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Pinterest – Wafting the Scent of Whoreness Under the Noses of Your Wives

Has your wife been spending a lot of time on The Internet lately? Has she all of a sudden started wearing items she ordered from stores on “etsy”? Does she now try and bake cupcakes or chicken enchilada soup? Does she frantically take photos on her cellphone when she is at the store? If so, your wife has been exposed to a high level of Internet whoreness, called “Pinterest.com“.  Pinterest is a website devoted to turning obedient servant housewives into picture sharing prostitutes, who spend houses a day having fun with the girls, while you work hard to pay the house mortgage.

For hours a day, your wife is yucking it up with pools of whoring devil whores, who tickle her sin cravings with thoughts of deep sex climactic adventures. This type of activity is called “Pinning” and the more “Pinning” you do, the higher your slutness level is on this website of demonic orgasmic pleasure. “Pinning” is the equivalent of digitally “moist figuring” other members on the site, so be assured your wife has stuck her finger in multiple members by the time you arrive home from work. Also be warned, you wife is most likely dancing in the musky gayness side of Pinterest and making friendships will gay male users, who will tempt her with thoughts of leaving her kids and living a “Sex in the City” lifestyle.

Facts about Pinterest:

  1. Women who use Pinterest are more likely to give out mouth sex acts to large lines of men in back alleys.
  2. Women who use Pinterest try to trick their husbands into games of sexual rectal recon.
  3. The “P” in Pinterest, stands for penis.
  4. The average Pinterest user has been charged with child neglect, at least twice.
  5. Women who use Pinterest are guilty of sexually rubbing their Satan’s doorbell, while their husbands are at work.
  6. More than 80% of Pinterest users now fantasy about lesbian sex relations.
  7. 2 out of 3 Pinterest users have been fired from their jobs, do to “pinning” at work.
  8. Women who use Pinterest are more likely to invite sin snakes into their fecal cavern.

Look at all this sinful horseplay, no wonder men have reverted to violence, it is the only way to keep their wife from digitally whoring.

Examples of what your wife is exposed to on Pinterest:

Their sex driven homepage

Sex infused items

Introduction to whoring type books

Do it yourself “How To” abortion dolls

Alien sex toys