New Black Gay Rap Anthem Promotes Raping of Kids and Your Wifes

Finally some up close and personal video taped proof of how violent and dangerous black music and people can be. I recently found a video lurking on Youtube that shows a black gay sugar plumb fairy singing about raping your kids, wife and he even says he will rape your husband too. They even title the song “Bed Intruder”. how much more do you need? Have the gays and afro-saxon’s started to create hybrids or gay violent mean who rap hipped hopped style?

I can tell this video was filmed in the “projects” because a typical crackhead has a little cameo about how hardcore her neighborhood is. Sweetheart having a 2nd grade education and smoking a cheap form of cocaine does not make you tough!

At the end of the video you can see the effects of hipped hopped music on young white children. They are already mimicking the lyrics and gay gangsta type mannerisms and high pitched voices.

23 thoughts on “New Black Gay Rap Anthem Promotes Raping of Kids and Your Wifes

  1. KAY

    how STUPID can you sound ? you’re such a racist BASTARD. if you listened to what the man said you would know that he wasn’t talking about he himself raping people STUPID . Also, how DARE you put the Christ in the name of this website when clearly what you say do not represent Christ AT ALL . A soldier of God ? PLEASE ! you make me SICK . you’re a poor excuse of a person and I have no clue why you would want to be so IDIOTIC and IGNORANT . Also, before you write something, I strongly suggest you go back to middle school because OBVIOUSLY you can’t even write an article properly .

      1. Jordan A.

        Capitalization here is being used to create emphasis within the text, not as a grammatical style. In the absence of font options, such as bold or italics, this is a valid move (albeit creating a somewhat excessive tone). However, any night school GED teacher could point out the following flaws with your post:

        “….a black gay sugar plumb fairy singing about raping your kids, wife and he even says he will rape your husband too…”

        The word is “Sugar plum.” It comes from a type of food. Also, this is a sentence splice. To make it correct, consider saying “…singing about raping your kids, your wife, and even your husband.” If you want all the original words, you’ll need to split the sentence as follows: “…raping your kids and wife. He even says….”

        Speaking of “He” in your post — why do you switch from “he” at the beginning to using “they” in the rest of the paragraphs? Quite apart from the need to use the correct gender, this is inconsistent.

        At the beginning of “how much more do you need?,” the “how” should be capitalized.

        In “Sweetheart having a 2nd grade education…,” you need a comma between “Sweetheart” and the rest of the sentence in order to make in a proper vocative address.

        Finally, “hipped hopped music” is incorrect. “Hip hop” is not a verb in this situation, it’s an adjective. This means that it doesn’t need to be conjugated.

        As Christ would say, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Maybe you should let Christ be your proofreader in addition to your pilot.

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    What is she talking about? Is this a transgender?

    All I know is that it proves that the gay culture is even moving deep within the African American community, so now we’ll have gay gangsters attacking upstanding kids in dark alleys with gay backside attacks. Just another danger from the ‘hood’.

    1. paddy

      i’ll bet its comments like these that m ake it all worth it… the guys who write these are almost genius’s what would be best is if no one knew this was all a spoof

    2. The Comedian

      Adam, you never bothered watching the video, did you? Hell, you don’t even know what the hell is behind the story of this, do you? Nope, you’re too damn stupid to learn a thing.

  3. Jazze

    unless you are so retardet that you can’t hear something without going o´n to do it this is not a problem. if you are that retardet then i’m sorry to say but the only problem is you. we can think for our selves. and unlike you we know the difrence between fantasy and reality.

  4. steme

    tyson bowers,
    The music video was created by the white piano player at the end of the video as a parody of the original news broadcast shown here:

    I am not sure how a local act of violence was spinned by the liberal media, since it was just showing what happened. Perhaps in some clips that were left out we would see the black guy raping husbands before he made an impassioned attack on the person who attacked his sister. Typical of black people, eh?

    by the way, lord knows you are spreading filth and for this you will be judged. i can’t wait to see your face when you realize you have been serving the devil this entire time.

  5. Anonymous

    Did you not know that this comes from an actual newscast about someone breaking into a house and trying to rape a woman? Some WHITE kids took the news cast and turned it into a song. Get your facts straight.

  6. Christinsanity

    Seriously? This is so out of context.
    If this is satire, it is really bad
    satire. Satire doesn’t usually make
    you question whether it is real or
    not, it usually lets you know if it
    is satire. The problem is I have met
    people who mirror everything on this
    site. If it is satire it should explicitly
    say that it is. Still funny, satire or


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