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Gay Homo Agenda Makes New Penis Toy For Children

Well it looks like our anal sin pounding enemies are out targeting our children with gay toys again. The gays have been getting more and more blunt with their agenda on making our youngsters gay. Their newest homo creation is the “ToyPedo” and is shaped like a large adult gay toy.

This toy is a prime example of how the homos are trying to get our children use to gay things. They are hoping that kids will be so use to toys like this, that they can run up on them and pull out a “toy” and ask young Billy to come over and play. I mean if all the kids are playing with the “ToyPedo” and mister homo queer is playing with it, then it must be ok for me to goto his house and let him shove it in my naught spot after he drugs me and it won’t be a bad thing.

These gays are very sick people! If they like their gay anus love so much, then let us take 20 of these toys, fill them up with gun power, ram them up their dirty tunnel and set a fire under their rumps.

Amazon Stands Up To The Gay Agenda

Amazon is removing sales rank numbers from Homo Agenda based books because they don’t want queer material showing up in searches and best seller lists. BRAVO!

One of the main books they are removing from sales ranking is the sin marinated book by Ellen DeGeneres. This book does nothing but promote lesbian love and gay “rights”. Good thing Amazon agrees with us and knows that gays don’t have any rights besides burning in the fires of hell.

I’m so happy to see Amazon standing up and saying no to hardcore porn books written by these queer demons to promote their sinful lifestyle onto our young children.

Amazon knows that if they are forced to post gay books, they will soon have to promote books like “How to Molest a Child” or “How to sin against God, by playing with another mans tinkle twattle.”

We applaud you Amazon. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping us putting a stop to these queers.

Gay Son Rebels By Drawing Penis on Parent’s Roof

Here is a prime example of home homosexuals have no respect for anything that isn’t sugar plummed with anal sin.

A young boy decided to paint a penis on his families home to show his support and love for other men. I want to know why this young man felt the need to violate his parent’s property with such sin and vulgarity. Did he feel like if he embarrassed his family that they would except his choice to be a twiddle rompus worshiper?

I wish stoning was still legal, because I would love it if his parents tied his anus loving mouth to a stake and throw stones at his sin filled body until he stopped breathing. Then he could join Satan in hell!

To all that find this photo funny, I tell you this. One day it’s large twinkies drawn on top of a families house and then the next it will be photos of gay men raping young children on billboards if you keep accepting this form of propaganda.

New Device Encourages Parents to Rape Their Children’s Bum Area

Today is a sad day in the world. While looking online to find sites to shut down, I came across this demon object. A object that prompts parents to stick red tubes, shaped like stars and hearts into their child’s secret hole.

What sick people we have in this world!

The most hurtful part about it is, they try to cover it up as a way to make it look fun by saying their son or daughter will enjoy “pooping” out great shapes.

What they are really doing, is trying to make kids grow up with liking things inserted into their rear, so that when mister gay homo molester comes along and wants to stick his serpent member into them, it will seem ok and normal to them.

Why not make the shapes into rainbows and phallus”!?