Mikey Cyrus Shows Off Her Marinated Sin Treats

When the name Miley Cyrus is mentioned, it should be no shock that the first thing that comes to mind is, “sinful pot smoking, double smut whorelet” and that is only because it is true. Maybe it is due to the fact that she is always getting caught doing one of two things; smoking the pots with liberal Hollywood kids, while laughing at starving African children, or flashing the public with her supple and plump milk nipples that are filled with devil venom.

The pics we are showing today are more proof that Miley’s main goal in life is to brainwash the masses of young males across the world to “forcefully attack penis” AKA “FAP” (This is underground B channel talk) themselves into a demonic state of orgasmic pleasure and become closer to Satan. Miley’s little pictorial sex tricks are causing young men to spend less time worrying about becoming Christian leaders and spending more time on becoming future Occupy Wall Streeters or even worse, interracial relationshipers.

These images are a nickel short of a black hipped hopped video where the girls shake their dump trucks for sexual attention. Now these types of violently sexicuted pictorials are leaving the ghetto and insertering themselves into the porclien faced households of upper-middle class America.

Long gone are the days of kids listening to Amy Grant in their Walkmans and snapping their hip fingers to a positive message. Now it is sinfully touching themselves while looking at orange bikinied devil whores, while listening to porn pop music from their gay created iPlayers.

45 thoughts on “Mikey Cyrus Shows Off Her Marinated Sin Treats

          1. Claire

            “I’m not sexist, I just think that women should remain in silence because they were supposedly made from the rib of man and thus this makes them inferior.” – Adam Nelson

            “I can have all the premarital sex I want but I’ll judge others who do the same thing.” – Adam Nelson

      1. KateMcT27

        Hahaha fuck you guys are a joke. You give all Christians a bad name! Does it make you feel closer to god when you insult others? I didn’t know wearing a bikini was such a terrible crime. Her tits and vagina are well contained in her bikini, so what’s the problem? Please tell me what is wrong here? I’d love to hear your responce. What do you swim in? A fucken holy blanket or something?

  1. Millenium

    so just because she is in bikini it’s wrong ??

    you are condemning 3.5 Billion of women as well for doing the same ?

    1. Dragonman

      You can say that again, militant!

      OT: I see a girl in a bikini. I think she is an absolutely AWFUL singer, but she isn’t committing a crime. The cat shit is too much for you to handle, bruh bruh

    1. Pebrocks The Atheist

      How can one rape their own body? Rape is when someone has sex with another without their saying. Albert, were you born stupid or did you become like this after you became a clown?

          1. Pebrocks The Atheist

            None of those help August’s bullshit.

            “the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.”

            What August says is complete retardation at it’s finest. You are still going off of retarded beliefs that are wrong.

        1. ben

          love how you used a neutral source, definitions all mention that its a physical act, you twat, YOU’RE THE ONE THAT NEEDS AN EDUCATION

  2. Millenium

    oh and btw clownboy having sex with a little boy without their consent is considerate rape and childabsue rememebr that next time you sexually abuse little boy with Billings

    1. OddAtheist

      The Y on her bikini? Oh you mean the one on her ass? That’d be where the bikini is somewhat in her ass, essentially ass cleavage…sorta

    1. LinuxGamerTheist

      Yeah, in case your brain has completely been replaced with cat shit, Bowers, let me explain that fap is an onomatopoeic of masturbation originating in manga and popularized in america by Sexy Losers.

      (that was off the top of my head, didn’t even Google it, fuck yeah)

  3. Jabbra

    It breaks my heart seeing a young lady prancing around in the devils clothing, the images above remind me how I never want my daughters to turn out. Infact I’ve printed the images out and placed one in every room of my house, to remind them how not to be. I’ve even set it as my background on my ‘PC’, and on my ‘mobile phone’ much to my wife’s anger and jealousy. I haven’t told her about the secret one in the toilet…


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