More Black Music Influences White Youth to Become Thugs

Why is it that people think it’s so cute to watch a young child dance in a sexual way while listening to the most hateful and malicious form of music known to man.

In this video, we have more proof that when young child listen to this music, they become possessed by the devil. Hipped hopped music is the closest thing to devil music that I can think of. The lyrics that spew from these black’s mouth is horrible.

Here is a short list of a few things they brainwash our children with:
Drug use
Committing violence against white people
Having children out of wed lock, or what they call having a “baby mom ma”

The parents of this child or either stupid, or know that they are exposing their son to the devil. If that be the case I say we tie them behind horses and let those horses run free!

33 thoughts on “More Black Music Influences White Youth to Become Thugs

  1. Claire

    I cannot believe how racist you people are.

    Although I’m not a fan of hip/hop because of the way it regards women, there is nothing satanic about it.

  2. Anatoliy

    Also, you’re talking about torturing and killing the parents of the child in the video you posted and incorrectly labeled as “sexual” dancing? What kind of sick pile of shit are you?

  3. karlos

    Wow…Claire and Anatoly…Lest anyone think that you might have had all the intelligence educated out of yourselves, can either of ye find any merit in what was shown in that video?

  4. slick

    hey if this shit offends you, why not write about brutal death metal and black metal? there’s plenty of awesome god-hating in this sort of music. PURE SATANIC CHAOS m/

  5. Nick

    So let me get this straight, as Christians we are called to:
    -Love our enemies
    -Expand the kingdom of Christ
    -Be a light to the world
    and Im sure I could name a few more if i had the time, but all of you would agree to those 3.

    Let me ask you this, does this article show any of those?

    -Love our enemies: you are being raciest, putting others down and speaking like they are less than you, plus they are CHILDREN probably not even 10 years old, they dont even know what 90% of the words are in the songs played.
    -Expand the kingdom of Christ: If I were a non-Christian, why on earth would I want to support or be part of the whole christian thought after reading this article?! It turns people away and gives us a bad name. Its crap like this that makes christians hated

    -Be a light to the world: once again calling people devil worshipers and hang on let me quote you “The parents of this child or either stupid, or know that they are exposing their son to the devil. If that be the case I say we tie them behind horses and let those horses run free!”

    What is that? Lets see, if you tie someone up to a horse and let them run, that person will DIE! what is that? hmmmm MURDER!!!!! In the same freaking paragraph you say that music is influencing murder onto kids, how about you look at your own life and what is coming out of your own mouth first!!! (take a refresher course on what we are actually called to be like and read matthew 7:3)

    Sorry but you disgust me.

  6. This site is a Parody!

    HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! i just got it now! this site is a Parodii

    Ahhhh you guys had me going for a while with the blind following!

    hahahahahahahaah nice one guys! 😀

  7. Wurzt

    Enough of this hippity hoppity nonsense! Y’all need to listen to some goood music, like sum Nat king cole

  8. Jon in DC

    While I wholeheartedly agree with the underlying premise that godless music poisons young minds using what will be viewed by most as a “cute” video kind of undermines your argument.

  9. Stephy

    Lol just grow up and get a life for goodness sake. Shut up about hip hop music. Your just so pathetic. Hip hop doesn’t shout about satan. It’s just all talk and no action. It’s nothing to do with the kids.

    Here I listen to 50 cent and eminem annd others does that mean I’m the devil child even though I earn a good wage, I am a decent and loving child whom helps out her grand father who is ill, I look out for my friends ect.

    I dont think I am.

  10. Adam Nelson.

    Oh my, I think I’m in love. It combines everything I LOOOVE.
    #1. Hip Hop Music
    #2. Boy
    #3. Little Boy
    #4. DANCING little boy!

    Now if only a sheep and shark were involved, I’d be totally orgasmic!!! Brother Toppers! Bring the lotion tonight! I’m going to give it you you goooooood tonight.

    P.S. Please bring the sheep, Deacon Bowers is bringing the goat and will be the “receiver” tonight.

  11. Adam Nelson

    Unless you think that pimping womans, smoking some drugs and then shooting your friend’s in the face to steal their money is good, you better agree this music is Satanic. All the hipped hopped culture celebrates is violence and it breaks my heart that these parents would let their child get exposed to those people’s music.

    I wonder if there is any way we can encourage the blacks community to boycott this music all together.

  12. Anatoliy

    You’re one ignorant moron. There’s plenty of hip hop music that’s not about “satanic” behavior. Just as there is plenty of music made by white people that’s morally degrading. From reading this website though I can definitely see that all Christwire editors are nothing but ignorant, racist, and closed minded idiots. I think someone should write an article called “Whites Spouting Nonsense Influences Other Idiots to Hate Blacks”, it’d be pretty accurate eh?

  13. Claire

    “Unless you think that pimping womans…”

    HELLO! I just said that I don’t like hip hop because of the views toward women.

    Oh yeah, and it should be “women”, not “womans”. Also you meant “shooting your friend” not “friend’s”. “Friend’s” is short for “friend is”. So unless you meant to say “shooting your friend is in the face” you need some grammar lessons. Oh, and it’s hip hop, not “hipped hopped”. And it’s the “black community” not “blacks community”. And one more thing: it’s “altogether” not “all together”.

  14. cole722kash

    Please look in the mirror before you judge. It’s poplular because there’s truth to it on some level. If you haven’t been raised in the hood, how can you understand.

    I became a fan and participant in 1992. I was a teen trying to understand why things were the way they were. The album called “The Chronic” changed my life. It gave me the truth, no matter how inflamatory it was. I now MC in my spare time.

    If you go to find faults, find faults with yourself first. How about the positives of “Black People Music”. That phrase is racist and untrue. Hope, and truth are some of the things that Hip Hop brings to the game.

    Here’s something for everybody reading to try. Take a conterversial MC such as Ludacris, Jay Z, 50 Cent, or Eminem. Now find the lyrics to a song or two and disect it. What’s the purpose of the track? How many metephors are hidden? Is it heart felt? Is he spreading truth, no matter how unplesant. Questions like these will make you appreciate this art-form. The complexity, verbage,and overall context mixed with instruments brings substance to a Hip Hop song.

    BTW Show me the error in my ways, if you can.

  15. Adam Nelson

    Well look at little Susy Homemaker here and her fancy lessons from day school. It’s good to know you women are getting to practice your print and such in tablets these days, but I’ll mind you to watch your tongue and tone if you’re going to be taken seriously in a conversation, Miss. Once again, like a typical woman you get distracted and deviate from the subject at hand.

    Satan loves violence and this hipped hopped music does nothing but promote…violence. Satan loves the black culture music and jumps for joy when proper parents let their kids get infected by it.

  16. Claire

    “Susy Homemaker”??? When I grow up, I’ll be ANYTHING but a homemaker. I just enjoy pointing out the fact that you have lousy grammar and writing skills. Oh, and I’m not going to “mind my tongue and tone” just because I’m a female. I’ll say whatever the hell I want to.

  17. Adam Nelson

    Many of the good black leaders even disagree with your false statement here, and it’s for good reason my friend.

    The noble Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not impressed by hipped hipped music. Even the liberal black leaders like Jesse Jackson, Alfred Sharpton, Mrs. Oprah Winfrey, Mr. Bill Cosby and the list goes on and on, have a problem with what this hipped hipped music is doing to their youth.

    I am not racist, but I do not like the glorification of drugs, violence and disrespecting girls in this new form of black urban decadence. People always talk about how blacks in certain ‘areas’ (the ghetto neighborhoods) statistically fall into trips like teenaged pregnancy, drugs, gangs and not getting higher education. It’s like they are stuck in a cycle.

    Music that encourage the girls to thing they are whores and boys to want the high rolling, fast paced gangster lifestyle is not doing anything positive for these kids and I’m offended that these artists and their record company pimps continue the cycle of exploiting these kids with dirty lyrics and songs, filling their culture with massive amounts of negativity.

    So you take your presumptive self elsewhere. I don’t like the black music because of what it teaches and is having influence over kid by setting their ‘reality’. It has nothing to do with not liking black people, I just don’t like this new hellbound culture of depression and negativity that’s looming around in their lives and they try to emulate.

  18. Claire

    “I am not racist, but I do not like the glorification of drugs, violence and disrespecting girls”

    Uh, you disrespect females too, dude.

  19. kimani reddick

    wat the fuck did u jus say you son of a bitch racist piece of shit im 14 and im black it jus makes me so mad when i hear someone bieng racist i hate it so bad hip hop is not satinic okay not all songs r like tat and that song isnt bad u jus a bunch of narrow minded ignorant fuks and notice that there are white rappers too not jus black and latino but to me to u if i ever hear u say that again i WILL PERSONALLY TRACK YOU DOWN AND FUCK YOU UP YOU HEAR ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT have respect for all races not just your own

  20. kimani reddick

    nat king cole suks asss and i listen to hip-hop cause it soothes my soul but u probally hav no soul tats y ur so god damn bitter

  21. kimani reddick

    its 50 cent dumbass and eminem is my favorite rapper hes had a very hard life due to his mother and his wife and the songs that he makes help people who are having a bad time in their life to be strong and dont give in to despair you would kno that if u listend to his songs carefully

  22. Jaspr

    Honestly everyone, don’t bother arguing with people like this. They are so deluded and stuck in their ways. They fear any change and everything else. Other than making yourself angry and the other person even more deluded and fanatic, nothing will come of it.

    Just give them wide birth and pray they never come into any seat of respectable power.

    Those who are so blinded by there beliefs that they miss the true purpose of faith legitimately terrify me, not a groups of blacks that would surely terrify this racist POS.

  23. Adam Nelson

    Yes, with lyrics like “(Badword), I’m going to kill you! You don’t want to ‘beep’ with me!”, “Hey Slim, that’s my girlfriend screaming in the trunk, but I didn’t slit her throat I just tied her up, see I ain’t like you, because if she suffocates she’ll suffer more then she’ll die to.”, “In third grade all you should do is sniff glue through a tube and play Rubik’s cube”.

    Yes, this music is all about values. Please.

  24. Jesus Christ

    To Tyson Bowers III :
    I don’t know why in the hell you think that music can influence a persons actions to be a thug or whatever it is that you want to call them. Truth is, i would like to see you come run your mouth about this radical religious shit out in public to a group of young people where i live. I’ll tell you one thing, we would make you look unoticable and and your casket would be empty on your funeral day. I would laugh at the sight of you begging for your life while you get slaughterd like fucking farm meat. I just suggest you stay behind your computer desk and keep talking shit and never be seen in public. By the way i’m a white American citizen and you should kill youself before someone else does. (:


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