Blacks Release "Raps Snacks" to Brainwash White Youth

Deep within the ghettos of America, hipped hopper drug slangers are working on consumer products that are marketed towards young white kids. Black record dealer owners, know that 86% of their record sales are from the blue eyed race and they know if they could market other products to children, they could capture another source of revenue to fuel their cracked coked caned habits. Their latest product, Rap Snacks. These ghetto bite sized snacks are branded to make you kids feel like they are getting the same foods as, Lil’ Roman and all the other “Lil” rapped hopped artists. It makes them feel like they are a part of the street gang struggle and allows them to get a taste of a welfare lifestyle at the cost of 200 calories.

With ever bite, your child will become more sassy and less motivated. They will develop a “chicken head” attitude and start “dissing” his moral values.

Once kids get hooked on these chips, they will want more ghetto-tastic flavorings. Next it will be Tupac Popcorn and than Will.i.spam cans. Once they have been sucked in so far into this black hole of despair, the next step will be black ghetto street drugs and prostitution.

Here is an example of young black attitude from last night’s X-factor. As you can see, the “Lil’ Astro” has the “I deserve everything cause I’m black” attitude. This is what you can expect when your children get sucked into a world of thuggery.

13 thoughts on “Blacks Release "Raps Snacks" to Brainwash White Youth

      1. Jasmine

        really? Your articles are a gateway to hell :) I am a well-off, white, woman and I DESPISE you for this. Rap is part of a very rich culture, and it came out of white men degrading their race in the first place. if you’ve got such a problem, have your all-mighty GOD send you blueprints for a time machine down from space and you can go back in time and kill your ancestors :) good luck

        1. Dick Proctor

          Oh dear… Such an angry, Limousine Liberal.
          Perhaps Madam, you’ve failed to notice that the Blacks have been ungrateful to the rest of America, ever since being freed from slavery?
          It is the heart of their agenda to destroy our Christian Culture, by dragging us down to their level, by infecting our children with their course and violent culture.
          Their weapon of choice, is their music.
          Starting in the 1870’s with “Rag Time”, then “Jazz” in the 1920’s, “Boogie-woogie” in the 30’s, “Swing” in the 40’s, “R&B”, then “Rock and Roll” in the 50’s, “Reggae” in the 80’s, and now this “Hipped Hop” and “Rap”.
          And always pushed by non-Christians in the media.
          With each new style of Black music, our once noble, clean, and law-abiding society, has descended, step by step, further down into violent, drug-fueled, sex-crazed, jungle savagery.
          Satan’s hand is clearly at work, and only committed True Christians can, and will, stop it.

          1. Jessica

            “Perhaps Madam, you’ve failed to notice that the Blacks have been ungrateful to the rest of America, ever since being freed from slavery?”

            Mabie its the fact they were slaves to start with, and even now are treated like slaves.
            Rock and roll was lead by elvis… who WAS WHITE.

            im not gonna bother with the rest. as i have a life to live, most playing all those so called sinfulgames that will turn me gay.

          2. WOW

            You need to go outside. Get away from the computer. Where do people like you live? I need to know because I don’t want to live near scum. Especially I don’t want raise my family around racists. This is God’s world. Not yours.

  1. Tom

    Really? Even though there are slogans like “Think Responsibly,” and “Stay In School” written on the packets themselves? Or did you choose to ignore that part?

    In other news; Wow. That kid was a little brat. Had he behaved like that on UK TV he would have been kicked out of the competition.

  2. Cody

    Not sure if a serious article or not. Such blatant racism here too, but hey, that’s what you expect out of the conservative extremists.

    Do I agree with the marketing? Not exactly, it is after all food, and it doesn’t fit “you are what you eat” at all.

    But then again maybe you could agree with the position of rap from an african american background, as it was a musical genre created by the black community for the black community. It’s a cultural niche that was made for oppressed people to band together and try and survive “white” America.

    And since when did African Americans deserve to be grateful for being freed from slavery? Whites were the ones that did it in the first place. That’s like someone kidnapping me and raping me and saying I should be grateful they used a condom. Jeez you people need to read your history archives in places like Virginia where the documentation of Africans going from freed humans to enslaved ones is right there for you all to read.


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