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Black Mother Pushes Her Sexual Deviances Onto Her Daughter

Another fine look into how the black community really acts. I found this video on a blog, where a black women is explaining her sin infested love buffet fantasy to her daughter. You can tell in the video her daughter is disgusted and knows what her mother is saying is wrong, but in black culture, children are abused so the will not talk back when a parent is committing soul crimes.

I can tell from her physical appearance this women most likely doesn’t work, lives off welfare and most likely has her daughter working a 40 hour a week job to support her drug habit.

Now, I know many ignorant people will post comments saying I’m a racist, but look at the video…That is all the proof I need to back up my claims about the black culture.

I say we punish this women for her sexually deformed soul, by grilling her on the same grill she makes her ribs on.