NBC Tweets False Ground Zero Attack to Increase Twitter Followers

In a poor attempt at gaining a jolt of ratings and Twitter followers, NBC decided to play a sick joke on America and the punch line was the most vile thing ever spewed out of a liberal mouth. On September 9th, NBC Tweeted that a flight number 5736 had crashed into ground zero and they even made their own evil hashtag to promote their “vile” marketing plan. Within minutes the non researching followers of NBC started to update their Twitter via their iPhones with #groundzeroattack along with the @NBCNews. This was using terror and fear to spread the username of NBC in hopes to gain as many new followers as possible.

But the joke didn’t stop there. After they gained another 10,000 followers, NBC decided to post another terror Tweet, by saying another plane, flight 4782 was hijacked.

Unlike the non-researching hacks that follow NBC and anything that their anchors vomit up as news, Christwire already knew that this was a fake story. Due to our vast knowledge about NBC’s propaganda, we knew 5736 is actually the 4 digit pin number for Rachael Maddow’s lesbian dating phone service voice mailbox and 4782 is the gate code for the underground gay leather bar on 3rd Avenue and E 92nd Street.

16 thoughts on “NBC Tweets False Ground Zero Attack to Increase Twitter Followers

        1. L.N

          No, they lie out their ass all the time. Amongst all of the news channels or studios or whatever, Fox is the worst one of them. They’ve set up several interviews with people only to never let them talk and barrage them with lies, and if ‘balance’ ever came up, they’d cut the interview off.

          1. L.N

            Never said NBC was perfect. I just said that Fox News is worse. Compare the shit that others have done to what Fox has done, and they’re far and away the worst one of the news corporations.

  1. Alisonmanson

    they did that to get more twitter followers,
    do ppl do it cus u need friends and are alone and want gay ass sex with everyone who doesn’t believe ur shit
    u know i would have been friends wit u but u are all assholes!!!!
    but if ur not add me no facebook!! click the name bros and bro-ettes


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