25 thoughts on “Pokemon Is The Devil

  1. Jazze

    wow another speech made by a guy who didn’t look into the matter.
    frist of you are kinda late the “sweeping of the nation” happened about 8-9 years ago buddy and died allmost completly at least 6 years ago. only the most die hard fans or kids who have nothing better to do still watch.

    secondly it’s a cartoon set in a fantasy world. there are no spirits it’s simply creatures who live there. they are basicly higher evolved animals wich is further proven by the fact that there (at least to my knowledge) is no “normal” animals anywhere in that world. the kids never become able to do anything else than asking theire pokemons to do whatever theire attacks may be.

    third how does this have anything to do gays. unless you can point out the link i’m going to once again blame you to be gay-fixated

  2. mnv

    Wooooow…….you didnt have an argument for it in 1999 when pokemon was popular and you dont have one now…..this is laughable

  3. Vaderlulz

    You know that Pokemon has the Vatican’s seal of approval and blessing, right?
    If the same Church that once burned people for altering the Bible and never accepted Galileo’s theories until 150 years after his death gives a thumbs up to Pokemon, and then you come up and call it evil, then U are dumb.
    Besides, Catholicism IS the real Christianity.

  4. CreepingDeth117

    How did you know that we were planing on taking over the world by using our super satanic pokemon games. Your right they are very homo/lesbian. You damn christians are smarter than we thought. Know we must use our secret weapon yu-gi-oh.

  5. Canis Lupis

    Christianity destroyed the only true Gods that ever existed, with their super demon power. Your christian “god” doesn’t have a name. You can’t pray to a god that doesn’t have a name, when you speak “oh God”, there’s a demon listening, because he wants to be a god someday.

  6. R.S.

    This guy is a complete Embarrassment to the human race.

    Really i mean come on really does anyone believe this retarded dense televangelist.

    If anyone does believe him to the T then maybe they should commit suicide now and go to heaven and leave us sinners be.

    God will forgive them for committing suicide…. really he will (provided they did not watch Pokemon as its the ultimate evil)

  7. Symgharil

    Haven’t you guys realized what’s going on here, yet? These completely insane “Christians” have absolutely nothing better to do than waste their lives scanning the interweb and finding something to condemn. They follow the words of southern hicks called televangelists and actually buy stock in what these so called “faith healers” and “men of God” have to say. They are as ignorant as the live stock they fornicate with. Honestly..this is merely funny to me. I love coming on here and seeing what the latest retarded “message from god” is. It cracks me up to watch stupidity in action. What I think the main issue is…is that all these “Christians” are inbred….and we should pity them, not hate on them…because…they did not choose this life..where their parents are separated by only a few genes. That would make anyone a hate monger.
    Hey, question…if I convert to Christianity…do I get a free order of Ezechiel’s Mana Biscuits? Cause they are totally awesome…that televangelist guy I saw on the TV said if I eat them…I can be rich like Chuck Norris.

  8. Boomer Nolan

    OK this guy is fucking retarded how in the fuck and where the fuck does he get his information cause it sure wasn’t from research maybe his magical lord told him of this cause the last time i checked Pokemon doesn’t support anything except sharing and role playing and neither of those are bad and if they are apparently our children cant have an imagination. are you all that fucking pathetic that u have to attack anything that doesn’t support your supposed GOD or may i say Allah cause if u god praising assholes remember it was those that praise Allah aka God that wrote the original bible and that right there is the fucking truth so if anything u assholes are the ones who are sinning cause your praising the same god that supports blowing each other sky high in the name of thier lord and in favor god gives u 70 something Virgins so god pays u in sex for death WTF is that and your saying that Pokemon is fucking evil how about u attack your mother fucking selves.

    1. loftkilla

      the real drive behind this comes from the fact that in the pokemon thingy, they evolve…evolution isn’t allowed.

  9. loftkilla

    Im about to get a Pokemon tattoo….of Meowth…the Maneki Neko pokemon.
    Oh and the other night I got crowd surfed on by Pikachu.

  10. Billy

    OMG! All of you guys are just schizo nerds! Lay off the Meth and start molesting your kids, just like what you people have been doing.


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