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Gay Son Rebels By Drawing Penis on Parent’s Roof

Here is a prime example of home homosexuals have no respect for anything that isn’t sugar plummed with anal sin.

A young boy decided to paint a penis on his families home to show his support and love for other men. I want to know why this young man felt the need to violate his parent’s property with such sin and vulgarity. Did he feel like if he embarrassed his family that they would except his choice to be a twiddle rompus worshiper?

I wish stoning was still legal, because I would love it if his parents tied his anus loving mouth to a stake and throw stones at his sin filled body until he stopped breathing. Then he could join Satan in hell!

To all that find this photo funny, I tell you this. One day it’s large twinkies drawn on top of a families house and then the next it will be photos of gay men raping young children on billboards if you keep accepting this form of propaganda.