Rachael Ray Promotes Unsafe Sex Games

Much like the anti-American Christina Aguilera, Rachael Ray is using her Mexican sauce to entice your American’s to think mind nasties, full of sin docking pleasures. This almost midget sized women tries to come off as a nice suburban housewife, but in reality, she is trying to corrupt America’s youth.

The images she likes to post in magazines and in tabloids force young boys to have feelings of self “M-ing” and teaches girls to entice boys with foodie sin treats to force them into sex acts.

Here are a few photos she has had posted to show women how to perform sinful mouth pleasures:

In these photos you can clearly see she is teaching male children that they should self touch them and at the same time she is promoting that young females should grab twiddle rompus’.

Below we have her showing girls how to pose in sex devil poses to making gentlemen be filled with Satanic thoughts of putting their flesh tree truck into a women’s baby door.

We have also noticed this women likes to show of her milk sacs in public. You can tell they are saggy and not plump, which is a sign of infertility and infidelity. Women who act in whorish ways are cursed by God. Their breasts are reduced to flappy flesh and are not able to produce proper nutritions for babies. This is very common with the Mexican races in America.

12 thoughts on “Rachael Ray Promotes Unsafe Sex Games

  1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    Eww Tyson, picture 3 is disgusting! Did you honestly feel it necessary to take a picture after you ejaculated into Rachel Ray’s mouth and then post it here?

  2. scott

    Glad you could make an mis-informative racist rant from what might otherwise have been a wasted afternoon you spent spanking it to Rachael Ray.

  3. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author

    I’m not a Rachel fan. Her cutie language makes my Bible versed terrier gassy. Understandably, I avoid her show.

  4. George Traxlor

    This is the biggest load of tripe I have ever heard. I didnt believe that anyone could be this misinformed and racist. I only hope that someday you can find that lost brain cell of yours and see reality.
    I know that you wont post this because people like you cant handle and critisism.

  5. Christina

    So r u trying to say all mexicans r trashy n slutty? I kno I dont have a perfect body but im far from a whore n im mexican american my family takes pride n our hot sauces n food ur a pervert n racist jackass I guess everything to u is nasty n a sin not everythings sexual so grow up brainwashed freak

  6. victor

    Really, don’t you think you should have a better grasp of English before you post??
    “We have also noticed this women likes to show of her milk sacs in public.” Really?? This women?? Maybe you meant woman??? Show of her milk sacks? Here again you must have meant show off…Right??? But I guess you feel entitled to demean her and imply all sorts of things just because of your weird views on what is proper and what isn’t? People like you are twisted and the demented freaks that society continues to have problems with because you aren’t sexually normal

  7. Sigmund Freud

    Wow. I really don’t know what to say about this. This guy must be a hunchbacked hobbit that never leaves his mothers basement and is probably a pedophile. Get a life and an education.

  8. bones5406

    You bible fuc**ing wierdo. That is so stupid. So the little things site does is just to entice boys and show girls how to be whores? Your religion is a washed up faith that puts hate towards anyone that is different and doesn’t do things the exact way you think they should be. Get the bible out of your ass and stop jacking off into it. Just because she wouldn’t fuc* you doesn’t mean you need to downgrade her. She at least gives to her community and doesn’t harm animals like you more than likely do.

    Just because she is different doesn’t mean you have to be a dick towards how she is.


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