Christwire’s First Annual – Hug a Christian Day

Christwire’s First Annual – Hug a Christian Day

What: It is time for people to thank the Christian’s in the world for keeping them safe from The Rapture, terrorism and sin. Show your thanks by hugging a Christian in your local area. You will get extra faith points by taking a photo and sharing it with our community.

When:  Monday, May 30 · 12:00am – 11:59pm

Where: All across the world of course!

Remember, man on man hugs must follow the side hip hug or the pelvic hover hug. Pelvic areas must be at least 10 inchs away from each other to prevent temptation touching. Interracial hugging is ok.

RSVP: Click the link here.

28 thoughts on “Christwire’s First Annual – Hug a Christian Day

    1. J.C.

      Claire, if a Christian molests you it would only be because you tempted him by exposing your filthy, disgusting sexual areas to his eyes! You can’t can’t press your large breasts into a mans face and then expect not to get punished for your wrong doing!

          1. The Comedian

            Stevie, Claire’s a grown woman. She’s going to college, what ‘child’ goes to college? Oh, that’s right, you think anyone under the age of 30 is a child.

    2. Tyson Bowers III

      Funny how all those “molesters” are actually homosexuals who use the cloth to get close to children. Why aren’t you screaming at the homo community?

      1. Claire

        Where’s your proof that they’re homosexuals? Priests only prey on boys (haha, pardon the pun) because the altar boys are easy targets! If there were altar girls instead of altar boys the priests would be raping them instead.

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          Male having sex with a male would be considered gay. I love how you even defend those who rape children.

          1. L.N

            Guys having sex with guys = gay.
            Guys having sex with children = pedophile.
            Gay =/= pedophile.

            Congrats, you can’t define basic English!

          2. Tyson Bowers III

            Gay pedophile. Gay is gay, no matter how to try and cut it up. Is there a difference with murder depending on age now?

          3. Tyson Bowers III

            Also like how you both joke about kids being touched by people. You love that fact that boys get raped by “religious” figures. You care more about who the raper is, instead of the raped. You could care less about the boys who are being abused. None of your comebacks can debunk my statement, as we all know it is true. You people are sick to be secretly giggling over the rape of a young child and giving high fives when you hear it was by some sex crazed pastor, who was never a man of God, but a sick predator. It is not the Church, but the sickos who hide themselves within the Church, yet you won’t agree with that either.

          4. L.N

            Like you’re one to talk. You hear about a kid getting raped and you instantly think that a homosexual was behind it, and how they’re all pedophiles. Yeah, nice generalization asshole. You do realize that if you stopped making retarded blanket statements like that, then people wouldn’t be making blanket statements about Christianity now, right? Of course not, that would require higher-brain functions than you could possible possess.

            All you care about is hating what you were told to hate, without a second thought. You’re so caught up in saying ‘who is going to hell’ that you never bother to take a look at yourself for all of the hateful, hurtful, vile, EVIL things that you say. All you do is lie and then demand respect for your lies.

            Not once have you assholes EVER proven just how you could POSSIBLY be right. Whenever you’re asked to present evidence, all you do is go ‘oh, its out there, go find it yourself’, even though YOU brought it up, and you will deny any evidence to the contrary. If it’s liberal, it’s evil. If it has anything to do with homosexuals, it’s evil. If it isn’t Christian, it’s evil, that’s your thought process and you somehow think that’s causing progress in this world. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. Cheat, cheat, cheat, cheat, cheat. That’s all you’re good for. You’re nothing more than a louse, and full of baseless accusations. Any proof you have is completely biased towards your line of thinking, yet the moment there’s any ‘liberal bias’, you dismiss it without a second thought. You’re nothing more than a brain-dead idiot who’s stuck on a line and refuses to step away from it, and wants everyone who’s not on the exact same line as you to jump off a cliff.

            Go back to the rock you crawled under from, you pathetic piece of slime.

  1. Mainiac58

    “We saved you from rapture…”?

    Okay. I’m a Christian and even I know that if “we” saved…..them, then “we” didn’t go EITHER. The Bible says that no one shall know the day nor the hour, so why do people keep trying to figure it out? By your thinking, if the Bible says it it must be true. Again people trying to outwit God. 😉

      1. Mainiac58

        “Because mine is quite clear.”

        Quite clear on WHAT, Dear Abby? Does yours actually give a time and day? Odd. The majority of the Christian world KNOWS it can’t be predicted. The Bible spells it out for you. How much clearer can it get? :(

  2. Blanche Beecham

    I’ve got my Haz-Mat suit on and I’m ready to hug dudesnude Adam! (If you don’t mind dudesnude Adam, please spray all over with this disinfectant first).

  3. AW

    “You will get extra faith points by taking a photo and sharing it with our community.”

    GOD started a faith point system? When did this happen and why wasn’t I informed?


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