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Ben and Jerry’s Wants Kids to Eat Sweat Dipped Testicles – “Schweddy Balls” Flavor

I exposed their first attempt at tricking kids into eating frozen spoon fulls of homosexual seamen and now the Homo Gay Agenda wants your children to fein for thick milky ice cream balls of perspired gay testicles. Just the name alone shows you that their true intent to destroy the heterosexual fibers of America that God intended. Thanks to the abuse of free will by homosexual sugar plummed fairies, emosexuals, hipsters and a large portion on none God skinned people, we have to watch our grocer’s freezer like a band of Nazis making sure that no evil pastries or dairy treats try to escape and turn our children into walking sin lusted, ass bandits.

Just like how the blacks used crack to control their streets, the gays are using sweet delicacies to get kids addicted to the taste of a musky and sweaty candy bags. They know kids don’t read the names of ice cream, the just want the newest flavor. Like the head crack dealer, liberal overlord, Alex Boldwhen, has been promoting this dairy death weapon for years now on the left wing cable show, SNL (Satan Network of Lies) pushing for your children to make their parents buy this product. Unaware parents will purchase this sin cream and allow their children to sit in front of the tv while they load up their mouth with not only highly fattening calories, but also force their taste buds to acquire the need to be bombarded with taint tingling tastes of homosexual desires.

Like I said before, I hope Southern California’s sinful cities of liberal gay parades are swallowed up by hell’s fire and burned to ash. Once that happens we can dance for joy on top of the remains of the gaytropolises that denied God!