Perez Hilton’s New Children’s Book Promotes Gay Prepubescent Taint Tingles

The Boy With Pink Hair is the title of Perez Hilton’s newest gay propaganda book to turn children into fecal ferrets before they even reach the age of five. Funny, this is the same age that most gays agree they find most attractive. To prove my point that this is targeted to your children, the recommended age for this book is 3 and up and even states it should be put in TAX PAYER elementary libraries.

Unlike emos, gays still have dark souls, so they still have some worth to Satan and the gay populous is trying to make sure hell has enough fuel to burn for eternity. With this book being pushed into every school around the world, Satan himself now has a book club ten times larger than Oprah’s.

The gays know if they can confuse the young mind during it’s highest state of development, they can brainwash the gay gene into the wiring of our children’s minds. They predict that for every ten children that read this book, eight will be locked into the grasps of the gay syphilis lifestyle. They hope by the age of five or six, that young boys develop taint tingles when they come in contact with another male. This is a way to measure if they have caught the gay plague.

One review so far for Hilton’s attempt at gay indoctrination:

Perez is a mean bully who wouldn’t have a blog without copy/pasting news and berating already troubled celebrities. His trendsetting includes pooping on cardboard cutouts of Justin Beiber. I’m not sure why anyone would let their children around “Perez Hilton”, let alone read a book about tolerance from one of the biggest hypocrites on the internet.

If you allow your children to read this book, they will end up growing up like our pink haired friend to the left of us. Drugged out, pink hair and full of demonic urges to engage in man anal sin docking.

So unless you want your son walking the street corners of West Hollywood, begging for a quick fix of ecstasy, than you better march your Christian footed rump down to your local school district and demand that this book be burned. Just like a vampire, the only way to vanquish the homo threat from our children is by fire!

Perez’s next book will be co-authored with Ellen and rumors have it that the title will be “My Yummy Kitty”.

46 thoughts on “Perez Hilton’s New Children’s Book Promotes Gay Prepubescent Taint Tingles

      1. Sarah

        She isn’t agreeing with you. She’s pointing out that you’re wrong.
        I for one, would like to point out that you’re a retard.
        Good day.

      1. Emosexual Bitch (aka Caitlin)

        I’m just so wrong, damn you and your “christian” site, did you go to a church with a hillbilly rapist to teach you about “god”

      2. Christian Intellectual

        “Homosexuality is not wrong.”

        And what evidence do you have to prove it ?

        We have the word of God.

        1. L.N

          We live in a society that has tons and tons and tons of gay people that surround you, and yet how much damage do they cause? How often do you turn on the tv to find gay people doing something terrible like ransacking a store or killing people?

          Oh, and as for your ‘word of God’? Yeah, that’s not gonna fly when the fact that it’s been edited constantly is taken into account, you filthy liar.

          1. Christian Intellectual

            “We live in a society that has tons and tons and tons of gay people”

            The gays are a small minority.

            “how much damage do they cause?”

            They cause child rape, sexual trafficking, sexual slavery, AIDS, anal drugs, immorality, SIN, earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

            What evidence do you have to prove that the Bible has been “edited constantly” ?… NONE.

          2. L.N

            “The gays are a small minority.”

            You want to think that they’re incredibly small, but the fact is that there’s quite a few of them around.

            “They cause child rape, sexual trafficking, sexual slavery, AIDS, anal drugs, immorality, SIN, earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.”

            Pedophiles rape children.
            Sex traffickers cause sex trafficking (and sex slavery, they’re the same).
            AIDS has been proven to not come from homosexuals.
            Anal drugs don’t exist, and even if they do, you still have no proof that homosexual people as a whole are responsible for it, or even participate in any acts that are similar.
            Morality is a metaphysical concept that differs from person to person. Your idea of morality is wanting to murder people who are different, my idea of morality is to lock people like you up in a jail cell.
            Homosexual’s don’t cause ‘sin’, especially if it’s, again, a metaphysical concept which you will change the definition of whenever you’re involved with sinning.
            Natural disasters are called natural disasters for a reason; if God was responsible for each and every disaster, then that means every lightning storm that’s occurred near a church, every flood that’s occurred near a ‘holy’ residence, every type of disaster that has ever struck a place that people consider holy is an act of God that proves that he’s pissed off at Christians. But, oh wait, it’s a natural disaster whenever you people are involved.

            “What evidence do you have to prove that the Bible has been “edited constantly” ?… NONE.”

            It’s been proven before that there were passages edited in and out throughout time, especially certain passages that cast Jesus in an entirely different light.

          3. Claire

            “They cause child rape”

            Then why are 99% of all victims of forcible rape females?

            “sexual trafficking, sexual slavery”

            Check this out for facts about sex trafficking. Homosexuals have nothing to do with it.


            HIV originated from chimpanzees in West Africa. Chimpanzees are so closely related to humans that the SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) mutated and became infectious to humans when the chimps were eaten or when their blood came in contact with open wounds on the bodies of the natives.


            “anal drugs”

            Anal drugs? What, like suppositories?

            “immorality, SIN”

            Weren’t immorality and sin created by Adam and Eve or whatever? Too bad you Christians can’t make up your minds.

            “earth quakes”

            Earthquakes are caused by the shifting of the plates under the earth.


            Tornadoes are caused by rotating thunderstorms called supercells.


            Hurricanes are caused by thunderstorm cells coming off of the coast of Africa.

          4. Glaringly Obvious Man

            You know, for someone who KNOWS he’s being trolled, you sure do give a lot of credit to these guys by addressing each one of their points individually. Is there any particular reason you feel like arguing with people whose viewpoints are imaginary?

        2. Silje

          homosexuality is NOT WRONG! what the fuck is wrong with you guys? you hate fucking EVERYTHING!!!! and “the word of God” does NOT count as evidence! do you KNOW someone who`s a homosexual?! you crazy christians grew up with your heads up you asses…. you people hate everyone who doesnt believe in the same as you. how can you teach your innocent kids to believe the same? anyway, you guys miss the fun of life, and you try to make others just as miserable as yours. I am christian, but not in the same extreme way as you are. I grew up with a lesbian aunt, and I am happy for it, because it has taught me to be “tolerant” about homosexuality. when I see her, I dont think “she`s gay, therefore she must be a terrible person and talks to satan”. I never think about it. if I find out someone I went to high school with, has “comed out of the closet”, I think -good for him/her!

  1. HatersMakeMeFamous

    this as to be a joke…I agree, Claire. it spreads understanding. But seriously WTF is wrong with you liars who claim your christian? These people are such fakers…

    1. Piety

      Unfortunatly this is not a joke, this book is really trying to be pushed on our children and schools. Homosexuality is a disease brought on by satan. Its not their faults, but once a homosexual that individual is under the control of satan, and the book is an effort to convert these young fragile children into orgy obsessed drug fueled heathens. If they can push this book into schools then we should be allowed to once again teach the bible in school. Its only fair.

      1. etrius

        put the bible near any school and you’ll be surrounded by people fighting against it and people will try to help you….fact is more people are against then with it for a reason.That reason is that the cross is the most feared symbol in the world

  2. BVB, BOTDF, FIR are my saviors!

    So, you are telling me that if you are homosexual then you do drug? Okay, yeah, sure. (note the sarcasm). I have pleanty of homosexual friends, and even though i am straight, they are the nicest people i have ever met. They are way nicer than all you so called “Catholic” holy people. How is talking shit about others make you more holy in the eyes of god? Gays are just as nice as other people (way nicer than you) and they are just as smart. So, before you start trashing gays, how about you meet one? My best friends and my favorite singers are gay. Jeffree Star, Jayy Von Monroe, Adam Lambert. They are all gay. I have met all of them besides Jeffree and they were all nice. So meet one. Oh wait, I forgot. You think that if you get near one then you become one and dont go to heaven. Well, then you are serioussly messed up.

    1. BVBarmy, SGTC luv BOTDF FIR BMTH

      Wait…I thought jayy was Bi…? wow i guess not but hes still pretty hawt haha And yeah I hav gay and bi best friends ( I dont know any lesbians) and trashing them is SO unfair…
      LOL @BVB, BOTDF, FIR are my saviors!…cool

      1. BVB, BOTDF, FIR are my saviors!

        Yeah, well i coud be wrong. On his facebook he says that he is bi, but prefers men, but on his myspace he says that he is gay.. So yeah he probably is bi, but is more into men.

  3. Christian Intellectual

    Parent need to remember that the Bible says that the antichrist is going to be a gay.


    1. L.N

      The bible doesn’t say that the antichrist is going to be gay.

      In fact, according to the bible, the antichrist is literally someone who doesn’t believe in Christ. No ‘world ending disasters’, no ‘fools the masses into believing in Satan’, none of that crap. The word ‘anti’ in ‘antichrist’ does not mean that there’s some direct opposite of Christ, it’s literally just someone who doesn’t support or believe in him.

      1. Christian Intellectual

        “Daniel 11:37 – Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, NOR THE DESIRE OF WOMEN, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all”

        That means GAY !

        1. L.N

          Several things.

          1. “Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the Antichrist.” (2 John 1:7)

          Bam! Proof that the antichrist is literally anyone who doesn’t believe in Christ.

          2. The original text could be translated differently. Considering how the other three points talk about other gods, it’s quite possible that the text meant the Gods that the women follow if they were not following the lord. It makes no sense to include ‘the desires of women’ and leaving it at that when the other three points are roughly the same. However, it ends up making sense when you translate it differently using the context of the sentence. Had two of the points been completely different, you would’ve had a leg to stand on, but instead, you just instantly assume what YOU want to assume. Hell, even taking that line into account, who’s to say that it might reference the lack of wanting to make children? There’s that to chew on as well, since back then women were treated as just birthing machines and a common way of looking at them is that they desire to be a mother, and not caring about that desire might lead to not caring about the godly duties given to him. That actually ties a tad bit more when talking about not following any other god’s since it’s disobeying the law of procreation, and NOT sexual satisfaction (keep in mind that women were property back then, whether or not they liked their lives was completely irrelevant to just about every single man back then, why would they write that line in there if they didn’t give two shits about a woman’s desire anyway?).

          3. There’s also the fact that the antichrist as a single being is actually a more modern way of seeing him. That idea was contrived during the Middle Ages, and THAT idea was based on the idea that the beast the Bible talks about and the antichrist are literally one and the same, even though the physical description of the antichrist NEVER mentions a beast with several heads.

    2. BVB, BOTDF, FIR are my saviors!

      Andy Biersack is atheist (antichrist) and he is dating a girl. Ronnie Radke is atheist and he sings about girls. Yes, some gays are atheists, but not because they are gay. They are atheist because they dont believe that a god would hate them for who they are. I’m straight. Do you want me to tell you why I have abandoned Catholicism and am now nondenominational? Because of you sickos bashing on me and what i stand for. That’s why a lot of people are atheist. Have you ever heard of AshleyPurdy? He is an atheist and he is the biggest flirt (to girls) on the planet!

      1. Christian Intellectual

        “Do you want me to tell you why I have abandoned Catholicism and am now nondenominational?”

        I would guess that you left because Catholicism is a false idol worshiping religion lead by a Nazi-pedophile.


        1. L.N

          You got that from a photoshop site. There’s the fucking URL in the lower left corner.

          Even if that isn’t what you literally think the Pope is like (you’re fucking retarded, at this point, ANYTHING you post can be taken at face value, you once made some wild claim that could only be taken as a metaphor, and yet you insist that it wasn’t), the Pope was a German youth who was forced to go through Nazi propaganda like EVERY person who lived in Germany back then. And how is it false idol-worship? The idea is that the Pope is the one who has the highest connection to God and can hear his thoughts, and is viewed more as a religious symbol than any kind of God. It’s no different than your beliefs; you insist that God is a murderous beast that isn’t happy until everyone who doesn’t believe in him is dead and suffered a horrible fate on Earth.

        2. BVB, BOTDF, FIR are my saviors!

          No i left because of you jerks. You made me want to commit suicide. The bands that you guys trash on this website actually SAVED my life. What have any of you bastards done for me? Made me want to kill myself! Blood On The Dance Floor told me to no give a fuck about what others think. Black Veil Brides told me that being myself and believing in myself is the most important thing. Falling In Reverse taught me to believe in my inner strength. YOU ALL TAUGHT ME THAT GOD HATES ME AND THAT I THAT I HAVE NO REASON TO BE ON THIS PLLANET! So you can go suck the pope’s big ass dick, you damn bastard!

  4. Rachel

    The book is about understanding, not persuading. It’s not encouraging anyone to become gay, it’s encouraging people to become acceptable.

          1. Rachel

            In some schools, yes. As it should be. I believe that the Bible should be there if people want to read it. But it should be there as an opportunity, not a requirement since some people have different views. Just like Perez Hilton’s book is there for people who want to know more about homosexuality. It shouldn’t be banned or taken away because you have a different opinion. If you don’t like the content, don’t read it.

  5. Businessman Hank

    Is there really a debate going on about whether homosexuality was wrong? I thought we settled that when we sentenced Liberace was sentenced to death in 1987.

  6. JustAGuy

    Are people born homosexual? Is it a choice?

    Hey, I dunno. But what I DO know, and what cannot be argued away, is that homosexuality is an abnormality. Yes, it is ABNORMAL to be homosexual. I’m not condemning it – I’m just stating the obvious; the truth.

    The species canNOT perpetuate through homosexuality – it is, therefore, an abnormality. So, all religious arguments aside, homosexuality should NOT be taught to be a “normal” lifestyle. It is an ABNORMAL lifestyle.

    Can you argue against that? Is any of the foregoing UNtrue?


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