To Decrease Outrage of New Facebook Layout, Facebook Now Offering Free Facebook Bras

The only change that has come from the Obama administration era is Facebook changing its website every 6 months. And just like the change Obama wants, the changes in Facebook dives us deeper into chaos and anger.

Below is an image of the new Facebook layout, in where now instead of being able to find everything in one place, you will have to click more links and pokes to get to your friend’s profile. Now all you will see is a huge timeline of oversize images and annoying Farmville updates. Pretty much this will now look like MySpace, but with less emos and images of Tila Tequila.

With every new update or modification Facebook releases, its user base becomes more and more disgruntled. Just like when Obama tries to implement a new policy, his approval rantings falls down and rightfully so. But wait, just like how Obama dangles welfare and extended unemployment to unproductive Americans, Mark Zuckerberg is dangling free items in the faces of his loser, stay at home Bejeweled Blitz champions in the form a free Facebook bra. Since the average Facebook user is overweight, this bra could be worn by both men and women.

13 thoughts on “To Decrease Outrage of New Facebook Layout, Facebook Now Offering Free Facebook Bras

          1. Albert Toppers

            I am still working on my inaugural article, but I must say your allegations about the flock are baseless and unnecessary. The only information source needed is the holy book.

          2. Damien Blade Spring, Jew

            Yes, but then there are articles that have no basis in the Torah, so they need to go look elsewhere. At which point Wikipedia comes in. So, you see, you don’t know anything aside from what you have learned in the last 4 days.

    1. Millennium

      would be betetr saying 7 of them No ?

      and they won,t close in may or march or april or june or whatsover oh and wikipedia wikileask and the some are not related to each other neither


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