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Nancy Grace Flashes Her Milk Meat on Dancing with the Stars

Just look at them, look at those vilely exposed milk sacs peeking into the televisions of America, taunting young men and husbands to run in the other room and touch themselves in an unholy and violating manner. To top it all off, it is chocolate caked with a smile by Nancy Grace’s one pie too many face.

We asked a few members of the fellowship, who are DWTS fans what they thought about this horrendous display of prime time pornography.

Margot Shentish
"I blame these shows for my husband’s infidelity!"
Dwanye Miller
"Having fat women on TV is one thing. Showing their fatty milk glands is going too far."
Gunther Davis
"I had respect for her. She reminded me of my mother, but my mother would never show her parts to me like that."

This show needs to have its name changed to “Debauchery with the Stars”.