17 thoughts on “Christians Against Female Adultery Ad

  1. bluesingincat

    Getting my sarcasm ready…..hold on………….wait………………………..Oh? oh, not for you! tee hee hee….for anyone who wants to use Christianity and ridicule believers for some sick, perverted need to feel they’re better than others. That’s all.

    Ha ha. Just kidding.

  2. Claire

    This is the problem I have with this website. Finding spousal abuse funny enough to joke about it is just as bad as truly believing spousal abuse is okay.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      It is an ad to stop adultery. Also, this coming form a person who has made many physical threats to every member of our website. Ok to bash a Christian, right Claire?

      1. Claire

        I’ve made physical threats to Adam and to you, nobody else, and those were only because you managed to offend possibly every person on the face of the earth as well as threatened the lives of my cats. But what that “ad” is doing is making light of a VERY SERIOUS issue that MILLIONS of women on this earth face. Not to mention the fact that men commit adultery, not just women. Why don’t you make an “ad” suggesting violence as a way for wives to stop their husbands from cheating?

          1. Stephenson Billings

            Claire threatens me on a daily basis but I have a secret plan that will keep that from happening. When I meet her and she tries to punch me, I’m going to lock her into a bear hug and not let go until she submits to my love and faith in Jesus.

          2. L.N

            Billings, you aren’t undeserving of having physical threats aimed at you, seeing as how you’re a sick pervert who’s harassed people sexually before.

    2. Pastor Sean

      The power of Christ compels you Claire. I have faith you will see the benefit of stopping the evil of female adultry.

  3. Tom

    Any scum who would hit their spouse, man or woman, is not fit to be called a human being and deserves to be burned to death in a brazen bull chamber.

  4. eddie

    Well I am astounded. I thought maybe this site was set up as a parody to Jesus Christ. I am ashamed to see that this post is actually the belief of someone who calls himslef a follower of Jesus. I agree with one of the above comments that anyone who jokes about violence to women is a form of violence to women. What would Jesus do? Not joke about men hitting women.

    Shame on you.

  5. Felton Gonsalues

    Thankfully my wife is wise enough not to try being unfaithful to me, and I rarely have to resort to love-taps. I see this ad doing wonderous things for our countries moral fiber!


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