This Is How You Advertise For A Safe Childhood

What happens when you make anti-drug PSAs about gaying? The below images are postcards for you to print out or use the html coding to post it on your Facebook and MySpace pages. The first step to removing gay, is to educate about gay. Together we can beat this sickness.


If you feel your child has dabbled in some gay, please contact your local church and schedule a counselling meeting. Most likely your child has been exposed via public school, video games or song and dance TV shows. Only your pastor or priest will know how to cure this demon that has enter your child’s soul.


25 thoughts on “This Is How You Advertise For A Safe Childhood

  1. OddAtheist

    Sign 1, Skyrim: There’s no evidence of this (The ridiculous claims that spew forth from your mouth don’t count) Been playing Skyrim since the day it came out. I’m still perfectly straight.

    Sign 2, Gay: You say that as if Gay is a drug…Which it’s not…and it’s not even a choice. Your either born gay or straight.

    Sign 3, Demon Whacking: Which I assume your talking about masturbation. Which is okay, great stress reliever.

    Sign 4, Gaying: I don’t even think “Gaying” is a real verb. It’s ok to be gay.

    Sign 5, Dyke: I don’t know…I think she’s kinda hot…In what way does she look like a lesbian to you?

        1. Tom

          Did you seriously just ask me about my own masterbatory habbits!? You sick pervert! What kind of man asks another man how many times they masturbate? You homosexual pervert.

          1. L.N

            I think Billings is talking to himself. Considering how he asks people how often they masturbate, likes to smell their bed sheets, and knows that jizz congeals and yellows, as well as demand that people take naked pictures of themselves for him, as well as admitting to the fact that he likes to spank people sexually, AND enjoys throwing people into a basement AND likes to stuff corn flakes into women’s vaginas.

            Fucker’s got issues.

          2. Tom

            I’m not the one asking other men how many times they masturbate. Stay away from me. I don’t trust you not to try and rape me anymore.

          3. Stephenson Billings

            Ln let’s it all hang out! Wow, you have the most disturbing mind I’ve seen since The Comedian used to be brave enough to post here. Fortunately that little guy found a prison cell more comfortable than his mother’s basement dungeon.

    1. Bronies4LYFE

      SO you just assume all bronies are homosexuals, now you say people who play skyrim are homosexuals, now you say talking to old men make you a homosexual?
      So im a homosexual?
      and you know what?
      Im a asexual, dumbass

  2. seBASTARD

    I got one question: If god is against gay, then why does it exist?

    btw: Beeing gay is genetic and has nothing to do with any game or tv show or whatever.

  3. KBLME

    That’s some fine copy and past you got there might you try REMOVING the black next time or do your skill just go down every time you use them?


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