19 Things Occupiers Should Really Occupy

  1. A real degree
  2. Bar of soap
  3. AIDs test
  4. Non-fitted jeans
  5. Self respect
  6. Morals
  7. A job
  8. An original idea
  9. Jesus
  10. A country that is not America (preferably a Socialist country, where they openly kill their own people)
  11. Oncoming traffic
  12. A sense of reality
  13. Real American values
  14. A 2400 calorie diet
  15. A budget
  16. Heterosexual lifestyle
  17. An understanding of basic economics
  18. Chlamydia vaccine
  19. AA

9 thoughts on “19 Things Occupiers Should Really Occupy

  1. tim

    So you want them to occupy jesus I knew you people were gay for jesus lol. Boners does adam dress up as jesus every night and that how you justify being able to fuck him in the ass.

  2. Captain Obvious

    That could be interpreted multiple ways…

    “Oncoming traffic”
    Then they’d be in the flow of traffic, not under the traffic as you were implying. It’s impossible.

    “An understanding of basic economics”
    They use history. You use theory. History wins. Remember Clinton? When he raised taxes, we ended up with a surplus. Remember Bush? When he lowered them, we ended up in multiple wars and billions in debt.

  3. will the awesome

    Why would you want someone to occupy Jesus, Fags.
    Oh yeah your probaly mentally retarded, go take an IQ test to see.

  4. Millennium

    ish you still think occupy is “socialist” or communist ?? they just want the rich to stop stealiong ressource from the rest


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