Amazon Stands Up To The Gay Agenda

Amazon is removing sales rank numbers from Homo Agenda based books because they don’t want queer material showing up in searches and best seller lists. BRAVO!

One of the main books they are removing from sales ranking is the sin marinated book by Ellen DeGeneres. This book does nothing but promote lesbian love and gay “rights”. Good thing Amazon agrees with us and knows that gays don’t have any rights besides burning in the fires of hell.

I’m so happy to see Amazon standing up and saying no to hardcore porn books written by these queer demons to promote their sinful lifestyle onto our young children.

Amazon knows that if they are forced to post gay books, they will soon have to promote books like “How to Molest a Child” or “How to sin against God, by playing with another mans tinkle twattle.”

We applaud you Amazon. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping us putting a stop to these queers.

17 thoughts on “Amazon Stands Up To The Gay Agenda

  1. Proud

    All of you people that have anything to do with this site are very sick. You need to seek help. You are all living in the stone ages and are blinded by a storybook full of lies and mistruths.

    I hope you all have a miserable life for the things that you have said here and in other stories on this site.

    This site should be shut down.

  2. Colin

    To: Tyson Bowers III

    This is the second time that I’ve ended up here on this site this evening and I really can’t understand how people can be so ignorant and bigoted. Do you really believe the things that you are saying ? I’ve been trying to write you a proper response however I’m so put back by your words that I’m finding it very difficult to reply. Based on this and your previous posts it is evident that you are well beyond reason and are full of hate so I won’t even begin to try and tell you why much of what you have posted is morally wrong. I was going to take the high road and not throw out any insults but what you’ve written is very offensive to me and I find that you are very bigoted. And before you come off spewing things such as “how could an atheist like you have morals etc etc.” I will say this:

    1) I have considered myself an agnostic for a very long time which is very different from being an atheist.

    2)It is people like you that have continually made me realise how ridiculous religion is and how much of a plague it is on humanity and how much better we would all be without it.

    I also find it very interesting that many Christians (if that is what you believe, I’m only assuming this based on the website’s title) are quick to discredit materials that they find offensive but never consider the fact that what they believe/say/write/do may be offensive to others as well. It’s a two way street that you’re playing on so be careful, you may not hear the sound of that bus fast approaching behind you.

    So now I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom that I believe were written in the Bible:

    “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

  3. Cirno


    Eye got my (9) get!

  4. Cassie

    I really just love the term ‘sin marinated’. That’s all. I can’t be fucked making a long reply about how ignorant and whatnot this is. I think most people can see that for themselves.

  5. Etiquette

    This is fucked.
    This whole site is fucked.

    And to think that before I read this post, I was devoted to Church and spreading love.

    Fuck you all. God loves everything and everybody; homosexuals/bisexuals included.

  6. Gary

    Mmmmm, I just love love. I also like making love to my beautiful life partner, Jake. And we love our 7 year old adopted daughter, and we would like to point out that most child molesters are straight men, often Christians.

  7. Abe

    I can’t believe I missed this filthf! Typical gays trying to always indoctrinate people with their agenda on the internet.

    Thank you Amazon for helping burn down the gay Agenda.

  8. Colin

    Yes exactly I’m quoting your lords book because apparently you haven’t read it at all and needed a little refresher in it. Not that I’ve read it or anything, I might one day when it’s finally filed under “Fiction” at the book store. Also this just proves my point that you’re ignorant seeing as you have no idea what an agnostic is.

  9. Overlord Laharl


    But don’t you also quote his book? Talk about hypocrite much.

    Oh, and what I find amusing is that your post is number 7666. Just remove the 7.


    Stop clinging to your beLIEfs in a FUCKING BOOK.

    Also, “queer demons”? I have NEVER seen a gay demon in my life, thank you very much. Study moar; most pedos are heterosexuals. It’s a well known fact.

    But then again, this whole website is a lie.

    I claim it now.


  10. adam corley

    Tyson, you are an uneducated piece of filth. These people come on here and actually give you facts, and you Say: “You are agnostic but you quote my lords book”. Hell yes we quote it. It is a fiction novel written from many points of view by a man named Adghelithra Bonanzdiahz 2009 years ago.

  11. Seraph Lamington

    Well, interesting to note, it actually IS fiction.


    Picture not related, but I just love my bonsai~


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