disgusting. Go fucking define ad hominem before you wave it around, you clone of Billings.

  2. Bill Gaul

    Do they intend to “remaster” Fantasia? Dancing hippos become dancing bears – in leather? Oh my stars and bars!

  3. Get a Life Dracula

    Way to Photoshop this entire thing. It is kinda sad that you feel the need to attack everyone’s childhood memories like that.


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