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God Scares Child, By Pushing Him Onto Train Tracks For Playing Japanese Video Games

Remember God is our father and the father’s job is to make sure their children learn valuable lessons.

In the video below you will see a child sucked into playing his communist video game made by some tentacle porn loving Japanese software company. As the child’s mind is being bombarded with images of sex and drugs, God steps in to take matters in his own hands. Obviously the parents don’t give a rat’s backside about the health of their child, so God love taps the boy onto an oncoming train to scary him out of his slant eyed brain hold.

Let this be a lesson to all who play with Satanic video games.

Chilean Miners Rescue Was a Hoax – Video Proof

When looking at all the video of the Mexican Chilean miners, you always see them happy and chanting anti-american songs. The miners were never dirty and if you ask me, I know just one day inside of a mine, you will look dark as a afro-saxon selling crack coke cane while listening to hippped hopped music on the corner in the Bronx. Here is a video showing them “trapped” inside of a mine, but look close…they all are clean and after 60 days they should of had muhammad beards growing. Do they want us to believe they supplied them with cots, food and everything else needed to survive though a 3 inch hole?

3rd world countries will do anything to try and make money and it looks like that is what was going on here. This is nothing but a big soap opera. You can tell how badly the acting is by looking at the hispanic child and see how he was acting to “wait” for his father to come out of the hole. The boy looks confused as if he is saying “why am I pretending to just see my dad, when I saw him last night drunk, abusing my mama?” You can see another man talking to the child, like he is giving him instructions on how to act.

Notice the loud crowds of chiles waiting for their fellow man to be rescued? Oh you don’t hear anything? I would think with such a BIG rescue that place would be packed tight like rice in a tortilla! If this rescue was so massive, why aren’t there massive amounts of people? We know latins will find any reason to miss work and party, why aren’t they using this to get a few days off of work??? Doesn’t add up.

These people already have book deals, movie deals and other media projects in the works. This shows you the liberal media will do anything to make a quick dollar off the hearts of Americans. It is classic left wing propaganda to use poor families to pull on our heart strings. At the same time, this shows you how horrible latin mexicans are and that they will do anything to steal money from America. They pretend to be in trouble, while we send NASA and our money to help them. I bet they used that money to buy burritos and sombreros.
Proof of Chilean Miners book and movie deals

Warning! Black Music Infiltrates the Minds of Future Homemaking White Women

It looks like the world can not find a safe haven from the devil’s tongue also known as “Rap Music” or as we call it here “Rapist Attempt at Poetry.”

This week a video was found by one of my youth interns showing a group of future homemakers singing a song by murderous hipped hopped artists “Snoopy Dogg” and “Dr. Drea” in a church hymn style. The song is called “B***** ain’t S***!” and first I don’t even know what this means. The song is about raping women, but the song title refers to female dogs and human stink waste.

This video goes to show you how dangerous the black’s music can be to white youth and how it brain washes them to use horrible curse words and run thoughts of drug use and murder into their properly raised minds. Kids are very impressionable at the college age and this is why the black music market targets this age group.

Here are some shocking stats:

60% of college men who listen to rap music end up doing drugs and drink satan’s party juice.
5% of them commit rape
10% of them start learning how to do hipped hopped dancing moves at “gangsta” style disco clubs.

45% end up becoming pregnant and abort their child.
5% drop out of college and become prostitutes.
65%  end up having up to 10 sexual partners during their freshman year.
45% end up having sex with another race.
20% end up being raped.

Funny all things that we listed above are things that rapping music promotes. Can someone say brain washing? Parents keep your children away from turning into someone who lives off welfare, smokes crack, has many “baby mommies” and carries a gun. I put a little rap together myself to help you remember:

Don’t let your kids listen to rap
If you do their minds turn into crap
Don’t let them listen to a rap tape
Cause they will end up committing rape
If your child wants to have fun
Tell them to read the bible and not carry a gun
Sometimes children need a smack
Cause they will not end up smoking crack
To keep your daughter from being attacked
Tell her to to listen to anything black

Proof Blacks Are Possessed By Satan and Are A Violent Species

A new video has surfaced of two blacks attacking eachother. One is a teacher and the other is a student. From trusted sources, it has been reported the student was acting up (typical black child at school) and the teacher warned him over and over to stop. The child then throw a desk at teacher in a “spear throwing” motion which caused the teacher to be engulfed in black rage. The teacher then ran up to the child and attacked him using some type of Zulu martial arts punch moves.

Where does this violence come from?

It comes from rap music:
Black people praise rap music more then they do religion. They believe murdering, drug dealing, “slanging”, “pimping” and other black sin things.

It comes from their father’s sin:
Black people have a long blood line of sin and violence. Starting from when they were created about 1300 years after white people.

It comes from bad mothers and fathers:
Black people 9 out of 11 times don’t grow up with a father figure, because most black males lack responsibility. Their mothers are just as bad. They tend to spend more time smoking crack and selling their bodies, instead of taking care of their children. That is were my tax dollars goto, to take care of this black babies.

On that last note, let’s take a look at the students mother. She is over weight, uneducated and ugly. This is the typical choice that a black man chooses for a mate. Obviously her son is following mom’s foot steps.

This is why I have a strong believe of locking up blacks in jail and putting them through a vigorous rehabilitation program, to re introduce them into the world. I mean this is a breed of people who beat their own children like how lions eat their own young in the wild! Until then they are a threat to our children and women.

Just image it a white child was in this room? Ah, they thought of that gives me nightmares.

Below is the shocking video, showing how blacks act in their enclosed urban habitat.

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Christina Aguilera’s New Video “Not Myself Tonight” Is Marinated In Devil Nectar And Sin

One of our internet spies has just sent me this new video by Christine Aguilera called “Not Myself Tonight” and I must say it is the most homo supporting music video I have ever seen in my life! Move over Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Freddie Mercury and all those other crack smoking prostitutes, there’s a new whore in town!

In this video Christina prances around with a large group of homo sexual men and sin whore lesbians. The video is about homosexuals having a large orgy with one another and it is clip after clip of gay exotica.

I know Miss Aguilera has a black voice and I know that makes he feel like she needs to be like the blacks, but there is no need for her to be promoting unsafe sex, orgies, sewer hole insertion and homo sex play. I could understand if her video had her breaking into cares, drug dealing and other things blacks do, but this is way to far!

This video should be taken down right away as this i harmful to our children! There should be a facebook page called “People against the afro singing white women!”

Does she know this video is teaching our young women to go out and be raped by lesbian women, gay men and to partake in mixed raced orgies?? PURE FILTH!!

Please view the video before and see it’s pure hatred towards anything holy!

New Infant Doll Sex Toy Created For Homosexuals

Ha busted! I got you again Mr. Gay Toy Maker!

I got you here:

And here:

Don’t forget here:

And this gajunker:

Now again these filth factories want to produce a doll that has a working human twiddle rompus!! You can see from the start of this unclassified video that a gay man with a fake French accent comes wondering in while two little girls are playing with a baby doll! Look at the excitement in his sin whore eyes when his starts to hungerously gaze at the fake babies wee-wankous!

Let me break this commercial down to you as I have been studying the gays mind for sometime now.

1. The guys use little girls in the video to make this product look like it is for little Sally and Katie, but what mother would really want their 3 year old playing with a plastic satan staff? BUSTED

2. The video uses a French accent. Why? causes French is spoken within the gay bath houses, so when they hear a man with a French accent their little gay radars go off and they know the item is geared towards them. BUSTED AGAIN

3. The man in the video shows you how to tickle the baby (looks like he has done this before) because babies become aroused when tickled and homos know this. Once the baby is tickled it shoots baby tadpoles in the man’s face. This is a favorite act with the gays when they perform mouth sex acts on young children. BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED

This toy is nothing more then a doll that allows gay men to have their sick rape fantasies while they have their little gay parties in places like Homowood and San Fagsisco.

God Strikes Down Homogay Supporter Hermaphrodite Lady GaGa

The half man, half women whore machine, Lady Gaga was struck down to her homo supporting knees not once, but twice during a drug enraged, orgy infested, sin marinated, homo joy party.

This is truly God showing his disapproval for anything not Christian.

This whore demon has been raping our children’s minds with songs about gambling, sex mouth acts, monsters, relationships with blacks, pro Ellen gay marriage and much more sin infested tidbits!

God is showing us it is ok for us to remove this women from the earth and to send her back to the depths of homo hell! And while we are at that, let us join together and burn the place that breeds and supports these gay lovers! Yes homowood, we are talking about you!

On a personal note, sometimes I wish tar and feathering was still legal! Some of these demons deserve it!

The New Enemy of Christwire

A new enemy has shown their face and we must unite together to destroy this new face of evil.

A homo supporter named Chirs Zwicker has decided to post a youtube video mocking our great clergy! This man is despicable! Just another lay down liberal trying to spew their knowledge of sin and untruth. Even in the video he talks about shoving objects up other peoples sin holes.

This video is nothing but lies, propaganda and supports the Homo Gay Agenda!

Down with this man, and my God reject his soul and throw it into the depths of hell!