Assassin’s Creed Revelations – A Game That Teaches Children How to Murder and Be a Gay Anti-Christ

What is Assassins Creed?

It is a video game created by the communist Japanese company Capcom, the same creators of the ultra violent game “Street Fighter” and “Princess Peach’s Pool Party“.

In this RPG – first shooter series, your children are exposed to the same type of over the top bloody violence and anti-Christian game play over and over again. Your children are given missions to kill Popes, law enforcement figures, politicians, priests, landowners and at the same time they are made to protect thieves, communists, devil worshipers and devil whores.

Each quest your child is given involves the murder of a person and sometimes multiple people, even children.

This game also includes male to male make out scenes. As you can see in the image below, the assassin has had his best friend killed and before he dies, they embrace in a homogay love hug and partake in a male to male mouth lip lock.

Your children also are taught to use the help of prostitutes, as the game forces the player to mingle with Satanic opened legged swamp tramps as a from of invisible travel.

Look at the RGB 64-bits of digital violence this game shows to your children:

What is Assassin’s Creed Revelations About?

In this part of the game’s series, the main Assassin is on a mission to find the killer of his long time lover “Altair”. Enzio, goes on missions to kill people and along the way he makes gay relationships with other underground assassins. With each mission completed, your child is given a clue of who the real killer is. It is like a bloody gay soap opera, filled with gay bath houses and long dramatic cut sequences of kissing and man bear embraces.

Besides the homogay agenda in this game, this game also brainwash your children into thinking the Catholic church is covering up the fact that computer aliens created Adam and Eve. How insane is that?

This game will turn your young boy into a ass bandit junkie, who will feen for a gay sexual encounter fix and will go into male sex act withdraws if he doesn’t get his hands on a fresh and plump piece of sin snake.

So far from what we have seen, this game is teaching kids how to be gay assassin bandits, god hating communists and training them to be future Taliban terrorist killers.

Is There a Hidden Message in the Game’s Name?

Communist gay video games always have a hidden meaning in its name. Just look at the name “Assassin’s Creed”, when broken down it looks like this “Ass-Ass-ins Creed”. So the game is pretty much teaching your children the creed of the gays. The creed is, be gay to get attention and when you get the attention make up stories about how horrible your life is. If you can’t get the attention you want, kill someone.”Ass-Ass-ins” is also a gay term that is used at leather bars and transgenetic beauty contests. It is also they name of secret gay hotels. Bravo Capcom, bravo!


Bryan Blake’s review on Assassins Creed

288 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Revelations – A Game That Teaches Children How to Murder and Be a Gay Anti-Christ

      1. Chi-Chi

        I think this is why they check id’s before selling the game… CUZ IT’S NOT MEANT FOR KIDS..
        it’s meant for people that understand the difference between fiction and reality..
        Plus the assassin in the game protects the people! Like robin hood… anyways there’s no mention about the historical accuracy at all and the charts don’t make sense.. someone doesn’t know how to count… and the ‘image below”… i see no homo lip locking.. horrible example

        Someone needs to go back to school and learn how to write a proper review

        1. Kira

          And, also, if I’m not mistaken, the same ‘Image below’ isn’t even from AC:R. I’m pretty sure it’s the very first assassination clip from the very first game. Fail for Christwire.

          I get a good laugh out of reading these, though.

      2. Me

        Maybe you folks are a lil retarded, but this game has actually a PG-18…so it’s NOT aimed at children.
        And all this “gay issue”, your mind just sees whatever it wants to. Maybe you’re too focused on homosexuals (do you have gay urges ?).

      3. Pyros

        You are a fucking retard, this is a RATED M GAME!!! This is not aimed towards children you dumbfuck!!! Get your facts straight

      4. Actual Intellectual

        Oh man how much more wrong can you be in this so called “article”, First off the game is made by Ubisoft in canada, montreal to be exact not capcom in japan. second off ezio is searching for the man who murdered his father and 2 brothers, not long time lover, altier is an ancestor of ezio from about 300 years prior, and the main charicter of the first game. there are no make out sceans in it, that screen shot is of him giving last rigths to a victim not kissing him. Third of all the alien plot line is a piece of pure fiction, But the facts of the catholic church through the game, such as the pope being corrupt, his son commiting incest with his daughter and him using vatican money to wage wars of attrition against italian city states is all true, and can be found in multiple sorces, including the vatican records. to bias an article in a way to influence is one thing but to out right lie. the only resonable explination i have for your miss information is that you got it mixed up with the gay porn you were watching in between reserch.

      5. UnderRedSky

        There’s nothing funny about sending one’s young son alone to confessional….especially if the priest has fat fingers.

        On a more serious note. The Catholic church needs to worry about the problems within their own organization and not some video game. The thousands of priests who have raped and are raping young boys and the relious nut terrorits who blow up abortion clinics must’ve all played Assassin’s Creed, right? Why are the overly religious the first ones to cast judgement when only He can pass judgement? Why are they the ones full of intolerance and hatred? And when you question them about such things, they have no mind of their own, because they can’t give you a logical answer that is born from their own mind. It’s always a quote of a verse or passage from The Bible that they twist and bend to make it adhere to their skewed beliefs.

      6. AntiHero

        OMG none of you have ever played this game no men kiss and if they did i would play more and maybee even jerk off to the gayness cause clearly anyone who plays this game is a and i Quote “HOMO” lol omg your so off base hes holding that guy as he dies he never kisses him even though that would be hot lets just say i have seen gay porn and this is barley soft core , no insertion no kissing no love jiuces and no men grunting hmmm i think the writer of this gets a boner ever time he says homo cause he says it alot and he surely didnt play this game cause i have and im sorry its not as gay as you want it to be author

        Not alwasy with age comes wisdom often with age breeds ignorance …. confusis ( unless you think hes gay to ) lolololol

      7. james

        it not aimed at children it rated 15 and in some countries 18 so if a kid has the game a parent most likely bought it.

    1. DUDE

      I agree. It is so funny that I have copied and pasted it here to point out all the flaws! First Ide like to say I am a christian, but that doesnt mean that I believe all the crap in this website. The first main flaw is that the Assassins creed: revelations is not out yet. No one really knows anything about it. even if there were some early coppies out, they would be given to game testers, not a random website!

      ‘It is a video game created by the communist Japanese company Capcom,(the game is actually made by ubisoft, which is french) the same creators of the ultra violent game “Street Fighter” and “Princess Peach’s Pool Party“.

      In this RPG – first shooter series,(its not an RPG or a first person shooter) your children are exposed to the same type of over the top bloody violence and anti-Christian(antichristian?? I dont remember that!) game play over and over again. Your children are given missions to kill Popes(you try to kill the pope because he is corrupt and mad), law enforcement figures, politicians, priests, landowners and at the same time they are made to protect thieves, communists(there are no communists in the game), devil worshipers(there no devil worshipers in the game) and devil whores.

      Each quest your child is given involves the murder of a person and sometimes multiple people, even children(you have never been able to kill any children in any Assassins creed game, remember, your character is the good guy).

      This game also includes male to male make out scenes(it contains no male make out scenes. you show me one and I’ll believe you). As you can see in the image below, the assassin has had his best friend killed and before he dies, they embrace in a homogay love hug and partake in a male to male mouth lip lock.(they dont, he’s actually questioning an enemy before he dies)

      Your children also are taught to use the help of prostitutes, as the game forces the player to mingle with Satanic opened legged swamp tramps as a from of invisible travel.(they are in the game, but there are no sex scenes or anything like that)

      Look at the RGB 64-bits of digital violence this game shows to your children:(yes it is a violent game, but is M 15+ . That means unless you really want to, you dont buy it for a kid under 15. Its not even aimed at kids)

      What is Assassin’s Creed Revelations About?

      In this part of the game’s series, the main Assassin is on a mission to find the killer of his long time lover “Altair”.(I thought Id say that Assassins Creed revelations has only just started being developed. it isnt out and there is no way you could possibly have a copy.) Enzio( its Ezio), goes on missions to kill people and along the way he makes gay relationships with other underground assassins(sure I believe you. The game isnt out yet, so you dont know. Besides, why would they made a cool character like Ezio be gay!?). With each mission completed, your child is given a clue of who the real killer is. It is like a bloody gay soap opera, filled with gay bath houses and long dramatic cut sequences of kissing and man bear embraces.(sure)

      Besides the homogay agenda in this game(there has never been anything to do with gays in any Assassins creed game ever!), this game also brainwash your children into thinking the Catholic church is covering up the fact that computer aliens created Adam and Eve. How insane is that?(what?!)

      This game will turn your young boy into a ass bandit junkie, who will feen for a gay sexual encounter fix and will go into male sex act withdraws if he doesn’t get his hands on a fresh and plump piece of sin snake.(you make me laugh so hard)

      So far from what we have seen, this game is teaching kids how to be gay assassin bandits, god hating communists and training them to be future Taliban terrorist killers.(theres nothing gay in the game, theres is nothing bad said about god in the game)

      Is There a Hidden Message in the Game’s Name?

      Communist gay video games always have a hidden meaning in its name(lol). Just look at the name “Assassin’s Creed”, when broken down it looks like this “Ass-Ass-ins Creed”. So the game is pretty much teaching your children the creed of the gays. The creed is, be gay to get attention and when you get the attention make up stories about how horrible your life is. If you can’t get the attention you want, kill someone.”Ass-Ass-ins” is also a gay term that is used at leather bars and transgenetic beauty contests.(the game is called ASSASSins creed becuase you are an Assassin, in an assassins creed, who are devoted to killing the evill templars, who pretend to be christians but are actuall evil. Bravo Capcom, bravo!(bravo, tyson bowers, bravo, thanks for making us this crappy article filled with ignorance and lies. Thanks for giving yourself and this website a really bad name. Thanks for making up those stupid graphs without sources. Next time you write an article about a game, try playing it first, or atleast do some reasearch. thanks again for this article, it has made so many people laugh and Im sure so many more will! Bro tyson, bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. kyle

        you guys sound like a cult rather than christians. thought that christianity preached about loving your neighbor and enemies and having a free open (non biased) mind. why do yall have your push YOUR agenda among others, if you actually played the game it would teach you TO BE open minded and using faith, money, power, etc should NEVER be an excuse to oppress upon others. instead yall are TOO damn focused on people being gay. i mean really? really? if people want to be gay then let them! its not between you and the gay, its between the gay and god as god has stated in the bible. so when it really comes down to it i TRULY believe that you people are the communists and i recognize yall as a CULT not christians. i would think REAL christians would have a open mind in life

    2. Beelzebubba

      Now I don’t have to spend all my time recruiting innocent children to become gay anymore! I’ll miss not getting my complimentary toaster, but oh well.

      Oh, boy, I’m going out to get my own copy of Assassin’s Creed, so I can engage with virtual prostitutes and man-bear embraces! YUMMY!

    3. Hater gonna Hate

      Lol this is so retarded, there is no gay scenes in assassins creed if you’d actually played it you’d realise you stupid god fags

    4. stupid cunt


    5. Alex

      Well folks Assassin’s Creed is now an RPG, and a First Person Shooter! Clearly the person writing this article knows absolutely nothing about the game. Assassin’s Creed is not only not an RPG (RPG stands for Role Playing Game, meaning you create and live as the character. Ezio and Altair are both preset characters that follow a set storyline.), but also the game isn’t a First Person Shooter. Not only does the any of the games use any form of firearm. The entire game takes place in Third Person.

      Those statistics are completely bullshit aswell.

      Oh and someone said it before, Capcom never even touched Assassin’s Creed. So shut up, because you really have no clue what you are talking about.

      Go back to your Bible Studies…..

    6. AC Revolations Fan

      I agree with this guy, for one, assassins creed was made by the company ubisoft, not whatever you said. two his name is Ezio, and altir is his ancestor. three they are not having a “gay embrace,” he is closing the dead guys eyes and says rest in peace to him in respect.four its not for children, and its not anti christian, it just shows the corrupt idiots like most Christians today that know nothing about their religion ( cough cough YOU…) six there is nothing gay about the game, and seven… thumbs up if your pre- ordering it!!!!!! (:
      P.S Im christian and I still love this game

  1. George23

    Hahaha wow! is this a joke? Is it? cause it sure sounds like it! First of all, I am a Christian and I love this game! I am not a homosexual in any way or form. Second of all, the story has been changed in this article, we don’t even know what the story of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is yet! You give Christians a bad name, you really do.

  2. Christian Intellectual

    The chinese communist country of japan is the most perverted satanic country in the world.

    They create these “games” because they envy our great Christian nation and they want to indoctrinate innocent white American children into satanism and SIN.

    I think that God is going to punish these crazy eyed, comunnist heathens again soon.

      1. L.N

        Do you people even listen to yourselves? Seriously, I don’t even know where to begin. Do I mention the fact that the company that makes this game is not in Japan, or the fact that Japan is not associated in any way with China as far as government goes?

        1. crackwood

          Assassin’s creed is made by Ubisoft Montreal. Where the F.. did he get that information.. Japan communist Capcom lol !! Gay ?? The image is taken from Ezio assassinating someone and drop it down saying RIP to him. OMG Misinformation is now how they get new followers to their cause.

      2. trog69

        Amen, Brother Winkle. I confiscated this Assassin’s Creed-game from my son, and I have been playing it for 4-6 hours every day, just so I can discuss all of the perversions and disgusting sexual innuendos that are sprinkled LIBERALLY throughout the gameworld with him, so that he doesn’t have to witness the wholesale slaughter and mayhem with his still virgin ears. It’s all I can do just to forge ahead, and don’t get me started on the gratuitous violence I’m forced to wade through, over and over. It’s hell, I tell ya.

      3. Rev. Custer

        Dear Lord, please protect Your flock from such evils, especially “Magic: The Gathering” which has been proven to combine witchcraft and homogay elements.. It encourages young women to have abortions and make young men lust after boys.

        1. MightyCloud

          From what i’ve seen of this “Magic game” it encourages violance and sacrifice, while trading under the guise of a simple card game.

          It breaks my heart to see children who play this and You-gee-ooh as they shout at each other and barter cards to one another so they can satisfy their vanity and pride.

      4. Alison Manson

        hey guess what! i raped ur daughter bitch and she loved it hahahahahahahahaha and im a woman so oops u messed up and now shes gay hahahahahahahaha

    1. lotsoflaughs

      Let me lol and say that it’s Ubisoft, not capcom.
      Non-japanese for you, mr… “intellectual”

    2. Oprahbiznotch

      Chinese communist country of Japan? Are you retarded? japan and china are their own separate countries AND races to boot. Are you that ignorant that you don’t even know the difference of people? Next your going to lump Korea into them as well. Christianity makes nothing but racist ignorant assholes out of people and you think that we’re the sinners? If people are worried about their kids playing these games that are meant for mature audiences over the age of 18, then they should use the rating system to keep such influences away from them. Its not the company’s fault for a child to act in a incorrect manner, its the parents fault for not monitoring such things. And your little chart about kids feeling gay after playing the games, yea. Nice scare tactic. Guess what christian dude. Homosexuality is part of the world. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or even hate on. It’s just how some people are. Get over it and stop trying to push your stupid ways on others.

      1. Christian Intellectual

        “Chinese communist country of Japan? Are you retarded? japan and china are their own separate countries AND races to boot. Are you that ignorant that you don’t even know the difference of people”

        Do not believe the propaganda from the satanic mainstream liberal media !. All the chinese-asian countries are members of ONE asian communist union (like the Soviet Union).

        They are not different races. They all have strange eyes and look yellow to me.

        1. EpicStoryRandomFacts

          So a christian who is racist Iv heard it all now… Oh wait no I havent people like you spread rumours and end up killing yourself over something that is faulty like the other 70% of christians who believe theres a god somewhere when in fact no.

          1. Froztwolf

            So a christian who is racist Iv heard it all now…

            I hate to break it to you but the KKK was a Christian organisation.

          2. EpicStoryRandomFacts

            You are not racist is that right? so your considouring no actually trying to say the Soviet union exsists still through 3 countrys which actually have there own boundaries and have northin to do with this game in any sort whats so ever?

        2. Oprahbiznotch

          The only person spreading propaganda is you and this shitty website. OH and last time I checked, yes they ARE different races each with their own separate cultures. This kind of racist ignorance is the reason why I can’t believe in religions. Religion alone has killed thousands of people over a large period of time. The crusades alone are to blame for plenty of human deaths. Before you start spewing junk about games creating god hating gays, you should check your facts because your religion can alone be blamed for creating murdering psychopaths as well.

          1. Christian Intellectual

            They are all one race called Asians and i never denied that the communist chinese countries have different cultures.

            The “crusades” had nothing to do with Christianity, stop spreading your anti-Christian satanic PROPAGANDA.

            Christianity has never killed anyone, we are all tolerant and loving God-fearing human beings.

          2. Christian Intellectual

            Thanks for the correction brother Tyson.
            Your great wisdom and spiritual guidance make Jesus very proud.

          3. EpicStoryRandomFacts

            Christianity was the start of the fucking crusades you moron the fact you wiped out an entire population of people due to you believe the holy lands belonged to you ya thick fucker like seriously? study history and learn from ya mistakes ring any bells?

          1. guntherblah

            Oh, and Humans are a SPECIES. Just like Animals. Asians, caucasians, black – they’re subspecies. However, the term “race” is commonly used nowadays referring to a subspecies. “Subspecies” as in cats, dogs, birds. Or, in your case, jellyfish and clams.

        3. Tchoky

          It’s not because you’re to stupid to see a difference, that it does’t. And, by the way, the soviet union doesn’t exist anymore, there’s Russia, Ukrain, and many more. Don’t tell a Ukranian that he is a Russian. And don’t tell me i’m an American because i live on the same continent as you. And people from California, are they thinking the same way has someone from Arkansas?
          JAPAN and CHINA are not the same people, and are not thinking the same way. Japan is a good exemple of democratic and capitalism, China is communist. The don’t have the same religion (Japan: Boudishm and China: mainly Taoist). Japn have almost no naturel ressource, China…….. And of think about WWII.
          We are living on a continent that was built on immigration. 800 year’s ago, no caucassian or Afro-american were living here.

          If you are real ,(because you’re to stupid and ignorant to be real), i’m sad for you.

        4. Christianity ripped off the Egyptian religion.

          Let me start by saying, “HOLY SHIT, you guys are as ignorant as they come”

          Kids cannot purchase games rated “M”, their PARENTS HAVE TO PURCHASE IT FOR THEIR CHILDREN. If you christian fucks want to be mad at anyone be mad at yourselves for bitching about your own fallacies. As god said,”let he who is most retarded blame others for their own shortcomings”

          Japan is not a communist country, you racist fucks. CHINA is a lead based, COMMUNIST COUNTRY. Leave Japan out of this fuckers.

          This website is a true testament to the IGNORANCE OF THE CHRISTIAN FOLLOWERS. They listen to these writers spitting shit out of their mouths. These people are just making up stories as they go, and all these readers say, “amen, oh lordy lordy i dun be seed the light now”.(amen is the name of a PAGAN god by the way. Just one of the MANY traditions you ripped off of other cultures)

          My advice to all of you-read a non-fiction book. Obviously skimming the bible and gossiping about people isn’t helping your organization. I’m amazed you illiterate fat bastards were even capable of assembling this website.

        5. .Reaper

          That comment, along the lines of “All yellow with slanty eyes” did it for me.

          If I EVER find out your name, or where you live, I’m going to tie you up, cut off your balls, and feed them to you while many GREAT people from Japan and China both sit, watch, and laugh as you pray to your god for MERCY for what I’m going to do to you after your done your ball sandwich.

          You’d best hope I never find you fucker, cause I got no problems putting you 6 feet under. Fear the devil? Fuck that asshole, fear me.

    3. Nicholas Scott

      Japan is not part of the chinese communist country they are our allys now afeter we droped the atom-bombs so leave the japan out of your little debate

    4. Mainiac58

      Oh man, Mr. Intellectual. You made it so much easier for me this time. No need to copy and paste to quote you. All anyone has to do is look up.

      You do realize that everything you said in your prior post is completely RACIST!! You managed to insult so many people on so many levels. I applaud your audacity. Oops…except for the “innocent ‘white’ American children”. (white supremacist) *sigh* You people make it waaaay to easy. C’mon. How about a challenge in finding the racist comments. You know….tact. The ability to call someone a complete idiot and have them smile and thank you. Try it. I love it myself. Heh-heh… 😀

    5. Bert

      Your username is a bit misleading, being Christian Intellectual, since you’re actually just a straight up dumb-ass and have no idea what you are talking about… People like you are the reason others hate good Christians, when they should be hating “Christians” people such as yourself. If you know what you’re talking about, which I assume you believe you do, then know this. You are exactly like the evil Templars that are in this game. Wanting to control everyone’s thoughts and, in a nutshell, enslave all of mankind to so that they live the way you do. And you need to lay off the homophobia, because last time I checked Jesus taught us all to not damn the homosexuals but to accept them. Jesus taught us to love, and you are doing the exact opposite. Who’s the “heathen” now, you prick?

    6. Rob

      You ignorant fool, China and Japan are two entirely different countries, who, if anything, have significantly more tension between eacdh other than they do with America.
      “Intellectual” my holly ass.

    7. guntherblah

      First off, Capcom and its “satanic communist japanese people” didn’t create the game you dork. Ubisoft Montreal, a french company based in Canada, did.
      Second; this article is full of sh*t. Never did this game had anything to do with homosexuality. Never did this game show ANY sex scene at all. Never was this game aimed at children. Never did this game insult God. The “pope” in this game is corrupt and evil, so they have to eleminate him: it’s a GAME, it’s FICTIONAL.
      Third, this game ISN’T EVEN OUT YET so the guy who wrote this article doesn’t know squat about the story.
      Fourth: Poor chap, I can assure you I don’t know one single non-american man who’s looking towards the US without feeling sorry for your american citizen asses right now. But you don’t know that, do you? You live in your own pretty little world…

    8. kenny

      im catholic and i just have to say that you fail at life because you think china is involved with japan.

    9. I HATE YOU

      Fuck you you racist fuck. You worship something that is FAKE! FUCK YOU!! You probably rape children. Well at least you talk about them quite a bit. And his name is Ezio Auditore di Firenze! And Altair is his ancestor not his “lover” fucking dumbass.

  3. Chris

    This site is appalling and I think that if anyone believes the shit that is posted here should get there head examining! Never, has there ever been any ‘homogay’ activity in any assassins creed games! And you have clearly altered the storyline of the game and manipulated it! I hope you all go to hell for being so naive and full of hatred! And parents shouldn’t be buying this game for children anyway since It is rated 16!

    1. Rev. Custer

      A member of my congregation told me recently that once you reach Level 21, the challenge is to distract the Duke of Jerusalem long enough for the Moorish hitman to sodomize him. I’m not sure how that isn’t considered homogay to you.

      Or perhaps you meant not homogay enough?

      1. Wycliffe John

        Rev. CusterI’mafraid you are mistaken. The level you are talking about is level 37. Levl 21 is the one where you strangle the archbishop of Milan with the umbilical cord of a aborted baby while reciting satanic verses. My brother works in that shameful business and keeps me updated on the heathen videogames. May the lord be with you!

      2. Nogalina

        My, my, Mr. Custer. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through the (very few) years I’ve been alive, is that the best way of having an argument against something is first knowing what it is about.

        Go ahead, play the games… that, if you consider your soul and willpower strong enough not to fall into the claws of ‘satanism and homosexuality’, boo hoo.

        Let me tell you I’ve played AC I and II so far, and I’m waiting my brother to finish playing Brotherhood for me to give it a try.
        If you actually played the games, you will grow to like the characters, the storyline and even enjoy the level of difficulty of the missions (NONE of them include sodomy.)

        Next time, stay you blade from the flesh of an innocent and don’t judge without a solid argument. You don’t want to compromise your brotherhood by giving it a bad name, tainted with false accusations, now do you?

        Safety and Peace…

      3. QQ

        Rev. why don’t you stop complaining about the game and do something about it? Play the game,and at least get your facts straight then criticize. I guess Christians can get a bit too “stuck up” sometimes. People play the game all the time. I have friends who play/played the game and I’ve played it my self. There is NO homo stuff at all. have Christians come in the the world to help it or to condemn it? Jesus hung out with tax-collectors, prostitutes and singers TO HELP THEM! NOT TO CONDEMN THEM!

  4. Brian

    Lol, You guys are definitely trolling. No one is this stupid, if you even played the game you would realize none of this is even close to the truth xD Male to Male make out scenes? Don’t be mad because your god isn’t real. :3

    1. Christian Intellectual

      “Atheism is the result of ignorance and pride; of strong sense and feeble reasons; of good eating and ill-living. It is the plague of society, the corrupter of manners,
      and the underminer of property.”

      ~ Jeremy Collier

      1. Ezio

        The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully. – Richard Dawkins

        We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes. – Gene Roddenberry

          1. trog69

            Oh my God, really? How come no one told me before I gave up Catholicism? What the heck do I do now? Maybe Father Murphy will take pity on my worthless soul, and allow me to come back to Jesus!?!

            I sure wish you’d told me about this sooner, ’cause I bet God is mad at me, too!

            I-I can’t face them, now. There is nothing left to live for. Oh Lord, why have thou allowed me to forsake thee? If you let me believe in you again, I’ll never dress up in my Mom’s outfits, ever! I gotta go.

      2. HurpDurp

        “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
        –Steven Weinberg

        Look, I can copy and paste too. Proud of me?

        1. Christian Intellectual

          Weingberg sounds jewish and we all know that we can’t trust those Jesus killing, babypenis sucking, zionist, jew heathens because they are the children of the devil.

          1. randum

            jews – The only people in the world that are simultaneously hated by both the extreme Left and the extreme Right.

          2. Rev. Custer

            Jesus was a King *over* the Jews, because it takes an omnipotent being like Jesus to herd those medieval Jew savages towards human-like behavior.

          3. Nicholas Scott

            Hey guess what it was a roman spear that killed jesus not being naild to the cross

          4. Mainiac58

            WOW!!! I can’t believe it. Once again there is “racist” written all over this site. You people claim that this is a site full of racially unbiased members.

            “because it takes an omnipotent being like Jesus to herd those medieval Jew savages towards human-like behavior.”

            Mr. Custer, would you care to deny racism in that statement? C’mon. Be a good little white supremacist and be PROUD of your words. 😉

            Mr. Intellectual (oxymoron if I ever heard one), your turn at denial. 😀

            “It is obvious to me that your soul is african black and you worship Satan.”

            Didn’t get the response you wanted, so you resorted to racial slurs.

            …and again with the racist remarks.

            “we all know that we can’t trust those Jesus killing, babypenis sucking, zionist, jew heathens because they are the children of the devil.”

            Shame on ALL of you self-righteous hypocrites. I’m just curious as to whether you can deny your statements three times each “before the cock crows”. I’m sure you can, but to quote a phrase used by Blanche on here…”What is seen can not be unseen.” We’ve all seen it. Now deny it.

  5. Ezio


    This is the funniest thing i’ve ever read. Bravo.

    Proof if ever it was needed that their is no God, as if there was he would surely not allow people so stupid to pollute this planet.

    1. Christian Intellectual

      This article is NOT FUNNY !
      You sir are a disgusting creature. Only a godless psychopath would find funny something so horrifying and depraved.

      It is obvious to me that your soul is african black and you worship Satan.

      1. Laughing Jackal

        yes this is very funny good sir. If you read closely you be real dumb to follow this crap. Assassin’s Creed is good game and talk about history in it own way. Not the right way but it’s own way. The only reason why i being attack because it talk about God. To let you know God wasn’t the first god. There was many Gods and Goddess Before him.

      2. Ezio

        Interesting how someone as devout as yourself is also incredibly racist. Curious.

        No your right maybe people should stop enjoying themselves by playing video games, and instead go back to church where youg boys can be sodomised my priests instead. – Surely that is a “homogay” practice far worse.

  6. SG17

    Seriously …. what the hell is this? Seems the author ignores the expression “work of science fiction”! I have played and play this game and yes, I am a believer and hetero-sexual. If a child be influenced by a game for over 18 years, mainly the fault is for parents for letting him play!
    PS: How dare you criticize the Japanese doctrine when it has nothing to do with China? and for the thousandth time …. The company is not Japonese and the story which you told about the game is completely false! inform before writing an article!

  7. trog69

    I did have a rebuttal to this article, but the extensive, undisputable facts, combined with the very scientific use of detailed graphs, has caused me to reconsider, and I vow, in front of God and evabuddy here, that I will NOT play this game unless my pants are securely fastened, and my chair is in an upright position, so that I can sit up STRAIGHT, as God intended assassins to behave.

    Thanks for the wake-up call!

  8. Emdk

    I love Assassin’s Creed.
    So I think I will go to hell then. But you know what they say: You see, the thing about heaven is that heaven is for people who like the sort of things that go on in heaven. Like, well, singing, talking to God, watering pot plants.

  9. Laughing Jackal

    Assassin’s Creed is awesome game the onyl reason why you guys are attacking this. You guys are bored and have nothing to do If you this crazy and work from the devil you say how come God didn’t do nothing. Please don’t tell me say “He just testing us” or “God works in Mystery ways” I laugh when people do say that. God must be crazy not help you see it your way. I am not much of God believer but I have to say this. You guys need to grow up time are changing. We can’t stay behind and fight over whats right or what wrong.

  10. EzioAuditoreDaFirenze

    You forgot to mention that I get an awesome grappling hook, even though I’m 50. I’ll need it for scaling huge buildings.

    Also, because it was so TL;DR I couldn’t tell if you mentioned my home boy Desmond. Or the fact it will be released in November of this year! I know I’m stoked for it.

    And to top it all off. Oh man. Did you know there’ll be more online multi-player? I’m not sure how well PS3’s going to be faring, since… Well, you know.

    Regardless, it might be a tad expensive, but you can bet Jesus will forgive your money-wasting ways because I just talked to the guy and he said it was totally cool and he’s ready to see what comes next. He’s particularly excited about being Altaïr again. I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks, but Jesus keeps telling me to thank him for protecting the Holy City of Jerusalem. Since, you know Jesus was born there and has friends and stuff.

  11. raven

    his name isn’t ‘Enzio’
    the game was made by ubisoft (which is a french company)
    and it has a declaimer AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME that says it isn’t real
    It also says “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted” =]

  12. EzioAuditoreDaFirenze

    You call yourself Christians.

    But you’re clearly showing signs of a Puritan.

    You’re forever afraid that someone, somewhere is having a good time.

  13. 3cheers4cannonfodder, a rational Christian

    Okay, I’m pretty sure there’s some major trolling going on here, but just incase I’m going to point out what’s wrng in this article (I had originally typed up a HUUUUUUUGE essay, butwe had a power surge and it got lost. Here’s pretty much everything I covered:

    1)Ubisoft made the Assassin’s Creed games (I will shorten to AC) Ubisoft is a french company and neither it, Capcom, or Japan is communist.

    2)AC isn’t really an RPG and it is most certainly not a first-person shooter.

    3)While you don’t actually kill the pope, you do kill some of the others, except for children, it’d impossible to kill a child in game. However, this is a fictional game. You’re mostly killing nameless fictional characters in a Sci-fi historical fiction game.

    4)There are no Commies or Devil-Worshipers in AC, and the courtesans aren’t really devils either

    5) Yeah that’s not a gay-love scence at all, that’s Altiar questioning a bad guy before he dies.

    6) ourstesans are not a major part of the game, there aren’t even any in the first game

    7)Altiar and “Enzio” (It’s spelt Ezio) have never met before. Altiar is 294 years older than Ezio and lives in a diffrent part of the world. Altiar also happens to be Ezio’s ancestor. The two have never met and are certainly not gay lovers.

    8) The only homosexual in the AC games is Leonardo da Vinci, and there is historical evidence that does say Leonardo might have been gay.

    9) Ubisoft hasn’t released much on the plot of AC Revelations, but I can assure you it isn’t that.

    10) This game does not promote any terrorist organizations, nor does it try to make your children into an “ass bandit junkie”

    11) The word Assassin was chosen because you’re playing an assassin. Ubisoft didn’t alter the spelling to make it hide a secret message. Ever since the word was created it’s been spelt ass-ass-in. It in no way, shape, or form relates to homosexuals.

    12) There are no hidden homosexual messages in the title or the game itself. Ubisoft could care less what some random gamer’s sexual orientation is.

    13) Again, it’s Ubisoft, not Capcom.

    14) You’re graphs are inaccurate. I don’t know of any Assassin’s Creed players who are homosexual as a result of playing the game, yet I know there are plenty of homosexuals who don’t play the games. Playing videogames has nothing to do with ones relationship to God. I know of very few violent Assassin’s Creed players. Many of us are actually pretty docile :)

    The last thing you’ve got to take notice of is AC is rated M. M for Mature. That means you have to buy it for your child, they can’t buy it for themselves. If you believe this game is inappropriate for your children, don’t buy it. It’s not as life altering as you think. What’s next? I shouldn’t read X-men comics because Shadowcat is Jewish? I shouldn’t go to see Broadway musicals because some of the actors could be homosexuals?

    Assassin’s creed is just a fictional work that isn’t meant to be taken seriously. As a Christian this game hasn’t weakened or strengthened my faith in the Lord and Jesus. Please do some research on a subject before you go making accusations, it just makes you look ignorant and give Christians a negative stereotype. If you read all of this thank you, I hope I’ve shed some much needed light on this.

      1. QQ

        that’s like saying “GO TO HELL.” isn’t it your job to help save these people? to stop them going to hell? I tell you the truth, God does not know you

      2. QQ

        Bah. Unbelieving blasphemers! is pretty much what the Pharisees said to Jesus. Are we Christian Brothers to “stuck up” to see our own wrong?

    1. JarabeDePino



  14. Whatsherbutt

    I love how it says you have to kill children, even though two children have ever appeared over the space of the last two games; one of which being the brother of the protagonist and you end up killing the man that killed him, and the other you only see for about 10 seconds before you go save his mother.

    I think you’re too busy bear hugging and having gay sex during assassination missions to worry about the children.

  15. Anonymously KARKAT

    Oh man. Day just made by this article.

    Ignorance is the best joke to the educated.

  16. Phantom

    Dude, this has to be trolling or some dickhead just insulted Assassin’s Creed. I didn’t read one sentence in this article that wasn’t complete bullshit. And if anyone believe this crap, then they’re just as moronic as the loser who wrote this. First of all, get your damn facts straight, (Assassin’s Creed is NOT created by Capcom, and there is absolutely no homosexual make out scenes!) and don’t make up bullshit charts to convince your mindless followers that their children are turning into homosexual murderers.
    There is so much more I can say about this, but I’m not going to waste anymore of my time on you people.



    This is by far the FUNNIEST Article I have read EVER!! WTF are these people smoking? can’t be weed, weed’s good!

    C’mon people, these scientific charts are BRILLIANT! material

    I have played all 3 AC games, awesome games! WIN! never have I had any gay urges, but people like this does make me violent (nerd rage) this was EPIC!

    I shared this link with all my co-workers, we couldnt stop laughing at this SHIT!

  18. MDM114455

    Ok seriously i really dont get this bullshit , First of all Assassin’s creed is an amazing game

    as Devilish said , and i agree there is no gay Urge’s involved

    honestly i do not agree with homosexuality myself But , i do no discriminate against them It’s their lives

    i know many gay people who are a large part of their religious community , all you people are doing is turning people against religion with your over exagerated horse crap , i also think you should look at yourselves because in all honestly the way you go on about Gay Urges it seems you have a lil demon in your own closets.

    1. Rev. Custer

      They may be a large part of the religious community, but are they a part of GOD’s community?

      Think about that for a second.

      There are a lot of moral relativism being bantered about these days. Do not be fooled.

  19. Satins spawn

    Condemn now let me go to hell please for the love of The devil all i can say is go play the game? your charts are amazingly soooo Fucking retarded i LOLED so hard my boss came to see and Evin HE LOLED My god. this game does NOT represent gay urges does NOT teach you to kill unless you are a FUCKING RETARDED DOUCHE you guys need to burn IN HELL FOR JUGING in the first place ? does in not state in the Bible that first take the LOG out of your Eye before you Point a Splinter in a nother’s? You guys are fucking RETARDED GET LAID DUDE”S

  20. Terra

    You are COMPLETELY ignorant for writing this post. Communist Japan?
    Do you not understand history? The reason Japan is a Capitalist nation is because the United States of America rebuilt Japan’s economic and political ways of life after World War II.
    China is the Communist country, which became Communist after influence of the Soviet Union in the Cold War because of a Communist uprising.

    Radical Christians take EVERYTHING far too seriously. “Ass-ass-ins”?
    Study some Etymology before posting comments like that. The word Assassin comes from the Arabic word ‘Hashshashin’.
    Now, you may go on about how Arabic’s are ‘Satan worshippers’ because they are not Christian.
    Jeez, this is why I can’t put faith in anything religious anymore.
    Religion came about to give security, not create wars or murder or sites like this.

    And yes, Assassin’s Creed is a violent video game but that doesn’t mean it’s sacrilegious or trying to give homosexual tendencies. Please.

  21. EpicStoryRandomFacts

    So lets see Religion fails on a world wide bases because of one game? Ok lets shorten this down further to considiour the Japanise created this game when the company that created it are in fact french company so ok lets say there are homosexual scenes. well actually no if you actually take the time to play the game through you find that there are none and the fact its a fictional game doesnt come into the religious dictionary just because one guy thinks it is. Ok maybe its a dude runnin around killin ”Holy people” and the old Knights but wait lets go back into history the Holy crusades were mass murder because the christians tried to regain the holy lands and succeded by killing many? and you take offence to this game now because its ”Violant”? I rest my case.

    1. a true christian

      OMG! Are american christians that ignorant of the world. I mean seriously ya wonder why everyone is turning away from religion. well at least your religion.
      Like do you think before you say shit or are you against thinking because thats how science came about and revealed the theory of evolution.
      I may be an atheist, but at least i dont believe in the devil like you fools. You say your with god and jesus but all i can see is a bunch of ignorant, racist, biggots with a narrow mind of how the world is, which would be my description of devil worshippers.
      Seriously you fuckers do realise jesus was all about accepting the marginalised and not CONDEMING everyone!?!?
      Good on the gamers tho who posted reason on this new age nazi site to shut these christian idiots up.

      ps before some christian posts anything in reply to this think about what your going to say, Dont hide behind fool hardy words such as “blasphemy,” or “god will….. whatever” because first of all you fuckers no nothing of god, if you did know enough to voice what he truly wanted you would be able to proove he exists, but seeing as he doesn’t speak through any of you, you really have nothing to say that could add to this debate in a logical reasonable way, if anything the only thing left for you to say is sorry- for being racict biggots and for posting stupid articles that waste everyones time

  22. Jesus Fuego

    Hey, can I join your flock so I can shout out false statements and look like a bunch of jackasses. Can’t wait for christ to come back and smack you guys around like a bunch of morons for your blind faith.

  23. Queerfag

    This game made me a christ hating homofag! Even though it is not even released yet… This game has made me enjoy gay sex and hate that faggot jesus. There is no fucking god. Bow to me mother fuckers =D so I can sodomize your assholes in the process!

  24. Asker

    Is this a joke? Because this has nothing what-so-ever to do with Assassin’s Creed. Ezio, is his name, in revelations will be trying to discover what happened to his ancestor, Altair. Altair and Ezio aren’t gay lovers. No one in this game is gay except da Vinci and Salai. And even then we don’t see anything and it’s not really mentioned.
    Capcom didn’t make this game, Ubisoft. The only reason he’s killing the Pope and other politicians, are because they were corrupt and abused the people. The Pope he tries to kill is Rodrigo Borgia, ever heard of him? He’s the one who likes to as you put it “whore” around.
    If you’re going to attack something and call it blasphemy, please at least know what you’re talking about.

  25. RSRIFC

    Calm your butthurt, children. Being a closeted Christian homogay gives you no excuse to miss blatant satire. Retract your head from your ass, or whoever’s ass you’ve currently got it situated in, relax, and enjoy the humour before your religious ulcer ruptures and deprives us all of your unfunny existence.

    Hopefully you realise that consistent denial of your wish to be an ass bandit junkie only makes it more obvious how much you have been indoctrinated by the creed of the gays.


    Royal Society for the Repression of Idiots in Former Colonies

    1. Bruce Danus

      Being British is the very first sign of being a homogay.

      “Royal Society for the Repression of Idiots in Former Colonies”

      It seems obvious to people in God’s Country, America, that you British are just trying to fool the world and act like Jesus matters by having a “wedding” with an obviously gay, balding man and a starving actress, Kate Middleton, who likes to show off her sin regions. What type of Queen is that? Will has already proven himself a better Queen than Kate.

  26. RSRIFC

    Ah, but don’t you see, my God bothering American friend? Britain invented America, with a little help from our fellow European countries, so your “God’s Country” is no more than a fallacy you’ve concocted to hide the flaming ass banditry you inherited from us. We’re all about Queens this side of the Pond.

    As you probably didn’t know, in Europe the United States are correctly noted on maps and official documents as Narnia, as most of the population are fairies located in the closet and engaged in one giant continental orgy.

    1. Bruce Danus

      “Ah, but don’t you see, my God bothering American friend? Britain invented America, with a little help from our fellow European countries”

      Britain hasn’t invented anything other than horrible oral hygiene. America is a country that decided we needed to worship God instead of an old lady wearing a crown, like England and America’s hat, Canada. I understand that you people in Europe have hatred for us a Great, God Fearing Country, but who wouldn’t have that same hatred while living in a third world country where the main export is Monty Python, The Young Ones, Doctor Who and Hugh Laurie(who by the way moved here because it was much more fun).

      1. Mainiac58

        “…instead of an old lady wearing a crown”

        Ummm…Bruce? I do believe that at the time of the Revolution, it was an old “man” wearing the crown. George III, according to the history I was taught. He may have gone mad, but I don’t think he ever had a sex change or cross-dressed. (Oooo…look, Steve. A new buzz word for your next…..rant.)

        Oh and Britain is not a third-world country. YOU may consider them one using YOUR standards…….but they’re not. You need to learn to use the phrase “in my opinion” or “in my HONEST opinion (another oxymoron). All of you do. If you can’t get your facts straight, then that’s all it is….YOUR opinion. 😉

        “Britain hasn’t invented anything other than horrible oral hygiene.”

        THAT was just plain HATEFUL. (YES, I used caps!!) More slurs in yet another of your tantrums. (shaking head)

      2. KKK

        OK THAT’S IT, ENOUGH!!!! Attack that game as much as you want (anyway it’s false) But don’t attack Canada!! Shall I remember you that Canada is one of the only country that still really like USA??

        And if I read one word against Ubisoft, I’ll troll you all and sodomize you!

        By the way, I’m a black gay christian and I beated all these game 100% before I went to prison for murder :)

      3. james

        what you mean 3rd world country ? europe has some of the richest countries in the world and most powerful if we all decided to go to war with america we world win

    2. Bruce Danus

      Also, tell David Tennant hello for me, oh wait… even the favorite Doctor Who moved to America. Enjoy your Narnia fantasy world because as Christians, we all know that J.R.K. Rowling-Tolkien is a heathen writer and nobody beyond a 12 year old respects her. The Narnia books, Twilight, Harry Potter and the hobbit sex fantasy stories are proof that America got away from “The Queen” just in time.

      1. RSRIFC

        Actually, old trout, Twinklight was entirely your fault, and written by one of your beloved Christians as well. If there’s a better sign of everything that’s wrong with the United States Empire we’ve yet to find it.

        Incidentally, Canada is not a hat. The US is a beard.

        Oh, and stop poaching our actors to make yourselves look good. They just moved out there to show you how to do things properly. So yeah, David Tennant and Hugh Laurie belong to Britain. Guess who else does: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry.

        1. Bruce Danus

          Stephen Fry? Is he one of the McDonald’s Fry Kids? Also, Patrick Stewart is Irish and Ian Mckellen is Scottish, so quit picking actors who happen to have similar accents to you as “British Actors”. Also, David Tennant is Scottish too. Nobody famous has been British for like 20 years other than multiple homogays like Lady Gaga and Elton John and Kate Middleton.

          1. Boomboommax

            Bruce Danus? Really? You’re such a troll it’s not even funny… But just in case you actually be for real, thought I would let you know: Your name sounds awfully like “Bruised Anus”. Coincidence? I think not!

      2. anonymous

        Well, Harry Potter is actually the CHRIST figure. So I guess Jesus is fantasy too.

        Harry potter is like a symbol of Christ in the story. Bravo moron, read the books.

    1. Neoconstipated

      My solem prayer is for the homogays that have inflitrated this holy site please clean your keyboards of semen and fecal mixture. It causes your Caps Lock to stick.

      What kind of name is QueerFag anywya? That’s a most redundant name unless you know of some kind of fag other than queer?

  27. Nicholas Scott


  28. Marshall Mathers

    Why the fuck not, I’ll help flame this site that me and all my friends quote sarcastically.. OK, during the whole man bear embrace queer thing the post told about and the picture on it were all taken out of context. The ’embrace’ is when you kill a target, you hold on to their body so nobody hears it fall to the ground, then slowly let it down so you are not caught killing the target. The assassin tradition is when you kill a target, you are to recite the following, “May God Be With Your Soul In The After,” in Italian, then you push their eyelids down past their eyes. So what if the assassins are mainly of scientoligist and athiest origin? Now I
    imagine I will be replied on this, you will pray on
    this post, for my soul to burn or to be saved, I don’t care. If Heaven and Hell are real, I’m destined for the latter. Can’t wait on seeing the whole staff of this site there with me. Maybe we could be ass buddies? Fuck it, if you say no I’ll go by force..

  29. Mark

    Dude. I’m a devout Christian myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna condemn this game. Plus, you guys are just being so un-Christian in judging before you take a real close look. And it’s not even out yet. 😛

      1. FlyingDonutz

        You can’t GET advanced copies because the game isn’t even FINISHED yet. I don’t think Ubisoft would give a bunch of haters a game early.

        1. Boomboommax


          I’m from Montreal, the city of all sins, where Ubisoft planted their platoon of evil minions and it so happens that a really good friend of mine was in charge of designing the backdrops to the game… It is not finished yet. End of the story!

      2. juststumbledonthisjokeofasite

        well isn’t lying a sin. as someone who works in the industry I can say everything you say is a lie about the game and the game is still in beta testing no copies have been distributed as of yet. they do the testing in house. you people are going to make it easy for the elite to condemn REAL Christians. seriously what is wrong with you people?

      3. Billy

        If you condemn this game for all of it’s sin why would you bother with advanced copies? Or you could just play the ‘advanced copy’ and watch all of the non-existent sinful, homosexual scenes. And while your playing you could wonder why EZIO is not making out with a man, holding a rifle, or in first person mode.

          1. THEFISTHIS

            I do like how you all think you know whats best isn’t that kinda like saying your better then god, and isn’t that a bad thing so in turn everything on this site is bad.

          2. QQ

            dude, you’ve played the game, how many homo scenes have you seen huh? I’m gonna guess and say none. This page is bias and does not have its facts. I don’t have a problem with you saying it’s a bad game, I have a problem with you getting false information about the game to prove your point, and it’s called LYING! After all, the lord hates lying lips, but I guess your going to bend the rules and say you typed them. Is that a sin?
            Oh yeah and what was the question? I dont recall seeing it typed up, so if you will please type it up that will be appreciated.

          3. SilentEcho

            “Speak some American”

            First of all, American isn’t a language. Second, where exactly is the question that THEFISTHIS has avoided?

          4. altair will stab tyson bowers III in the ass-ass-in

            Hey bowers I just wanted to say you look like a pedophile. trying to intice little boys for you to play alittle ass-ass-in creed with you………….you are so gay….

  30. Dizzy

    It puzzles me why this Christian community hates this game so much as to publish blatantly untrue information about it.

    The plot of the first game revolves around trying to stop the Crusades: one of the darkest, most barbaric points in medieval Christian history.

    The plot of the second game revolves around trying to stop Pope Alexander VI, who is considered by informed Protestants and Catholics alike to be one of the most corrupt men to ever become Pope in all of history.

    If anything, this Christian community should appreciate a game going out of its way to raise awareness of medieval and renaissance christian history, not make factually incorrect articles about it in an effort to demonize something they didn’t even give the time of day to research or understand.

    1. Mainiac58

      “It puzzles me why this Christian community hates this game so much as to publish blatantly untrue information about it.”

      (Psst…Dizzy. Lack of a “fact-filled” topic will make people do that.) 😉

  31. FlyingDonutz

    Ezio is anything BUT gay. The kissing scene? LOL! Thats Altair taking down an evildoer. Everything this man says is incorrect. Ass-Ass-Ins. You sir, are a PERVERT. I can’t even believe this. Assassin is a word! It’s in the Bible, for gods sake! I find this site to be the base for a comedy club, not a christian society.

  32. Laudano

    Oh, for fuck’s sake, I could hardly restrain my hysteric laughter while reading this! FUCKING LOL, MAN!

    First of all, you got it ALL wrong. Find the killer of his long time lover? Puh-lease! At least instruct yourselves before writing such a piece of bullshit!

    I have played the games. ALL of them. I’m a responsible person. I assist a catholic school. I’ve got no thoughts of murdering any of my friends, teachers or family members.

    What was all that bullshit about? Come on! It’s mere fiction! You guys really can’t take a damn joke.

    Homoerotic? What? A hug between best friends? Bro-hugs are the epythome of friendship, man!

    That’s it, I can’t keep writing anymore, gotta laugh my damn ass off. See ya, bunch of haters!

  33. TheGutts

    What about the hidden blade?… Real purpose; Sneak up behind your target and sodomise them with it.

  34. Really?

    You guys…Really… I shouldn’t even comment on this, but I feel that it needs to be said.


    And seriously, just because you THINK something is offensive, doesn’t mean you have to be a dick and start lying to everyone who reads this. It’s a game. It’s entertainment. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously. Don’t like it? Don’t look, don’t support, just ignore.

    Love thy neighbor, remember?

  35. Only son of the one true gaming god

    Tyson Bowers III
    May 14, 2011
    6:57 pm

    We get advance copies.

    Praise or Condemn: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 2

    E3 Expo takes place June 7-9, 2011, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
    This is taken from:

    I would like to see this advanced copy of Assassins Creed Revelations. I am sure Ubisoft, not Capcom, would be very interested in the fact that you have this advanced copy. Since E3 has not happened yet, this is either piracy of an intellectual property or industrial espionage. Both of these are very criminal acts especially when it is an international company.

      1. juststumbledonthisjokeofasite

        again another liar. sinful and shameful. there are alot of racist sheeple that are apart of the community. and the language that these “Christians” use. have any of you even read the bible or do you claim knowledge in ignorance? your mind frame is just like back in the crusades where its they don’t believe in what i do so God wills it that i must kill the heretic or infidel. try researching because at this time you are not considered journalists you are just that stupid kid that cried wolf. oh and just out of curiosity does your organization contribute to Christians in need or does any contribution you receive go to pay for your lackluster effects on your site and for your poorly tailored blazers. also you know what you are doing is considered slander. a whole lot of people have been sued and ruined by it. how long do you expect to go on before it hits you in your ASS-ASS-IN. Food for thought.

  36. bdd458

    The writers of the web site need to STFU and get out of their little boxes.

    Your site is bullshit and I am getting all my friends to come here, to laugh at you. Even the Christian ones.

  37. GamerGirl

    So, this has to be a joke, right? Oh, you poor christian dipshits. Aren’t you supposed to be gone already? Oh, yeah, that wasn’t real. Much like your ridiculous beliefs. Get over yourselves, and understand that video games are just videogames. If you don’t like them, don’t play them. Keep your insane interpretations to yourself.

  38. anonymous


    Look, THIS IS NOT A CHILDRENS GAME! Its for people ABOVE the age of 17, or do you morons forget to see M for Mature. Secondly, I play the game, and I love God. Its a STORY. Its like a fiction book, its for your enjoyment. You people are taking this too seriousally. By the way, this is a game from Europe, by a company made by Ubisoft. (SAY WHAT?)

    Assassins, were a group during the crusades, who were real people. The game is actually very accurate, and is very interesting.

    The game teaches people to stand up for ourselves, and that it only takes one person to change the world.

    If God is just and all knowing, he will understand what I am saying. This is a game, nothing more.

  39. joni

    if god was exist he was hating you for eign that dump
    for all the people who read this, nothing here is real

  40. PEDRO

    lol are you serious man? I am catholic and I love this game and it does not make me hate God or go all crazy like you do. You are the reason people leave church for exaggerating the things, trying to put fear into people and condemning everything around you. When you take a look at how the world today and you think what have you done to change it remember you are just another reason the world is how it is today.

    ps. nothing you said in the article is true play the game first stupid idiot

  41. SMOKY

    I totally agree!!! after I played the first game I had a hankering for some homo ass meat!!! its terrible!!! shame on me!

  42. Virgile

    You guys are insane, your fear of gods wrath will send you straight to hell where you should rot for eternity.

  43. Agnotic

    Reading that article, prooved to me once again that I had reason to quit Christianity. Those illuminated people never know what they’re talkin’ about. Same thing happenned in the “80’s” with heavy metal music. In short they see evil everywhere…

    Next time you dicide to write about a videogame, please do your research. Assassin’s Creed is base on real history facts. And God knows how the Christian religion was corrupt in history.

    Ho by the way Assassin’S Creed is rated Mature. If kids are playing this game or other mature videogames, blame their parents. Not the videogame industry.

  44. Alexandre

    Religion! Get out of our life! religion is a way to manipulate people, but is outdated now! we have media, internet, music, tv etc that is manipulating us! Religion is just about deaf people who try to find ‘satan’ in everything!

    PS: sorry for the english im french canadian

    1. Alexandre

      How could a simple video games that is played one time or two could convince young people to be gay!!! This article has no proof

      anyway those who praise are intelligent and those who condemn are simply deaf and manipulated!

  45. Priss

    Listen to you all judging people and other races as if you were right. What makes you think God will want to let you in heaven? You’re just as bad as anyone else, even worse because you hide behind Jesus to judge others and seem righteous, and you just bring His name in the dirt. You’re the satanists, hope you all fry in hell, because if theres a God, I’m pretty sure he wont keep you a place by his side.

  46. Pingback: Assassin's Creed Revelations teaches kids how to murder and be a gay anti-christ - Dungeon Fighter Online Source

  47. Big P

    Hahahaha This is so stupid.. you didn’t even fact check!! Capcom didn’t make it.. and it isn’t a shooter.. that’s only the surface of bullshit going on here.. WOW What retards would actually believe this horse shit?

    Fuck this website!
    4H ole!

  48. Sarah

    You’re a fucking idiot….. you OBVIOUSLY haven’t played the game…. so don’t talk about something you don’t know about :-)

    Read up… do some research before you bash an amazing game like this one. And once again OBVIOUSLY its a good game if its already on its 3rd sequel thing

  49. Gecko

    Whether you’re being serious or making a huge practical joke, although this is funny to the interwebs population it isn’t when it reaches the church-brainwashed audience.

    Not only is this full of ridiculous nonsense, both towards the product itself and some actual world/society facts, but what this article (and most of the posts from the loyal believers, regardless of their intention) is propaganda.

    Think of the number of people that received a typical American Christian education (generalization). It’s unbelievably easy to feed them with whatever has “God” or “Jesus” in it as they grew completely blind by their incessant church brainwash. Most of them may tend to believe this, and spread the news to their comrades. The bad publicity for the game itself generated through that motion isn’t a critical concern, but to think of all that this implies through the values inserted through this (church supremacy, homophobia, racism) should have legal consequences.

    Religion itself (all religions, as a matter of fact) have a honest purpose at their root, which has been defaced through the centuries as men who wanted power attributed the religion to themselves, with the “Holy power” granted to them as priests, cardinals and popes. Church is nothing but blasphemy if you ask me.

    The original commandments basically speak against thievery and murder while promoting love, but what the church has been doing for centuries is quite different from this common sense. The introduction of a vengeful god and of hell are there to terrorize people and keep them under the control of the church officers, back in the days cardinals even controlled kings. Now, by chance the church is finally falling as most people are gaining in wisdom and losing interest, but some christian groups and some other religions are still causing major risks.

    Think about it… How many crimes were caused in the name of God? Religions are aesthetically and culturally different, but they’re all the same concept: rules for life, used by people who want to control others.

    Jesus was a philosopher ahead of his time and was killed by people who weren’t ready to understand his words, but all of the so-called miracles are to me a case of telephone game which has gained ridiculous proportions. Instead of spending your life praising for someone that you have no proof of their existence, why don’t you work to become a better person and help other real people around, maybe THAT would help making the Earth a better place.

    Sane people don’t need religion.

  50. And why should my name be "required"?

    Ass-ass-ins? Considering the root and origin of the word, you could have got something slightly credible.

    Just check this out:
    You had it at your fingertips: a reference to both islam and drugs, which is actually real, and you had to make up your own fake reference?

    Fun trolling for quite a long time, but you aren’t good at even that anymore.

    If this site is real, then I pity all of you, hate-blinded lost souls.
    If this is a joke, however, as many people seem to believe, then you are definitely sick.

  51. Dante

    I absolutely love your statistics graph. No base of information collection EXCEPT, which is where we are now. A site full of you brainwashed silly little people.

  52. Pabbellybellabellu

    I think we can all agree that the weirdest part about this review is, of course, the difference in quality between the intro animation/soundtrack used, and the weak greenscreen effect/hesitating script/”roomish” voice recording.Will look forward to more RPG First Shooters by Capcom.
    Also, them firearms training ads make me think you’re trolling for money. Congratulations, it works.

  53. U guys cant take a joke!

    Its a fucking joke u idiots my god theyre clearly joking do u people have no sense of humor

  54. Rawrs

    1. The series wasnt made by capcom
    2. The freedom of speech said u could express things,not dis everything WITH INCORREECT INFO
    2. If u dont take this site down within the week I will take this to court

  55. cocodictus

    Oh. My. God.
    This article is ridiculous.
    Gay loving? Best Friend? Man to man relations? The one who wrote it has no idea whatsoever about the game.
    The game is for fun,and the statistics shown at the end are ridiculous.
    I will send this to Ubisoft and will also sue you for fraud.

  56. anonymous

    Its cases like these that make me mourn the state of American Christianity. If the author wanted to build a case as to why Assassin’s Creed is not appropriate for young gamers or that it has anti-Christian themes, they could have done so with research and facts, of which there is almost none in this article. As has been stated above, the information about the game’s makers is false, the supposedly homoerotic image from the game is actually the assassin telling a mark to rest in peace, and the pope in the second game is a hsitorical figure who truly was a corrupt wolf in sheeps clothing. I am a Christian, I believe Jesus came to earth, died, and rose from the dead, and I believe those who accept Him are saved from sin by grace. Honestly, this article does far more harm than good by portraying (and dare I say, encouraging) Christians to be racist, hateful, belligerent, and condemning. Jesus himself said the prostitutes and corrupt would see the kingdom of God before the self-righteous and the hypocrites. You accuse a game that isn’t even out yet and that you know nothing about of being sinful and satanic, when you in turn lie to make your case. I implore those applauding this article and the author to see if this behvior lines up with the word or is truly acceptable to God. By all means, kids should not play the game and I encourage people to use discretion if deciding to play it because of the strong violence and somewhat Da Vinci code like suggestions in the second game, which a mature Christian might handle just fine. Non-Christians, allow me to say that this type of behavior (from many who claim to be Christian on this site) is NOT what Jesus had in mind or what being a Christian is about, being hateful or spreading propaganda. Don’t base faith off of people.

  57. oh boy

    Finally someone who realizes how much of a threat this game is.
    I have played the game myself and i wholeheartedly agree with the author of this article – it reeks of satanic and homogay propaganda.

  58. Smarter

    Hey Idiots !! this game is 18+ LEARN 2 READ. stupid Christians. hey, i was an atheist since i reached the age of 13. and come on!! there’s Sexuality in everything !! in movies in games in comics in books… go to hell you idiots.
    how is this game is gay ?

  59. lol

    ive played this game and its very discusting how it shows homosexuality to children

    this game should be baned

    1. Brain cells

      You are a complete utter moron. I don’t know since when M rated games are for kids but you have to be pretty retarded to believe it is and what is wrong with your eyes ?(much less your mind), you are beyond a simpleton, please for the good of man-kind grow a brain or rid yourself.


    OMG that is the funniest thing i have ever read!!! Just…wow…

    Ok so first its made by canadian company Ubisoft. Second, there are no gay scenes or long time lovers. Especially as there is 200 years between the two games.

    Look, if you wanted to bash AC So much then perhaps focus on the fact that it goes against all religion and questions where us lowly humans come from in the first place but OH WAIT its just a freakin game. Dont want your kids to play it? Dont buy it then. Goddamn templars. Victory to the Assassins!

  61. ROFLMFAO!!!

    “This game also includes male to male make out scenes. As you can see in the image below, the assassin has had his best friend killed and before he dies, they embrace in a homogay love hug and partake in a male to male mouth lip lock.”

    ah… i wonder what the dude must’ve thought when judas kissed jesus…

    ~it is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt… especially when talking bout something he has clearly no idea whatsoever

  62. Korganeth

    I’ve played all of the Assasin’s Creed games and the author of this article has COMPLETELY NO clue about their content, no knowledge of video games and simply lies about those “statistics” and most of what the game is supposed to be about. And, seriously, “communist Japanese company”? Dear author, you are a sad person. You haven’t even played those games and know nothing about them. It’s thanks to people like you that Christians are laughed at.

  63. nozzy

    lol guys ur such shitheads xD 1st rule of existance – everyone has free will (even so called God said it) – this statement means “noone can force you to do or not do anything (of curse as far as it’s not braking the law)
    2nd thing – in the main screen of the game is a statement like this – this game is created by multirelogiuos team and has no will of hurting anyones personal feelings. If u dear non-educated article writer had ever played the game u would know that . 3rd – its Ubisoft not Capocm… Peace ppl .

    Open Minded Atheist wishes you good day all belivers and non-beliver.

  64. NeRO

    Let me just say that you really are a bunch of strange people. Assassins Creed is made by a company called Ubisoft which is acutally French.

    Check a few sites connected with gaming , they are already making fun of you.

  65. Jordan

    The fact that this review is wrote by a christian leaves it heavily bias look theres nothing wrong with communism or homosexuality its you christians who have got that wrong and as far as whores and thieves go that was accurate to the social historical context as yes there would be and its not just aimed at kids. hating god? i dont hate god and i sweat out on assassins creed in the end its just a game however fanatic christians killing everybodys fun when there religion is built on sand? thats crap and as far as commuinism goes that has nothing to do with religion but communism beleives in sharing equally like your religion is supposed to so fucking think before you write about this shit you hippocrite, future taliban killers? you fucking wierdo why would you even think about that? and how in one way are they gay? whats your problem with gays anyway, homosexuality was a big part of spartan culture and fucking look at them they have gone down in history as the best fighters who ever lived, and your telling me your government arnt dicks? anyway i think you should quit your job cos you just got owned by a 15 year old.

  66. Jordan Mackenzie

    the real reason you hate this game is cos it exposes christianity as a racist religion wasnt it the crusaders who marched into the holy land murdered innocence and claimed treasure you racist fucks ive never seen a priets thats not a white caucasion male like the guy above says the kkk is a christian organisation assassins creed dont make me hate christianity its worthless fucks like you that do now you should shut the fuck up before you promote more than just verbal abuse

  67. Drake Bell

    Racist fucks, how do you call your self Christians and then spread hate and falsities about others around? The game is not even made by capcom its made by ubisoft based in Canada, but hey you probably hate them to? You make me sick, you can’t even get the facts right about who makes this game. I’ve played this series through its a great game.

  68. Drake Bell

    Just look at the name Tyson Bowers when broken down it becomes, ty (tie) (son) Blowers which obviously means his Daddy took him down to the basement every night tied him up and made blow a gaggle of male prostitutes.

  69. Kg

    This game is based on the renaissance the time where religion and Christianity was the inspiration of many great arts and creations…nothing is in the game is homosexual…it’s just the arrogance of retarded Mormons thinking they have the right to criticize things without proper information, not to mention the fucking game isn’t even out yet. Yes there is vilolence in the game but it isn’t even intended for your children. This entire website is filled with racism but that you idiotic whiners is frowned heavily upon by society. Do you think god is going to accept a racist whiny little bitch up there? Honestly I’m not saying I would either but at least I am aware of what I do wrong. And do you think people will remember you for “cleansing the earth of satanic symbolism” no one gives a shit about? No they will watch your rotting corpse in a ditch somewhere in the middle of forest, why? It’s because there are more important things to worry about than a whiny dickless waste of of space. Please for the sake of your soul trapped in your hideous racist mind go and do the world an actual favor and go fucking donate your life to medical science.

    1. Harold Camping


      You seem to be missing a few vowels in your name.

      In any case, there are no Mormons here.

      As for the Renaissance, it is known as a time of widespread homosexuality and bestiality, now copied and celebrated at numerous Renaissance Faires.

      1. Unknown

        The Italian Renaissance began the opening phase of the Renaissance, a period of great cultural change and achievement in Europe that spanned the period from the end of the 13th century to about 1600, marking the transition between Medieval and Early Modern Europe. The term renaissance is in essence a modern one that came into currency in the 19th century, in the work of historians such as Jacob Burckhardt. Although the origins of a movement that was confined largely to the literate culture of intellectual endeavor and patronage can be traced to the earlier part of the 14th century, many aspects of Italian culture and society remained largely Medieval; the Renaissance did not come into full swing until the end of the century. The word renaissance (Rinascimento in Italian) means “rebirth”, and the era is best known for the renewed interest in the culture of classical antiquity after the period that Renaissance humanists labelled the Dark Ages. These changes, while significant, were concentrated in the elite, and for the vast majority of the population life was little changed from the Middle Ages.

  70. Kg

    In any case, there is plenty of racism here on this site. Even if this site was a complete joke. This would be a distrusting and dark joke. And by the way I’m a guy kg is something injust put so I can get my point out quicker. I’m honestly never this angered but it makes no sense of anything on this page.

      1. Unknown

        Christian Intellectual
        May 8, 2011
        7:50 amWeingberg sounds jewish and we all know that we can’t trust those Jesus killing, babypenis sucking, zionist, jew heathens because they are the children of the devil.

  71. xD

    people like you are the reason why most europeans think that all americans are dumb, fat and retarded.
    just read your own replys…
    there are a number of facts that are totally wrong:
    1.Assassins Creed is NOT by capcom
    2.Altair is NOT Ezios lover ( man this is really stupid )
    3.There is NO hidden message in the name
    4.There is absolutely NO homosexuality in this game …

    i dont know if lying is a sin but if it is YOU are the one who will be punished because this whole article, THIS WHOLE WEBSITE, IS ABSOLUTELY STUPID AS FUCK…

    whatever went wrong in your life … keep it for yourself and don’t spread your false messages around the internet…

    in endless gay love,

  72. Joseph Fender

    I’m going to have to ask to see your actual statistics, study notes, and accreditation certification paperwork, because even having never played the game, I can safely say most of this article is garbage, over-exaggeration and scare tactics aimed at fundamentalist readers. You should be ashamed of yourself, your editor, and your parents for not using a condom the night you were concieved.

    1. namaste

      this isn’t real! i keep reading these articles and comments in true amazement that anyone would actually not see through this to the satire.

      has no one thought to google “is christwire satire?” just do it!

      i feel like people just like to bicker, because i find it terribly hard to believe that anyone is a) dumb enough to write this silliness and b) dumb enough to believe its REAL.

      christwire = religious version of the onion. but like i’ve said before, it is highly entertaining and sort of addictive.

  73. cake

    most wars have been caused by Christianity and many religious figures believe it is right to kill and murder so long as it ‘appeases the god’ which is just an excuse for them to do what they like.

  74. Sgt.Skywalker

    Ok simply wow, the only explanation I have is that this site is owned by trolls who only wishes to make people mad by saying retarded and illogical things or it is really simply owned by some retarded christians spreading propaganda so that they gather naive fools as followers in their sect (yes, I call the christian religion a sect). That is all.

  75. Austin

    As so many others have pointed out, you guys don’t even know what you’re talking about. So if you would please spare everyone your ignorance next time and do your homework before writing an article.

  76. AK

    couldn’t you have at least checked wikipedia or something this whole article is riddled with mistakes, and I’m not talking just about the homosexuality thing but everything you know about this game is incorrect. Next time double check your references.

  77. Billy

    Ubisoft it a FRENCH company. In all of the games the most ‘homosexual’ occurrence would be a man giving another man a hug because they hadn’t seen eachother in a long time. The only time a child is ever integrated into gameplay is when you help a child find his mother. Altair And EZIO lived centurys apart. Communism? The assassin order was about stopping the Templars who were trying to FORCE a corrupt ruler on the people. The assassins were Stopping them not supporting them. The game has a PEGI 18 rating, and that is like our ESRB rating which is M, so the game is not aimed at children. The title, assassins creed, holds no secret message. You are an assassin so the title seems very fitting. First person shooter?? If you truly believe this to be a first person shooter you really have no idea about this game at all. Again Ubisoft is French. And wouldn’t America would have noticed if a game had been turning children into terrorists after three games that were highly successful? Please, do some research next time. Also this game is fictional

  78. UnderRedSky

    Leave it to a “bible thumper” to publish something filled with blatant lies and half truths to try and control the weak minded….much like the holy bible, or any book of religion was meant to do.
    BTW. Homosexual embraces and makeout sessions (which are NOT found in the game) are however found all throught the bible. Didn’t Jesus secretly wed that WHORE Mary Magdalene, or was he just busy being a fag?

      1. Ren Fenwitz

        Jesus ran around with 12 men and (secretly) one woman. Would you then argue that Jesus was a closet heterosexual?

  79. ac isnt gay

    the people who post articles on this site are like templars they take the name, and the emblem of christ and think they have the power to do wat they want—we game in the dark to sleep in the light we are gamers

  80. daniel

    ok this game is rated mature so 17 and up no children and plus i have played the game. that “make out scene” is him laying down his friend and saying rest in piece they did NOT kiss this guy is retarded and the statistics up there are wrong cause there is no way that all the children had “gay” needs cause he most likely didnt d any kind of survey and on children any way they dont understand what gay is there is nothing that involves gay in this game what so ever and the company that made it is an american corporation dip shit ubisoft is american get your facts straight ill see you in hell you fuck

  81. Peter

    I’m so pissed off after playing this game, and want to wipe it off my hard drive ASAP, This video game is so fucking Offensive to Christians, Fuck Ubisoft, I’m so glad that I got the cracked version of this game from my friend and did not waste my money on this shit.
    This game is Anti-Christ, Anti-God. I will dump it to the trash.
    The killer guy keeps attacking and assassinating priests, and I even saw one scene in which people dumped a priest into the fire to burn him, it’s so offensive and unacceptable to me.
    Fuck you UBISOFT,

  82. Atheist

    This site gets dumber and dumber every day.
    The so called “gay make-out scene’ isn’t even close to that. After EZIO assassinates his target, he says a little pray wishing them safety on their journey to heaven.
    This whole ass-ass-in thing that you’re trying to say is plain stupid. you’re just making shit up and this needs to stop.
    I swear, the people who post articles on this site is plain stupid. LEARN YoUR SHIT

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  84. Sam

    This is not towards kids. the people that play it will obviously know that it is not real. the kids that do play it have to have parent approval before the game is bought, so if the parent is ok with that then thats the parents dicision

  85. SouL

    1. there is no gay scenes in AC (if you show me i video i will believe)
    2. its not aimed for kids thats why its rated M for mature
    3. you kill “corrupted” popes etc
    4. its a violent video game, there is a reason its call ASSASSIN’s Creed not playground creed
    5. its not anti christian or anti god simply if you say that that means u kill christians or god worshippers which u acually DONT in the game
    6. really? hug and kiss his friend? either u are fucking retarded or have an IQ of negatives
    7. Altair is Ezio’s fucking ancestor no lover and there is NO way they can be lovers cuz Altair exist like 300 years BEFORE Ezio’s lifetime
    8. i dont remember any gay bath houses or long gay kissing cutscenes (again, show me video then i believe u)
    9. train to be future terroist huh? you acually ARE the GOOD guys killing the BAD guys
    10. FPS and RPG, well i wont say anything about that cuz everyone knows your retarded
    11. well you probably kicked out the 10 million kids who is kid who dont and all the kids who do is probably some kid you know
    12. your retarded
    13. i will share this on facebook so my friends can see how retared you are
    Have a nice life retard

  86. House of Firenze

    What is this I don’t even? Come on. I’m a hardcore Christian. This is SUCH crap…this can’t be for real. And if it is, seriously? You’re just proving the stereotypes that the Left has of us, man. I’m going to say this: I like Assassin’s Creed. Both I and II. I think it has some very complex messages in it. Many of which, quite obviously, the writer of this article couldn’t grasp. However, here’s where I go off on a tangent to explain what I think the real truth behind the AC series is. Granted, I haven’t played Brotherhood or Revelations–I’m still working my way through II, but based on what I’ve seen and heard, I’m thinking this.

    What if, at the very beginning of time, or at least time as we humans know it, a hyper-advanced, near-omniscient, immortal, being from somewhere else (could be another dimension, world, whatever) came to Earth? This being would have incredible powers from the early humans’ point of view–perhaps even be Godlike. If this being also fulfilled the tenets of Christianity–and any number of other monotheistic religions around the world, would this being, in fact, then be our God? (Look up Physical God in TVTropes) I’m going to refer to a Christian worldview because it is all I know. If there was a being who seeded (Created) life on this world, that was somewhat human-like (In His image) and originally intended it to be a utopia, but then we humans sinned. This being fixed things the only way it knew how: by sending another, its only son (Jesus) or something of that nature, to be sacrificed so that we could rejoin the being in Heaven.

    This is where it gets interesting, at least for me. Because, if you’ve played ACII (Spoiler alert if you haven’t): there’s a part where Altair is wondering what happens to his SELF when he dies. There has to be more than this life. The personal experiences I’ve had cinch it for me. But, what if it’s not a Heaven in the traditional sense? What if, this aforementioned being, creating us in its own image, also created in us a soul? That being: Our consciousness, that which differentiates us from animals, our intelligence, our questioning nature, and, at our core, a desire to be something more. Quite naturally, the being didn’t want to interfere with our own natural path, so it didn’t give us a direct homing beacon. But there is a yearning in ourselves that needs to be filled. Some fill it with life. Others fill it with music. The list is infinite. And some choose to fill it with religion, as have I, and I feel quite whole because of it. Where does this all connect with AC? Quite nicely. 😛 Like the series suggests–The Ones Who Came Before were quite powerful. And if they were even more powerful than is let on in the series, they could quite possibly be True Gods. I’m sure the far Christian Right will blast me for this, but in summary, I’ll say one thing I’ve said before.

    If there is a being that comes from someplace not of this Earth, is immortal, near omniscient, and has powers that are attributed to God (ability to create life, sacrificed his son to save humanity, omnipresence, etc etc.) why isn’t that being, by definition, then, God? Simply because a being becomes physical does not mean we cease to believe in it. That, I think, would be a wonderful revelation to the faith–at least for me…physical proof that there is more, that there is a life after this one–and that there really is an all-loving God who cares for -all- humanity. Anyway, I’m done. And from a Christian point of view, this site is still crap. <_<

  87. Kozyfin

    The game was made by Canadians thus ubisoft Montreal. Also i don’t think there was one fact in this whole thing….oh yea Ezio is in the game so i guess you got that right.

  88. New VW

    It?s in point of fact a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  89. Bacon

    Yeah, probably one of the most unintelligent and uninformed writings I’ve ever read. Typical christian nonsense.

  90. Alex

    Satan’s my favorite :)

    Hey, Bruce, if you’re so Christian, why do you know what Omegle is? Go on there to get your fix of daily old man penis, do you?

    You can keep your God. I’ll stick with my Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  91. Hatersgonnahate

    I’ve played these games before and there is
    No gay at all! Where did you retards get those graphs? Altair is EZIO’s relative, NOT his gay lover. Seriously, ass ass in? Assassin is a real word still used to describe killing someone important. I know being gay is sinful, but not everything is gay! Anyone reading this: this website is made by fake Christians, so just leave this site now. That ‘gay hug’ screenshot is him putting the guy down, not a gay hug. I’m not saying go out and buy this for your kids, but there is no gay in this game. At all.

  92. Hatersgonnahate

    I am a very christian person, but this is a game in America not everything has to shove the bible in people’s faces! It’s a damn game, if you don’t like it then don’t buy this game. These people have clearly not ever played any of the games ever.

  93. Clueless Christian

    For one, this game was made by ubisoft, not Capcom. It is neither first person or a shooter.
    There are no gay elements except for da Vinci, Altair and EZIO are relative that are separated by 300 years, so they could not have been lovers. Yes it’s violent, but that choice is up to the parents. You are clearly a cult, not real Christians. People like you are the stereotype Christians now, but this is a minority. You have clearly never played any of these games.
    Oh and another thing. I’m pretty sure the author of this article has a ‘sin snake’.
    If you are faking and this website is a fake, you are giving real Christians a lot of crap from atheists, and you should stop.
    ‘praise’ this comment if christwire should be banned from the Internet.

  94. Lunchan128

    Dude you give Christians a bad name.

    And for the record Assassin’s Creed is made by Ubisoft(a Canadian company) not Capcom.

  95. Mr. Pissed

    This is all garbage i cant believe anyone in their right mind would believe any of this trash you post on this crappy ass site you call christian.

    Whats with all this homogay stuff anyway no thing in any AC games are gay your just thinking pervertedly you dunce. ALtair and Ezio have no romance they’re centuries apart from each other and when he was holding that man he was laying him to rest not a homogay embrace. There is no male on male kissing or sexual activity in these games your lying hethen garbage.

    You as an author are not a journalist but a piece of crap. Yes the games violent but thats just the way games of today are. Also your statistics are false and ludicrously unporptional.Ive played all the AC game and Im straight as ever! I’m sick of sights like these giving christians a bad name. Guess what God knows your lying about everything you just wrote and i hope he forgives you because Im going to have hard time after i read this horrible post posted by a horrible site. Your a skid mark on the underwear that is the internet.

  96. FRiNKEL

    Shouldn’t you be taking your brother to a church and not the courthouse? It feels as if any pro-comments and the article itself is accusing many upon many people. I am a Christian Catholic (if you say I’m sitting on the fence between protestant and catholic then you should do some research. Catholics are the original Christians, the ONE single church built for Christ) and even I find this game alright, spite the fact it has a plot line that would seem against the catholic church.
    I feel like this game is not about killing strong believers in Christ and using harlots, it’s about destroying corruption and people trying to use God’s name to make a profit or to become famous, and the harlots are there to show the true face of the corrupt guards. If this game would be anything, it’d be supporting the protestant church, which built their church to protest against the Catholic church’s corruption.

    I don’t know if this review was serious or not, but if it was serious, I would strongly consider rewriting it, making sure you get your facts right, and make sure you’re not trying to do this just to anger people, even ones that may not be too close to god. One of the signs of the upcoming rapture, as foretold in Mattthew 24:10, is “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” (Just in case anyone decided to look in the bible, I’m reading the King James version, which I find to be closest to the original scriptures of the bible.) If you’re writing these just to make people angry, I reccomend you don’t try to – taking the topic in mind – assassinate those who don’t have the same opinion as you do, but rather teach them the right way kindly, without cursing them and calling them various objects. Love the sinner and hate the sin.

    I am a strong follower in Christ, and if you don’t believe me, then I can’t lead you to do anything else, and you might not have taken my argument to heart. I believe this game has done nothing wrong for my conscience, nor any others who follow the same logical process as I have. The Assassin’s Creed series is created by people from multiple religions (as I remember being stated before the title screen). I bet one of the people who worked on the game must have been a Christian, and I bet they weren’t intending to make a blasphemous game.

    And, before I leave, I would like to state a few scriptures from James. 3:10-11. “Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” I’ve spewed not one curse from this comment. In the meantime, I look at the article and I can find quite a few swears. I think I’ve found the fountain of bitter and sweet water. Also, James 1:26 says, “If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.”
    That’s all I have to say. I’m done here.

    1. FRiNKEL

      Oh, and if you say I’m two-faced because I feel this game is alright and I’m a christian catholic, then think again. I feel like that was the past. When Jesus was here and gave Peter the keys to the church, the original Catholic church, it wasn’t corrupt then. Sure, it may have had a few difficulties in the meantime, but no human is perfect.

      We are all cardinal minded. We will make mistakes. My very opinion may have fault. But either way, even if I’m wrong about if Assassin’s creed being OK in terms of Christianity or faith, don’t accuse and curse anyone who’s following the wrong path. Lead them to the right path, MINUS the various foul-mouth language and accusations and the generic “you’re going to hell for x”. Don’t curse them to hell. Help them into heaven.

  97. Communist Lover

    Jesus was an Asian Chinese communist Japanese. He was also Jewish. And he hates this website. He told me himself. Oh wait no he didn’t. He’s dead.

  98. Bruce Danus

    This is not a Blog!!! This is a News Site for Christians. Your name is long and annoying, and your comments are short and pointless.

  99. Bruce Danus

    If you change your name after writing a comment, you are obviously lying in your comment. I use my REAL NAME here, and yes, some people are childish about it, but most try to have intelligent discussions with me.

    To all the people who are trying to “Troll” this site, maybe you should go to “” or tr talking to “”. Those seem to be on your level. We are Christians and we know that God has proven us correct, so stop arguing with us and move on.


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